Short conversations exercise 3
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Directions to give the test

In this section you will find a number of listening comprehension tests which are based on the third part of the Test Of English for International Communication. These tests will help you practice and improve your business listening skills and you will also learn many new phrases.

In the audio, you will hear a short conversations. On the screen, you will see a question and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question. 

Short conversations exercise 3

1) What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. Changing an appointment

B. A proposed contract

C. The man's schedule

D. A lunch menu

2) What is the woman's position?

A. Secretary

B. Administrator

C. Caterer

D. Dry Cleaner

3) What will the man do at noon?

A. Call Paul Frazier

B. Meet with Bill Callahan

C. Pick up his blue suit

D. Attend a special luncheon

Short conversations exercise 3

4) What does the woman want to do?

A. Sell her TV set

B. Stop receiving cable television

C. Cancel her latest cable bill

D. Add more cable channels

5) What does the man suggest?

A. Switching to a cheaper package

B. Upgrading to premium cable

C. Watching less television

D. Looking for a job

6) Why does the woman say she can no longer afford cable?

A. Her husband lost his job

B. There are too many channels

C. She is out of work

D. It is not a good value. 

Short conversations exercise 3

7) What are the speakers planning to do?

A. Make a sale

B. Take a trip

C. Write a book

D. Open a business

8) When do they have to return?

A. In two weeks

B. After seven days

C. By the 21st

D. On the 2nd

9) What does the woman suggest?

A. Not visiting Sydney

B. Shortening their stay in Sydney

C. Spending less time in Brisbane

D. Sacrificing time in Cairns

Short conversations exercise 3

10) What does the woman want to do?

A. Cancel a prescription

B. Buy a magazine

C. Complain about service

D. Stop newspaper delivery

11) What type of problem does the woman have?

A. Financial

B. Personal

C. Professional

D. Spiritual

12) What does the man offer to do?

A. Improve service

B. Lower the price

C. Talk to his supervisor

D. Call the woman back 

Short conversations exercise 3

13) Who most likely are the speakers?

A. Neighbors

B. Friends

C. Colleagues

D. Parents

14) What is the woman's problem?

A. She is missing important information

B. She has too many expenses

C. She cannot contact the courier

D. She missed a deadline

15) What does the man plan to do?

A. Fax information to the woman

B. Deliver reports via courier

C. Finish a report by the afternoon

D. Telephone the courier's office

Short conversations exercise 3

16) What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. The stock market

B. Bond funds

C. Certificates of Deposit

D. Interest rates

17) How does the man feel about the stock market?

A. Confident

B. Despondent

C. Optimistic

D. Distressed

18) What does the woman suggest the man do?

A. Buy a bond fund

B. Invest in a CD

C. Be patient

D. Buy more stocks

Short conversations exercise 3

19) What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. A new video

B. A company project

C. The woman's vacation

D. The man's occupation

20) What problem do the speakers have?

A. They are inexperienced

B. They lost their artwork

C. They missed a deadline

D. They have no ad copy

21) What does the man say about the presentation?

A. It was rescheduled for Monday

B. There is not enough time to prepare

C. It will be easy

D. It will be successful

Short conversations exercise 3

22) Where is the conversation probably taking place?

A. In a laboratory

B. At a staff meeting

C. In a computer store

D. At a company party

23) What position does the man hold?


B. Accounting manager

C. Head of research

D. Software engineer

24) What does the woman say about the new browser?

A. It is ahead of schedule

B. It will soon go to beta stage

C. It needs several new parts

D. It includes a wooden platform