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OxCORT Implementation Training

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OxCORT Implementation Training . SEVENTH WEEK HlLARY 2007. Objectives. Understand the purpose of OxCORT and the scope of the roles within it Be ready to draw up your College’s implementation plan for TT 2007. Know how to set up user accounts and authorise Tutors.

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oxcort implementation training

OxCORT Implementation Training


  • Understand the purpose of OxCORT and the scope of the roles within it
  • Be ready to draw up your College’s implementation plan for TT 2007.
  • Know how to set up user accounts and authorise Tutors.
  • Be able to add local information on students’ Organising Tutors to the core information held in OxCORT.
  • Know how to set College preferences.
  • Be able to locate and use the OxCORT manuals.
  • Understand your function as first line help in your College.
  • Appreciate how OxCORT can improve communication.
  • Understand what is involved in processing reports and extracting information from OxCORT for export into payment systems (TuIT, Accurate Solutions etc).
further training
Further Training
  • This is the ante-natal care to help with the safe delivery of OxCORT next term.
  • Handout explains how you can consolidate your learning.
  • We think we will need a baby clinic to cover in more detail topics such as processing reports, statistics, using flags and searches etc.
  • So there will be another session in Trinity.
what is oxcort in brief
What is OxCORT in brief?
  • OxCORT stands for Oxford Colleges On-line Reports for Tutorials.
  • It is a web application that collects, processes and stores indefinitely reports written by Tutors about the students that they have taught.
  • It was introduced on a trial basis in Michaelmas 2006 in some Colleges.
  • It will be launched fully in Trinity 2007.
  • It replaces a paper-based system that has been in existence for many years.

What happens now

Organising Tutor






Tutorial Office










Form 1

Form 2/3

Form 4

what happens with oxcort
What happens with OxCORT

Tutorial Office

Organising Tutor



Process Payment (export)

Approve Payment


Release to Student


what oxcort does not do
What OxCORT does not do
  • Cover graduate courses other than M Jur and BCL – other system for graduates due to pilot in Computing and History.
  • Calculate payment due for teaching – TuIT etc.
  • Monitor stint fulfilment – TuIT etc.
  • Collect claims for SETTING collections (though it does handle MARKING).
  • Room booking.
  • Tutorial booking (like Medicine FHS system)
oxcort roles
OxCORT roles
  • Govern what you can do/see.
  • The role names are standard across Oxford.
  • Possible to hold multiple roles – in which case you see a menu of roles at log in.
  • All role menus have “change roles” as an action.
  • See handout for menus of actions associated with each role.
academic staff
Academic staff
  • Vast majority will have two roles at most
    • Organising/Personal Tutor (typically Tutorial Fellow)
    • Tutor (anyone who teaches an undergraduate)
accessing oxcort
Accessing OxCORT
  • Anyone with an Oxford user name can log in to OxCORT using their web auth password
  • Same log in for WebLearn, WebMail etc.
  • Safe to log in from anywhere in the world using an internet connection with encryption
  • Way forward found for Tutors who presently lack University Cards to get log in – virtual access
  • Help function already established via OUCS
  • http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/oxford/username/
lifecycle of tutorial reports
Lifecycle of tutorial reports
  • Authorisation of Tutor (OT, TO)
  • Provision of payment details by Tutor
  • Creation of report by Tutor
  • Editing of report by Tutor – NB format based on current Oxford practice
  • Submission by tutor
  • Approval by Organising Tutor or Tutorial Office
payment details
Payment details
  • If using system for the first time Tutor needs to enter payment details using the “Change payment details” action.
  • This only needs to be updated if the Tutor’s circumstances change. Details available to all Colleges.
  • Four payment method options
    • Pay my College (stint) – will generally be used by Tutorial Fellows
    • Pay me directly
    • Pay by ULNTF (then flag for old regulations if applicable)
    • I do not require payment (unlikely to be used often)
  • Note there is no longer an exchange option
organising tutors
Organising Tutors
  • Are set up by Tutorial Offices which associate particular students with them
  • A student can have multiple Organising Tutors e.g. in PPE
  • In OxCORT an Organising Tutor is responsible for arranging teaching, a Personal Tutor has a primarily welfare role. The role is similar.
  • Can authorise tutors, as we have seen
  • Can email tutorial arrangements to Tutors to facilitate that report creation
organising tutors15
Organising Tutors
  • Can check to see what reports have been created on the students with whom they are associated.
  • Can read all submitted reports on their students.
  • Can elect to have automatic email notifications that reports on their students have been submitted.
  • Can access an archive of reports on a student since all reports are stored indefinitely on OxCORT.
  • Can, if their College so determines, have a role in approving report content and hours claimed.
where to find oxcort
Where to find OxCORT
  • Website – http://www.oxcort.ox.ac.uk – Has buttons linking to demo and live systems, as well as much supporting documentation
  • Demo – https://www.oxcort.ox.ac.uk/demoAccess currently enabled.
  • Live – https://www.oxcort.ox.ac.uk/oxcortAccess about to be enabled.
academic staff training
Academic Staff Training
  • Project Team does not have resources to train centrally – and it would not work.
  • Powerpoint and script to be provided before the end of term for Colleges’ own local demonstration.
  • Will include graduate colleges as there could be Tutors there.
  • With supporting documentation – training exercises, crib sheets, manuals, FAQ.
  • Pilot experience – many more Tutors were fine than struggled.
tutorial office role
Tutorial Office Role
  • Authorising Tutors
  • Setting up user accounts
  • Setting up student records
  • Setting college preferences
  • Processing reports
  • Help for OxCORT
tutorial office role19
Tutorial Office Role
  • OxCORT already contains basic information on students and other people with OxCORT roles.
  • If any errors or omission are found in relation to students, these should be notified to Student Information on the normal forms
  • It does not know about which staff should have particular roles in Colleges and when these roles need to be disabled because people have left.
  • It does not know about which students are associated with particular Organising Tutors and when changes need to be made.
tutorial office
Tutorial Office
  • Tutorial Office staff put this information into OxCORT.
  • It can be done in various ways.
  • User accounts and student records can be bulk created by importing files.
  • These files could be from TuIT, a College database, or specially-prepared for the purpose.
  • User accounts and student records can be point edited if specific changes are needed.
user accounts
User Accounts
  • These define who in a College holds Tutorial Office, Senior Tutor and Organising/Personal Tutor roles
  • Let’s look at how to specially prepare a file for bulk creation….
  • IMPORTANT Each time a file is imported, it overwrites previous information on user accounts
  • To avoid losing the information on existing accounts already in the system, it is best to export what is there, then edit it.
  • Let’s try that now….
bulk create student records
Bulk create student records
  • Let’s look at how you can build your own specially prepared file – we have got ready a file of all your students’ usernames to which you can simply add the Organising Tutor and Personal Tutor information
  • This bulk function is different – it does not completely overwrite the database but only updates the students listed
setting college preferences
Setting college preferences
  • College decision whether all reports are approved by Tutorial Office or whether your Organising Tutors should have a role in approving reports and their hours.
  • College decision whether reports are released to students on submission by tutor or after action by Organising Tutor, Personal Tutor, Senior Tutor.
  • Ignore course director preferences for now
processing reports
Processing Reports
  • For reasons of time, we do not propose to cover this in detail today.
  • Let’s look at what a Tutorial Office needs to do…
  • Reports can be printed – action button in “View or Process Reports”
  • Reports are converted to pdf and print landscape
communication gains
Communication gains
  • There are embedded e-mail links for everyone with a role in OxCORT.
  • Helpful to contact everyone who needs to know e.g. if a student has gone home ill.
  • Scope too for group email e.g. to chase all Tutors who have not submitted reports.
  • The tutorials@{your college}.ox.ac.uk address
help for oxcort
Help for OxCORT
  • Tutorial Offices will be the expert users in each College – Tutors and students look to them.
  • Proposed expansion of TuIT user group - first section of termly meeting on OxCORT for all colleges.
  • Peer group support also via oxcort-discuss@oucs.ox.ac.uk
  • Help function for Tutorial Office staff only viaoxcort-help@oucs.ox.ac.uk
  • General communications for all users viaoxcort-announce@oucs.ox.ac.uk and RSS newsfeed on new OxCORT website
help manuals
Help - Manuals
  • There is an OxCORT manual for every role.
  • They are about to appear on the OxCORT website as separate documents.
  • They will also be interlinked into the system so that users can click “Help” and be taken to the right part of the manual.
  • Each College has a link Senior Tutor from the Project Team.
  • The Implementation Checklist in the handout forms the basis for each College’s plan.
  • Good Luck!