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Observing Instructions

The operator is responsible for the safety & welfare of the passengers riding inside the transit bus. Therefore, passengers shall abide by the instructions of the driver at all times.

2. Courtesy & Behaviour

Passengers are expected to act in a courteous manner at all times while riding in the bus. Any passenger who is verbally or physically abusive to other passengers or to the operator will be asked to exit the vehicle immediately.

Boarding the Vehicle:

Prior to boarding any transit bus, first allow all exiting passengers to get off the bus

4.Inside Seat:

Move to an inside seat & place your belongings on your lap

so other riders may use the seat next to you

5. Feet Off the Seats

Passengers are to keep their feet off the seats & remain seated while the bus is in motion.

6. Exiting the Vehicle

Do not attempt to stand or exit the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop

7. Profane Language

Any person using profane language on the bus, towards the driver, towards other passengers, or even where other passengers can hear it, may be asked to exit the vehicle immediately

8. Horseplay & Fighting

Passengers must refrain from horseplay or fighting on the vehicle or while boarding & exiting the vehicle. In the event of such activity, the operator will immediately stop the vehicle & ask the passenger to exit the bus immediately. If deemed necessary, the operator will contact the police

9. Lost or Stolen Property

Passengers are expected to maintain control of their possessions while riding in the bus. Winnipeg Transit is not responsible for any lost or stolen property

10. Food & Beverages

All drinks must have spill proof lids. Please clean up your food, drinks, & garbage prior to exiting the bus

11. Good Personal Hygiene

Passengers are asked to maintain good personal hygiene so as not to offend other passengers

12. Alcoholic Beverages & Illegal Drugs

Open alcoholic beverage containers & illegal drugs are not permitted on the bus. Any person found in possession of such items will be reported to the police.

13. Under the Influence

At the discretion of the driver, any person who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied service or asked to exit the bus

14.Illegal Weapons

Illegal weapons or any other device carried with the intent of causing bodily harm to another individual are not allowed on the bus at any time. Any person found in possession of an illegal weapon or device will be reported to the police

15. Vandalism

 Any vandalism to the vehicle, either interior or exterior, will result in the passenger’s suspension from using the service

16. Tobacco Free Zone

All vehicles are tobacco free. The use of tobacco of any kind is not permitted on the bus

17. Trash Removal

 Passengers are to remove all their trash upon exiting the vehicle.

18. Dial-A-Ride Buckle Up

 On all Dial-a-Ride bus, passengers must buckle up prior to the driver proceeding with the trip

19. Service Animals

Only service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities will be allowed on the vehicles

20. Emergency Instructions

In the event of an emergency, all passengers are to explicitly follow the instructions given by the operator. If a bus evacuation is deemed necessary, the driver will instruct passengers with the appropriate actions.  

As a passenger, if you see any violation of this policy by other passengers, immediately report it to the operator. Because the safety & welfare of all the passengers is important to Winnipeg Transit, services will be denied to any person who places other passengers or the driver at risk. Any passenger who violates these rules may be prohibited from using this service.

Access for Persons with

Limited Mobility

Handi-Transit Service

Downtown Flyer

Audio Announcements On Winnipeg Buses

Travelling by bus for many blind and visually impaired passengers was very difficult, especially at request stops, which was almost impossible for passengers who are blind or visually impaired to use independently. Improvements have been made, beginning to make things easier for blind and visually impaired bus passengers. Winnipeg Transit has introduced audio and visual announcements on all its buses which will be of great help to blind and visually impaired bus passengers. Not only this, almost all the buses are equipped with a system that activates at the time the front door is opened, which announces the bus route number, via and the destination. Which is of great help to every body

DART Buses

DART is Winnipeg Transit's special buses for off-peak residential service, currently offered in three service areas;

DART 101 in St. Vital - St. Amant Centre - Plaza Drive,

DART 102 in South dale-Island Lakes,

DART 109 in Fort Richmond - St. Norbert.

DART 110 in St. Boniface-Norwood

These buses have the same fare as regular buses.


Living in the new and modern time, Winnipeg transit has provided it’s passengers the facility of new and heated bus shelters.. Winnipeg Transit has also installed the new LED stop signs at bus stops that provides arrival times of approaching buses to waiting passengers. Details may include route number, destination, and arrival time.

Sponsored Link

goto... www.winnipegtransit.ca

Introduction. To use transit you must pay a fare with exact change, tickets, bought in books of ten, or show a monthly bus pass.

Park & Ride

If a bus doesn't operate near your home, or you're tired of traffic congestion and parking hassles, people may find Winnipeg Transit's Park & Ride service a good alternative. People /passengers can park their car free of charge and ride the bus to their destination regular fare is to be paid to ride. Passengers should first sign up for a free Park & Ride permit at one of the participating locations. Passengers may then park their car in the designated parking area and board a convenient transit express or regular bus. Parking permits are limited and passengers can use the special free parking stalls at the transit special parking places.

Winnipeg Transit Customer Service

Winnipeg Transit and it’s operators are working so hard to build a bridge between the operator and the passenger. As operators are being assaulted almost every day. The question is WHY??. The operators of Winnipeg transit are all trained to accommodate and help any one in time of emergent need. Giving free rides to any one, let go the passenger with a expired transfer, short of fare change, etc. Then, why isn’t the operators get the respect from the passengers, transit calls it, give respect and get respect. Winnipeg transit operators have the ability of understanding

  • and responding to passenger needs. Transit operators are expert in seeing situations from the customer’s point of view and in responding effectively. They can spot the cues and model their behaviour accordingly in order to move customers from bad situations.

  • The most frequently situations encountered by the operators include the following:

  • Greeting Passengers

  • Taking Initiative to Provide Information

  • Guiding Confused Passengers

  • Dealing with Service Disruptions and Delays

  • Managing Unexpected Flows of Passengers

  • Responding to Different Needs

  • Helping a Passenger in Distress

  • Dealing with Disruptive Passengers

  • Accommodating more then 2 strollers

  • People listening the music with high volume

  • Free riders

  • Intoxicated passengers

Read more expert in seeing situations from the customer’s point of view and in responding effectively. They can spot the cues and model their behaviour accordingly in order to move customers from bad situations. about the History of Winnipeg Transit, Present Transit System and about the City of Winnipeg.