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Welcome to . Hollidaysburg Area Junior 7 th Grade High School Information Night. Goals for the Evening. Introductions Calendar of Events Testing Procedures Student Placement Levels - Differences Teams

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Welcome to

Welcome to

Hollidaysburg Area Junior 7th Grade

High School Information


Goals for the evening
Goals for the Evening

  • Introductions

  • Calendar of Events

  • Testing Procedures

  • Student Placement

  • Levels - Differences

  • Teams

  • English, Math, Social Studies, and Science Department Presentations


February: Testing in Math, English, History

March: Scoring and compiling of results

April: Teams developed

May: Course verifications mailed

June & July: Master schedule is developed

***Schedules mailed home before 7th Grade Orientation***


  • Scores from Math and English/History tests

  • PSSA Scores from Fifth Grade

  • 6th Grade Teacher/Department Chair Recommendations


  • Three equal-sized teams, each with three levels

    --- and no team is better or smarter

  • A small school atmosphere within a large school

  • A sense of belonging to ease adjustment

  • In one area of the building

  • A part of a group instead of a large school

  • Formed from elementary schools, other districts,

    and local private schools

Academic advantages
Academic Advantages

  • Teachers can monitor progress of the students

    as a team.

  • Teachers can provide interdisciplinary lessons.

  • On each Day 1, teams meet as a group for

    planned activities or guest speakers.

  • It’s easier for parents to meet with the team

    teachers since they have a common

    planning time.

Team composition1
Team Composition

  • TEAM 1

  • TEAM 2

  • TEAM 3

School supplies
School Supplies

  • Supply lists for each of the three teams will be in the 7th grade orientation flyer mailed in August.

  • Teachers will remind the students what they’ll need for each class. Don’t purchase anything until you see your team’s supply list.

  • Some supplies are available in the student store located behind the cafeteria.


  • When a student returns from an absence, he or she must have a written excuse.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to check on any missing assignments.

  • Detailed information on student absences, tardiness, and medical appointments during the school day will be discussed in greater detail at the 7th Grade Orientation program in August.


  • Breakfast (before the school day begins) and lunch are available. 7th grade lunch is from 10:55 -11:40.

  • A computer system tracks purchases of meals.

  • You can also use My School Bucks to check account balances and make deposits into your child’s lunch account. www.mySchoolBucks.com

  • Students from households that meet income guidelines are eligible and should apply for free or reduced price lunches.

Gym uniforms and gym locks
Gym Uniforms and Gym Locks

  • Gym uniforms (a T-shirt and shorts) can be

    purchased from The Locker Room, Village Closet, and Transfer Junction.

  • Please buy a combination lock for your child’s

    gym locker.

  • Gym classes are held four days per week in 7th



  • Provided by the junior high and must be

    used at all times

  • Only school locks are permitted on

    school lockers.

  • Students will keep these locks through the

    ninth grade.

  • Teachers have the combinations and will

    provide instruction.

School nurse
School Nurse

  • You’ll receive written materials in the mail during the late summer concerning your child’s health, medical conditions, emergency phone numbers, etc. You must complete and return this packet of information.

  • If you have any questions about health concerns, do not hesitate to contact our school nurse, Mrs. Barb Huff, at 695-4426 ext. 6531.

Student assistance program
Student Assistance Program

  • S.A.P. is a voluntary program conducted by a team who have been trained through a state-endorsed program of drug, alcohol, and suicide prevention. This team works in cooperation with the Altoona Hospital Mental Health Center and Blair County Drug and Alcohol Services.

  • Parents or students wishing more information on the S.A.P. program should call the nurse or guidance office.

Custody concerns
Custody Concerns

  • In the best interest and safety of your child, we ask that you notify the Main Office and Guidance Office of any custody issues that are related to your child. All of this information is kept confidential.

  • We also need the most recent documentation of this custody agreement for your child’s file.

Math department
Math Department


Leigh Ann Craig

  • Mrs. Craig

“Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and number theory is the queen of mathematics”. Carl Friedrich Gauss

7 th grade mathematics
7th Grade Mathematics

  • Algebra 1

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Academic

  • Math 7

  • PSSA Math

    - Selected students only

    - Second math course

Algebra 1
Algebra 1

  • Independent learner, extremely strong work ethic

  • High expectations at an accelerated pace

  • Analytical , abstract and deductive reasoning skills

  • Higher order critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Self-discipline to accept new challenges

  • Maturity and mastery with computational skills

  • Self-discipline to accept demanding nightly assignments even on weekends or holidays

  • Must demonstrate proficiency on Algebra 1 Keystone exam or your student will be placed into a remedial Keystone Algebra course which could affect course electives.

