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ITT Clarification Event November 2007 Presented by London Regional ESF and Contracts teams. Welcome. Agenda. Introduction London ESF Framework and LSC ESF London Context LSC Co-Financing Plan – NEET How To Q & A session. Introduction. 01. PQQ’s. PQQ’s closed 28 September 2007

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Welcome 1336351

ITT Clarification Event

November 2007

Presented by

London Regional ESF and Contracts teams


Welcome 1336351


  • Introduction

  • London ESF Framework and LSC

  • ESF London Context

  • LSC Co-Financing Plan – NEET

  • How To

  • Q & A session

Pqq s

  • PQQ’s closed 28 September 2007

    • PQQ Evaluation completed 6 November 2007

    • Fair and equal consideration given to all tenders

    • Consistent process across all LSC regions

Itt s

  • ITT evaluation commences January 2008

    • Using fair, transparent and robust scoring framework

  • Contract Award panels will agree each contract offer against original tender specification

  • Local partnership team carry out “contract clarification” with relevant providers

  • Contracts expected to start from April 2008

Welcome 1336351

London ESF

Framework and LSC


Lsc and esf

  • LSC Funding – 3 main budgets

  • • Youth

  • • Adult Learner Responsive

  • • Employer Responsive

  • • Other

  • - LLDD

  • - OLASS

  • - ESF and ESF Community Grants

National areas of delivery
National Areasof Delivery

  • Entry to employment

  • Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)

  • Apprenticeships 16 – 18

  • 16 – 18 competitions

  • Gaps

  • ESF Priority 1, Priority 2,

Esf london context
ESF London Context

  • GLA have published the regional ESF Framework

  • Each London Co-financing organisation (CFO) must address the areas highlighted in the Framework and deliver the indicators, outputs and results included in section 6 of the Framework

Esf london context1
ESF London Context

  • Related strategies include:

    • - Board for Refugee Integration for London (BRIL)

  • - The City Strategy Pathfinders (CSP)

  • - The London Skills and Employment Board

  • - The London Employment and Skills Taskforce for 2012

Esf framework and neet
ESF Framework and NEET

  • National and Regional ESF programme highlights NEET (14 – 19) as a Priority area of activity

  • London Framework emphasises the need for a holistic approach

  • Joined up provision between organisations in helping to ensure those with most disadvantaged are supported

  • Recognition of multiple disadvantage

Esf framework and neet1
ESF Framework and NEET

  • Broad areas highlighted within Framework include:

    • Linking with employers

    • Support for extended schools and other services to address the NEET agenda

    • Additional support for key disadvantaged groups

    • Types of activities:

    • - IAG

    • - One to One

    • - Mentoring

Esf framework and neet2
ESF Framework and NEET

  • ESF builds on existing infrastructure

  • ESF does not duplicate but adds value

  • ESF will support outcomes for groups where mainstream programmes are unable to deliver

Esf framework and neet3
ESF Framework and NEET

  • Nationally agreed outputs and results for the ESF London Framework:

    • 18,100 NEET engaged by the programme

    • 22% of participants with disabilities or health conditions

    • 12% of participants who are lone parents

    • 56% of participants from ethnic minorities

    • 51% female participants

Esf framework and neet4
ESF Framework and NEET

  • Nationally agreed results for the programme

  • 45% of NEET participants will remain in Education, Training and Employment

  • LSC co-finances all ESF activity so responsible for ALL the London outputs and results

Welcome 1336351

LSC Co-financing

Plan - NEET


Lsc co financing plan neet
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • LSC Funding

  • • NEET or at risk of becoming NEET

  • LSC only London co-financer

  • Plan covers 2007 – 2010 Period (4 years)

  • 2007 allocation has been rolled into this ITT round

Lsc co financing plan neet1
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • Five key London 14-19 priorities agreed by the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services, the Learning and Skills Council, the London Challenge, Connexions and the Government Office for London.

  • Activity will demonstrate a relationship between numbers of NEET participants per borough/sub region and the activity to be delivered

Lsc co financing plan neet2
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • Indicative NEET activities to be supported

    • Pan-London projects to supportclient tracking and regional intelligence that improves the precision of front-line service delivery and young people’s access to information of opportunities (linked to London September Guarantee)

    • Delivery of advocacy, brokerage and IAG assisting effective early intervention.

