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Directions to give the test

In this section you will find a number of listening comprehension tests which are based on the third part of the Test Of English for International Communication. These tests will help you practice and improve your business listening skills and you will also learn many new phrases.

In the audio, you will hear a short conversations. On the screen, you will see a question and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question. 

1) Where is this conversation most probably taking place?

A. In an office

B. At a bus stop

C. In an airport

D. At a train station

2) What is the purpose of the man's trip?

A. Business

B. Pleasure

C. Personal

D. Camping

3) What does the man plan to do?

A. Take a vacation

B. Work for two weeks

C. Visit family

D. Go to Chicago

4) Who are the speakers talking about?

A. A lawyer

B. Martha

C. A college student

D. Scott

5) What does the man say about Benjamin?

A. He's intelligent

B. He's a hard worker

C. He's lazy

D. He's going to be famous

6) What does Benjamin plan to do?

A. Get married

B. Attend graduate school

C. Defend a celebrity

D. Become a TV star

7) Where is the conversation taking place?

A. In a store

B. In an office

C. At a school 

D. At a bank

8) What does the woman ask the man?

A. To place an order

B. For price information

C. For change for $100

D. If she can pay by check 

9) What does the man say about bulk discounts?

A. There are none available

B. They are available for five or more cases

C. They are available for three or more cases

D. They are available only on the first case. 

10) Where is the conversation taking place?

A. In a store

B. On an airplane

C. In an office

D. At a party

11) What problem does the man have?

A. He forgot his credit card

B. He lost his wallet

C. He doesn't have bus fare

D. He has too much money

12) What does the man want to do?

A. Write a check

B. Receive cash

C. Buy clothes

D. Pay a bill

13) Where is the conversation taking place?

A. In a church

B. In an office

C. In a classroom

D. In a park

14) What problem does the woman have?

A. She will be late for work

B. She cannot make the meeting

C. She is struggling with her presentation

D. She worked late yesterday

15) What does the man offer?

A. To help

B. To write her report

C. To get coffee

D. To make copies

16) What are the speakers doing?

A. Riding a bus

B. Shopping for groceries

C. Waiting to buy coffee

D. Watching TV

17) What is the main purpose of the discussion?

A. To inform

B. To comfort

C. To debate

D. To complain

18) What does the man plan to do?

A. Get rid of his second car

B. Stop paying for cable TV

C. Request a salary increase

D. Buy some eggs

19) What is the relationship between the speakers?

A. Manager-applicant

B. Colleague-colleague

C. CEO-manager

D. Buyer-client

20) What does the woman want to do?

A. Purchase electronics

B. Get a raise

C. Change jobs

D. Climb a ladder

21) What does the woman say about her current position?

A. It doesn't pay enough money

B. It's not challenging enough

C. It's completely satisfying

D. It would be difficult to leave

22) Where is the conversation probably taking place?

A. In the accounting department

B. At a restaurant

C. In the woman's home

D. At a Christmas party

23) What position does the woman hold?

A. Accounting manager

B. Industry analyst

C. Sales representative


24) What will the man and woman do next?

A. Go Christmas shopping

B. Drink a toast

C. Travel to Hong Kong

D. Hire new people