Pre algebra

  • Similar demands as other pre-honor courses

  • Independent dedicated learner

  • Strong math computational skills

  • Analytical thinking ability

  • Strong work ethic

  • Responsible and dedicated effort

  • Ability to utilize problem solving strategies


  • College bound preparation course

  • Requires some teacher assistance

  • Additional time to comprehend concepts

  • Ability to solve word problems

  • Commitment to completing assignments

  • Math may not be the students’ strongest academic subject

Math 7
Math 7

  • Basic or Below Basic on PSSA math test

  • Needs extra practice with math computational skills

  • Requires teacher guidance and directives

  • Transition from dependent to independent learners

  • Emphasis on decoding word problems

  • Development of a strong work ethic

  • Transition to self-motivation

Pssa math

  • Below Basic or Basic on 6th grade PSSA test

  • Below Basic or Basic on the last 4 sight test given in 6th grade

  • Emphasis on computation and concepts required on the PSSA test to achieve proficient level

English department
English Department

Mrs. Marion Borr

7 th grade english courses
7th Grade English Courses

  • Three levels:  basic, college-bound, & pre-honors

  • Are designed to formalize the basic skills acquired in the

    elementary years

  • Establish a foundation in grammar and composition for the

    secondary years

  • Use a variety of resources:three textbooks (grammar and

    composition, literature, and vocabulary); information and

    communication technology (ICT) activities; research; a large

    variety of non-fiction texts for real-world knowledge

Pre honors english
Pre-honors English

  • Work independently and move at an accelerated pace using

    higher-order thinking

  • Write for multiple purposes using advanced writing skills

  • Have a mastery of basic grammar skills: capitalization, parts of

    speech, complete sentences, punctuation

  • Participate in global-learning projects via written and electronic

    contact with international classrooms

  • Successfully manage time for long-term assignments

College bound english
College-bound English

  • Similar to Pre-honors except that the PSSA score should be

    Proficient at a minimum

  • Not as much independent study as in a Pre-honors class

  • More class time is spent on grammar skills that the Pre-

    honors student has already mastered

  • Increased emphasis on each step of the writing process:

    prewriting, first draft, revising, editing, and publishing

English 7 basic
English 7 – Basic

  • Basicor Below Basicscores on PSSA Reading test and/or

    below grade level in reading ability

  • Focus on basic grammar rules that have been mastered

    on the other levels

  • The students will spend more time on reading and

    analyzing a large variety of non-fiction material.

  • The students will practice intensively the writing skills

    necessary for post graduation (college and/or the


Welcome to

im working on my report for english class cuz

its due on friday

Changes from elementary school
Changes from Elementary School

+ taking care of a locker

+ traveling from class to class

+ organizing textbooks and notebooks

+ recording homework & long-term assignments



Social studies department
Social Studies Department

Miss Allison Tomkowski

7 th grade world history
7th Grade World History

Time Period: Beginning of time to 1500’s

Includes World Empires and World Religions

7 th grade world history1
7th Grade World History

  • Pre-Honors World History

  • College-Bound World History

  • World History 7 (Co-Teaching)

Pre honors world history
Pre-Honors World History

  • Show satisfactory achievement on quizzes and objective and essay tests

  • Complete regularly assigned textbook and frequent supplementary readings.

  • Complete homework assigned on a regular basis (including vocabulary work, study guides, content-driven written expression, oral and written reports, projects, map work, and current events)

  • Participate in class discussions and to keep a well-organized notebook of daily activities

  • Be more independent learners, to think more critically, and to make evaluations on course content

  • Required to use more primary and secondary sources, in-depth discussion, and written expression

College bound world history
College-Bound World History

  • Expected to show satisfactory achievement on quizzes and objective tests

  • Required to complete regularly assigned textbook and some supplementary readings

  • Complete homework assigned on a regular basis (including vocabulary work, study guides, content-driven written expression, oral and written reports, projects, map work, and current events)

  • Participate in class discussions and to keep a well-organized notebook of daily activities

World history 7
World History 7

  • Show satisfactory achievement on quizzes and objective tests.

  • Complete regularly assigned textbook readings.

  • Complete homework assigned on a regular basis (including vocabulary work, study guides, content-driven written expression, projects, map work, and current events)

  • Participate in class discussions and to keep a well-organized notebook of daily activities

Hero project
Hero Project

  • Students able to do a project on any person they consider to be a “hero” from the time periods they are learning about

  • Project requirements vary based on level of class

  • All content and objectives are the same

Science department
Science Department

Mrs. Jean Sinal

Welcome to

  • 7th. Grade Science (Scientific Inquiry & Environmental Science)

  • Pre-Honors Science 7

  • College Bound Science 7

  • Science 7

  • Placement, levels and expectations the same as Math, English and World History.

Course description
Course Description

  • Scientific Inquiry this is the component of the course that addresses various aspects of scientific study: life science, mathematics, and deductive/inductive reasoning. Students develop and apply skills involving observation, data collection, analysis, prediction and classification. Hands-on activities involve a significant portion of the course.

  • Course Component Outline:

  • 1. Introduction to Science

  • 2. Metric System

  • 3. Measurement

  • 4. The Microscope

  • 5. The Cell (structures and functions)

  • 6. DNA

  • 7. Genetics

  • 8. Classification

  • 9. Vertebrates

Welcome to

  • Environmental Science

  • This component of the course is designed to provide a survey of the concepts of environment, and ecology. It provides students with the information, skills, and strategies needed to become effective citizens in the 21st century.

  • Course Component Outline:

  • Populations and Communities

  • Ecosystems and Biomes

  • Living Resources

  • The skills and strategies that were acquired during the Scientific Inquiry portion of the class will be continually reinforced during the Environmental Science portion of the course creating a comprehensive learning environment for the student.

School news
School News

Website Address:


Junior High Guidance Counselor for the Class of 2020 is Miss Allison Herbaugh. She can be reached at:


695-4426 ext. 6522

Welcome to

Thank you for attending!

We look forward to seeing you in August!