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a renewable energy source n.
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  1. A renewable energy source. SOLAR POWER

  2. Whenever you hear the word solar you should know that what ever you are about to learn has to do with the sun. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Solar

  3. There are three main ways to use the sun’s energy (apart from drying clothes). The fist is; using solar cells to convert the light into electricity. The second is; solar water heating which is basically when heat from the Sun is used to heat water that is in glass panels on your roof. And the third is;using solar furnaces. Solar furnaces use a huge variety of mirrors to gather the Sun's energy into a small space and produce very high temperatures. How does it work?

  4. Solar power is free, the energy is already in the atmosphere waiting to be used. The school can save money for funding more education and educational tools or to make the school larger. In sunny areas it works great. Advantages of using solar power at a school.

  5. The cost of building solar panels and installing them is very expensive but as technology improves the price gradually going down. It doest work at night. Only works in sunny areas and usually requires many solar panels for needed amount of energy unless the building is not totally run on solar power. Solar panels constantly have to be replaced and maintained for they are very fragile. disAdvantages of using solar power at a school.

  6. Buildings using solar power panels

  7. Bibliography