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Semester Exam PowerPoint Presentation
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Semester Exam

Semester Exam

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Semester Exam

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  1. Semester Exam Notes to add to exam rubric

  2. Part 1 • Because part 1 of the exam asks you to reflect on material not yet covered, you will be getting an overview of the material and some guidance for how to select a topic in this class and the next class (if needed)

  3. Part 1 • If you choose to put this part of the exam into my drop box, please remember to name it as directed—failure to do so will result in point deduction • The name must include 3 elements • The class period • Your surname • A title clearly indicating the subject; that is “exam.”

  4. Drop Box • Please note that you cannot “drop” something if you are not on the UA campus. • Please be careful dropping. If you get a message that “this action cannot be performed” it may be that you are trying to put it into the wrong folder. • You can always check to see if something dropped by trying to drop it a second time. If you get the message “this file already exists,” you were successful in dropping it.

  5. Part 2 • Once you have settled on a topic, begin gathering materials and working on your power point. • If you decide to change your topic your are expected to check with me, in person or by e-mail. • I am available in the back of the library during Academic Advisement for questions. I will also be there on reading day.

  6. Part 2 • I will give some direction on how to use movie maker for those who would like help. • Do NOT put animations or timings into your power point. These will be lost when you put it into movie maker format. They can be put in directly in movie maker.

  7. Adding music • The music has to be in mp3 format to be added to movie maker. • If you have the music on your i-pod you can use it directly. • If the music is on YouTube you can search “converting YouTube to mp3” for a site that will put it into the needed format. • Dr. Gilligan has lots of music in his public folder.

  8. EXTRA CREDIT/lost credit • There will be 5 points extra credit given for any exam part 2 that is turned in before your scheduled exam day. • There will be a deduction for any exam that is turned in after the end of the exam period on your scheduled exam day.