Lsc co financing plan neet3
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • Pre-employment support, job-brokerage and initial ‘employment safety net’ for young people (linked to London NEET Advocate and September Guarantee)

  • Supply of learning provision (including provision to support young people into employment and other participation such as volunteering) - linked to September Guarantee

Lsc co financing plan neet4
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • Supply of post-16 learning provision and learner support in Extended Schools (including provision to support young people into employment and other participation such as volunteering) - linked to September Guarantee

  • Improve the employability and skills of NEET participants with mental health needs

Lsc co financing plan neet5
LSC Co-financingPlan - NEET

  • £27 million available for allocation

  • Relationship between NEET numbers in each borough and ESF funding

  • Linked policy

  • Demonstrate engagement with those most disadvantaged

Lsc esf criteria
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Beneficiaries

    • Must have right to work in UK.

    • Follow Home Office guidelines for employers.

    • Special rules for people from A8 accession countries and from Romania and Bulgaria.

    • Participants must be eligible under the measure and specification – note specific eligibility requirements for each specification.

Lsc esf criteria1
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Exclusions

    • Cannot be under 16 unless under NEET (priority 1.2).

    • Projects supporting asylum seekers must not involve activities leading to access to the labour market – may benefit from pre-vocational activities that may enhance their employability

Lsc esf criteria2
LSC ESF Criteria

  • NEET

    • Not in employment, education or training.

    • Means they cannot be involved in any form of employment, education or training, even if part-time.

    • Must be aged 14-19 (but specifications will indicate specific limits).

    • “At risk of becoming NEET” – anyone not offered place under September Guarantee.

Lsc esf criteria3
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Unemployment

    • Unemployed means not in paid employment.

    • Can be unemployed if engaged in part-time work of less than 16 hours a week in total if the skills needed for the work will not lead to greater involvement in the labour market.

    • Casual or temporary work of not more than four weeks will also not affect status as unemployed for ESF purposes.

Lsc esf criteria4
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Economically Inactive

    • All economically inactive are “unemployed”.

    • Must be of working age (16 or over).

    • Must not be employed or self-employed at all (whether or not part-time or full-time).

    • Must not be actively seeking working (so cannot be accessing Jobseekers’ Allowance).

Lsc esf criteria5
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Other Target Groups

    • BME – does not include people who identify themselves under any “White” category.

    • Offenders and ex-offenders – people sentenced to less than two years can access ESF at any point but people sentenced to more than two years only eligible during the last two years of their sentence.

Lsc esf criteria6
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Eligible Spend for Budgets

    • No capital expenditure.

    • Expenditure must relate to project.

Lsc esf criteria7
LSC ESF Criteria

ESF Results

  • Into employment on leaving.

  • Into employment after six months.

  • Into education or training (only for NEET) – must be full-time (minimum of 12 guided learning hours for at least ten weeks).

Lsc esf criteria8
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Sustainable Development

    • Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

    • Recognition that social, economic and environmental issues are interdependent and therefore activity in one of these areas should not be pursued in isolation but with consideration for each of the other areas as well.

Lsc esf criteria9
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Diversity

    • London ESF Framework recognises that the need to treat everyone in an equitable way, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, belief or non-belief, sexual orientation or disability plays an integral part in the sustainable development of London and its economy.

Lsc esf criteria10
LSC ESF Criteria

  • Health – London only

    • Specific London theme.

    • Linked to sustainable development – a healthy and educated population is the foundation for sustainable development and economic development has a major role to play in improving the health of Londoners and tackling health inequalities.

    • Links to forthcoming Mayoral Health Inequalities Strategy.

Welcome 1336351

How to


How to
How to

  • DO

  • Read the “ Read me first” document

  • Start early

  • Publish your response before closing date

  • Use the message facility on Bravo for queries

  • Do read the hints and tips in the questionnaire

How to1
How to

  • DO NOT

  • Alter the documentation

  • Try to upload documents other than in word or excel format

Terms and conditions of contract
Terms and conditions of contract

How to

  • These are the terms and conditions of contract

  • under which contracts will be let.

Technical and commercial responses
Technical and commercial responses.

How to

  • The technical instructions on how to complete the ITT response

  • The commercial response is the demographic information for each specification, that providers wish to offer.

  • Eg: this many males/ females where and what their characteristics.

Welcome 1336351

Q & A Session

  • The content from these events is available atwww.lsc.gov.uk/providers/esf-procurement/