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Semester Exam Study Part II

Semester Exam Study Part II. Answers. A-bombs dropped on ? (cities). Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Sudetenland. Hitler demanded this area from Czechoslovakia. Japanese-Americans internment camps. Pres. Roosevelt set these camps up (claimed it was for national security).

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Semester Exam Study Part II

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  1. Semester Exam Study Part II Answers

  2. A-bombs dropped on ? (cities) • Hiroshima & Nagasaki

  3. Sudetenland • Hitler demanded this area from Czechoslovakia

  4. Japanese-Americans internment camps • Pres. Roosevelt set these camps up (claimed it was for national security)

  5. Pearl Harbor attack (month, day, year) • Dec. 7, 1941

  6. Country invaded (started war) • Poland was invaded by Germany

  7. appeasement • Giving in to an aggressor to keep peace

  8. blitzkrieg • Germany’s new military strategy during WWII (“lightning war”)

  9. Manhattan project • This secret group developed the A-bomb

  10. The Great Depression (country) • U.S. Great Depression started a worldwide depression

  11. Germany’s last attempt at victory • Battle of the Bulge

  12. Germany & inflation • Germany caused inflation (value of the $ decreases) by printing more money

  13. V-E Day • Victory in Europe Day • Pres. Truman declared this when the Nazis surrendered

  14. Capital split in Germany • Berlin (into 4 zones)

  15. 2 issues discussed at the Yalta Conference • What govt. Poland should have • How to divide Germany

  16. Berlin Airlift • Started because Stalin was blocking Allied access (including supplies) to West Berlin

  17. Beginning year for the Cold War • 1945 (when WWII ended)

  18. NATO • This organization was formed and its members agreed that “an armed attack against one or more of them…shall be considered an attack against them all.”

  19. Vietnam (dividing line) • 17th parallel

  20. Warsaw Pact • Organization formed in 1955 and consisted of the Soviet Union and its satellite nations

  21. Mao Zedong • He established a communist govt. in China

  22. Viet-cong • These were communist guerrillas in South Vietnam

  23. Israel gain statehood (year) • 1948

  24. Korean War (cause & end) • Cause- when North Korea crossed the 38 parallel • End- Korea is still divided at the 38th parallel

  25. Bay of Pigs invasion (and who they tried to overthrow) • Disaster for the U.S. happened when the air strike failed to destroy Cuba’s air power & the Cuban exiles were captured • Tried to overthrow Castro

  26. Ending year for the Cold War • 1991

  27. The Berlin Wall (and year torn down) • Was built to prevent East Germans from escaping into West Germany • 1989

  28. Containment of ? • communism

  29. Cuban Missile Crisis • Started because the Soviet Union was moving nuclear missiles to Cuba

  30. Ho Chi Minh • Leader of North Vietnam

  31. Germany (split into how many zones) • 4

  32. Ngo Dinh Diem • Leader of South Vietnam

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