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Types Of Fire PRotection System

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Types Of Fire PRotection System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of structures that got engulfed in flames within minutes after a seemingly insignificant short-circuit set an electrical appliance on fire, all due to the absence of any real active or passive fire protection systems.

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fire hazards are extremely dangerous to the lives

Fire hazards are extremely dangerous to the lives and properties of people. In a recent survey, more than 5000 fire incidents took place in the last five years, and a majority of these events occurred in residential homes.

the leading cause of the fire was electrical

The leading cause of the fire was electrical failures. There was a total number of 112 deaths and 361 injuries reported in the last five years. On average, some 800 fire incidents occur in the UAE annually.

fire safety concerns are growing in the middle

Fire safety concerns are growing in the Middle East because it has hundreds of high-rise building constructed using flammable materials. Fire protection companies in UAE are working hard on ensuring that buildings should follow the regulations set by the local civil defense department.

  • About the growing fire safety concerns, we will discuss the two fire protection systems.
active fire protection system
Active Fire Protection System
  • Fire alarms, Sprinkler systems and Fire extinguishers are part of the Active Fire Protection system. In this system, smoke alarms trigger on the presence of smoke or fire so that you become alert to fight it off.
this fire protection system requires human

This fire protection system requires human interference to operate the fire protection material such as fire extinguishers. You need to have proper training on how to operate these pieces of equipment.

passive fire protection system
Passive Fire Protection System
  • On the other hand, passive fire protection system doesn’t require human intervention to fight the fire. Fire protection materials such as intumescent paint, resistant walls, fire doors and heat resistant glass are used to provide resistance to the fire.
these materials don t catch fire and give

These materials don’t catch fire and give protection for up to four hours. The good thing about this fire protection system is that it stands active and does not require any trigger or human help to prevent the fire from spreading.

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