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Community Development Foundation CDF PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Development Foundation CDF

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Community Development Foundation CDF
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Community Development Foundation CDF

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  1. Community Development Foundation CDF Inspiring hope---- empowering Potential

  2. WHY WE ARE WE are for CARE and LEARNING We are for Enhancing HUMAN RELATIONSHIP

  3. ORGANIZATION LIFE OUR VISION Rationalization and enlightenment gives rise to an empowered, self-reliant and thoughtful society.

  4. ORGANIZATION LIFE OUR MISSION toimprove the quality of life by ensuring the availability of abundant socio-economic and technical assistance among the underprivileged segments of the society. We endeavor to make them well-educated and self-sufficient for their own selves and beneficial for the society subsequently.

  5. ORGANIZATION LIFE • OUR RESULTS • We began with the simple idea and we believe in the innate power and drive of individuals to shape their own destinies and the destiny of their communities


  7. CDF FOCUS WORKING AREAS Skills Establishment Gypsies Empowerment Education and Networking Awareness Creation Research and Development

  8. CDF GOALS To insure that all selected and targeted population actively participating the CDF program without facing inequality. To encourage, guide, and fund additional research to for better understanding regarding the importance of education and women empowerment, and ultimately to develop a culture of improvement in Gypsies society. To nurture and strengthen our educational activities and enlighten community & families actively involved in supporting each other and our organization. To build the expanding base of committed contributors who will provide the funds we need to achieve our vision.

  9. CDF Objectives To plan and implement programs for the integral development of the society, including social, economical, educational development. To endeavor for the welfare of all sections of the society specially children & Women and down trodden.  To create mass awareness about healthy-living, and to fight against fatal diseases namely, HIV& AIDS, TB, etc.  To strive for the promotion of harmony and love among all citizens irrespective of cast, creed or religion.  To promote education by running libraries, reading-rooms, setting up of schools, and educational/vocational centers, and publishing magazines, journals, books, CDs, etc.

  10. CDF STRATEGIC IMPERATIVES Awareness raising  Institutionalization at local level  Capacity building  Service Delivery  Advocacy  Public Private Partnership



  13. FEW ONGOING INITIATIVES Gypsies empowerment and women entrepreneurship “Voice for voiceless” . Rehabilitation of Bomb blast victims and their families. Incorporate newspapers as learning medium in community schools Situational analysis on the state of affairs regarding gypsies, in Punjab CDF Volunteers Family from all over Pakistan addressing “Networking and Partnership”

  14. RETHINKING ABOUT LIVELIHOOD PLANED PROJECTS: Youth with poor backgrounds lack the access to basic services, information and training, have sub-standard education and limited social skills. Computer Education for every stakeholder of CDF Promotion of women small businesses

  15. WHY JOIN CDF We believe in a "pass it on" philosophy where education is free and available for all who urge to seek it. CDF is a training ground for everyone who desires to learn leadership skills in reducing poverty, increasing education and entrepreneurial skills.

  16. Thank you