the extraordinary 50s n.
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The Extraordinary 50s!

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The Extraordinary 50s!
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  1. TheExtraordinary50s! The Extraordinary 50s! The Extraordinary 50s! The decade 1950 was chosen… By: Lauren Lane (: 1950 is an exciting and interesting decade. Many great things were discovered and created! Some of the things that were discovered and created are very useful today in many ways. The Extraordinary 50s! The Extraordinary 50s!

  2. 1950: The First Organ Transplant • The first organ transplant was on a women named Ruth Tucker, the transplant was performed June 17, 1950. One of her kidney’s functioned ten percent, the other one was non-functioning. • Ruth’s sister and mother had died from the same disease she had had. • The next organ transplant was on identical twins named, Richard and Ronald Herrick. It was performed December 23, 1954.

  3. 1951: Color TV introduced • The first show that was in color was a show called “Premiere”. June 25, 1951; was the date it aired. The time it aired was 4:35-5:35 P.M. • CBS was the channel that the first colored shows appeared. • August 11, 1951 was the day that the first baseball game had broadcast! • Later in the 1960s, colored television sets were being sold.

  4. 1952: Car seat belts introduced • Who invented the car seat belt? -Nils Bohlin, a Swedish inventor • Nash Motorsports ‘introduced the seat belt first in 1949. It was not until mid-50s, most automakers began offering seatbelts for safety reasons and started to introduce it more. • The seatbelts crossed over the passengers lap and secured him/her to the seat. If they were to get in a car accident, the would not end up having a collision with the dashboard.

  5. 1953: DNA was discovered • James Watson and Francis Crick are the people who discovered DNA. They said that a women named Rosalind Franklin, played a big role in all of the research. • Using a technique called X-ray Crystallography, Rosalind Franklin created that it revealed the helical shape of DNA. • Watson and Crick had realized that DNA was made of two nucleotide pairs that encode genetic information (all living things).

  6. 1954:Britain Sponsors an Expedition to Search for the Abominable Snowman • A member of London Daily Mail’s “Snowman Expedition” named, Dr. Bismas has examined an alleged scalp of a Yeti and obtained few hair samples. • Zoologist’s were unable to link the scalps to any known animals but members of the expedition found other clues, such as footprints and droppings. • Abominable Snowmen were very questionable to the expedition.

  7. 1955: Disneyland opens!(: • Walt Disney: the originalimaginer • Seventeen million dollars wasspent to createhis “Magic Kingdom” • July 21, 1954was the day that constructionbeganand July 17, 1955itwas completedand had a GrandOpening.Manyparades and festivitieswereheldand filmedbyABC.

  8. 1956: Grace Kelly Marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco • Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly, American Film Actress get married. • They have two weddings, one a Civil Wedding and the other a Religious Wedding. • The Civil Wedding was on April 18, 1956 in the Palaces Barogue Throne Room and the Religious Wedding was on April 19, 1956 at the St. Nicholas Cathedral.

  9. 1957: Dr. Seuss Publishes “TheCatintheHat” • The original name of the author is… Theodor Seuss Geisel. • He was given a list of four-hundred words; cut it down to two-hundred-fifty and created a children’s book of two-hundred-twenty one syllable words. • He went from pioneer for children’s literature to author/illustrator of definitive children’s books!

  10. 1958: The Peace Symbol was Introduced • British artist, Gerald Holtom, created the peace symbol. • He intended the design to be a symbol for DAC (Direct Action Committee) against nuclear war. • It’s made up of to Semaphore letters ‘N’ and ‘D’. • Gerald had finished his design on February 21, 1958. And on April 4, 1958 the peace symbol was used and first introduced in a march for DAC.

  11. 1959:“The Sound of Music”Opens onBroadway. • Maria Von Trapp wrote a book called “The Story of theTrapp Family Singers”, which was published in 1949. particulars in her book were ignored by people and creators of the Broadway Musical that her memoir was inspired. • Liberties were taken by the show’s writer’s and by it’s composer and lyricist. • Liberties later on made “The Sound of Music”, a smash hit! – Today the musical is still a smash!

  12. The End!(: This is the end of my PowerPoint as you can see. As I said before there are many things that were discovered and created in the 1950s that we still use in many ways, or that you see see today! I hope you liked it….(: