Career development for the shoes of tomorrow
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Career Development for the Shoes of Tomorrow. By: Darrin Roberts Rachel Clements Kent Wu Corinne Bradney. Mission. One for One With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Attract other companies to follow this mission. Shoe Drop

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Career development for the shoes of tomorrow

Career Development for the Shoes of Tomorrow

By: Darrin Roberts

Rachel Clements

Kent Wu

Corinne Bradney


  • One for One

    • With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

    • Attract other companies to follow this mission.

  • Shoe Drop

    • Invite employees’ family to participate in sending shoes to children

    • Experience different culture

  • Why choose this topic
    Why Choose this topic?

    • This company is too young to have a mature career development system in place for their employees.

    • TOMS Shoes should consider beginning to grow its career development for its employees while it is still a young company.

    History and purpose

    History and Purpose

    In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie found some poor children who had no shoes to protect their feet in Argentina.

    Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is the main purpose of the company



    Method of Finding Information

    Google Search

    Website searched

    Employee Blog

    Corporate division searched


    Los Angeles Times

    Contacted TOMS headquarters





    Young Company started in 2006

    Flat organizational structure

    Employees under 30 years of age

    Age mean suggests employees open and flexible

    Mostly invest in “Agents of Change”

    Rapidly growing company


    • Little to no career development in place for full time employees

    • Development for interns in place: Good Start!

    • Grow and shape young organizational structure

    • Develop happy employees

    Philosophical foundations and recommendations

    Philosophical Foundations and Recommendations

    Why are employees looking for career development opportunities?

    Changing skill requirements

    Flattening organizations

    The boomer bulge

    Increased automation

    Contingent workers

    Shifting career expectations

    Philosophical foundations and recommendations1

    Philosophical Foundations and Recommendations

    Three steps to job enrichment:

    Identify an organizational need or opportunity consistent with one's own career development interests

    Prepare a plan to address the need by changing the nature of one's work

    Start lobbying and building the necessary alliances for gaining support for one's ideas and new role in the organization

    Philosophical foundations and recommendations2

    • Organization’s response to Career Development

    • Driven by business needs

    • Maintain a vision and philosophy of career development

    • Senior management support

    • Communicate and educate

    • Management involvement,

    • Employee ownership

    • Career development resources

    Philosophical Foundations and Recommendations

    Philosophical foundations and recommendations3

    Philosophical foundations and Recommendations

    Benefits of Career Development

    Psychological success

    Increased work satisfaction

    Increased self-esteem

    Increased commitment

    Increased motivation

    Philosophical foundations and recommendations4
    Philosophical Foundations and Recommendations

    • Recommendations

    • Yearly strategic planning meeting

    • Communicate strategic plan and business needs to employees

    • Implementation of period based assessments, job training, and peer review

    • Objective and subjective goals and feedback

    • Development of an internal career services

      • Track employee progress

      • Mentorship program

      • Facilitate continued education

    Implementation and recommendations

    Implementation and Recommendations

    Our consulting firm’s opinion is that it is the job of organization to provide the resources for career development, but left up to the individual employee to take initiative and seek these resources. After our evaluation of your company, and our recommendations, we would like to provide a detailed description of how they can be implemented into TOMS current business strategy.

    Implementation of recommendations

    Implementation of Recommendations

    Mandatory assessments to ensure best fit for employee in company including:

    Strengths Assessment – upon hiring new employee

    JPEA – upon 3 years of employment

    Career Anchors – upon 10 years of employment

    It is important to use these incremental assessments to adjust and redesign individual employees job description to maintain peak performance and greatest use of strengths for each employee, resulting in an increase of company productivity and decreasing costly employee turnover.

    Implementation of recommendations1

    Implementation of Recommendations


    Develop standard communication procedures to relay the needs between the Human Resources Department, employees, and managers.

    Build on current Mass Communication to reach clients

    Use social media to communicate the TOMS message

    Coordinate events

    Provide advertisement for specific promotions

    Customer feedback

    Implementation of recommendations2

    Implementation of Recommendations

    Provide mandatory career development and encourage furthered education

    Quarterly offer training

    Encourage further education and career development:

    Tuition reimbursement

    Reimbursement for Training or Conferences

    Encourage employee coordination with companies outside of TOMS

    Implementation of recommendations3

    Implementation of Recommendations

    Internal Mentoring program

    Human Resources

    Identify employees ability to connect


    Opportunity to meet as a group with Executive


    Weekly time investment by supervisor


    Bi-monthly time investment by Executive to nurture and develop supervisor


    Weekly team meetings within Executive Team to maintain accountability

    Monthly meeting with mentor outside of company

    Implementation of recommendations4

    Implementation of Recommendations

    Performance reports and feedback

    Employee Appreciation

    Annual Employee Appreciation Day

    Employee of the Month

    Employee successes advertised

    Yearly 360 degree Evaluation

    Employee performance evaluation

    Company-wide meetings

    Bi-yearly Productivity report

    Identify productivity

    provide feedback

    Identify Weaknesses

    Quarterly Productivity Report

    Productivity report

    Team meeting for coordination

    and communication

    Benefits of implementation
    Benefits of Implementation

    • Decrease of employee turnover

    • Increase of skilled and valued employees

    • More creative input for organizational growth

    • Financial growth