welcome to back to school night n.
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Welcome to Back to School Night

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Welcome to Back to School Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Back to School Night. Mrs. Sansenbach 3 rd Grade Room 18. Welcome to BTSN!. Please check the information on the index card for the following information: Child’s name Parent’s Name Best Contact Number(s) Email address( es ) Answer the following questions:

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Welcome to Back to School Night

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welcome to back to school night

Welcometo Back to School Night

Mrs. Sansenbach

3rd Grade

Room 18

welcome to btsn
Welcome to BTSN!
  • Please check the information on the index card for the following information:
    • Child’s name
    • Parent’s Name
    • Best Contact Number(s)
    • Email address(es)
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Does your child have access to computers???
    • Is your student a vegetarian or have any food allergies?

We will be starting soon!!!!!

absent missing assignment slips
Absent & Missing Assignment Slips
  • Absent assignments will be sent home for every day that your child is absent. It will tell which assignments your child is responsible for the day of absence. Your child will have two days for everyday of absence.
  • Missing assignments will be sent home on the day of the due date. The slip needs to be signed and returned the following day.
          • Note: Homework grades are reflected on the slip.
transitional year
Transitional Year
  • Responsibility on students - no calls home for items missing for the day.
    • Exception – lunch or money for lunch
  • No weekly packets – daily homework
  • Agendas
  • Note Taking
  • Longer Days

CommunicationThere are four forms of communication I will use this year: agendas, email, school wires, phone calls. (Please allow twenty – four hours for response for all forms)


If you would like to write me a small note, place it in the agenda, or write a brief question in the agenda, and I will write back. Please do not put notes in the Friday Folders; I will probably not get them until the following Friday.

Email Address:


Phone number:

294-0334, ext 118

School Wires:

See school website for teacher web pages (see white paper for registration directions)


Weekly Behavior Chart

Look for it to come home in the Friday folder. Must be returned on Monday signed.

  • Teacher:
    • Teach CA Common Core Standards to all students by introducing, modeling, and giving opportunities for independent practice in all subjects.
    • Providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for learning.
    • Homework to be relevant.
  • Student:
    • To complete all assignment on time.
    • To make correct choices in behavior in all situations – classroom, recess, etc.
    • To be a learner while at school.
    • To check over nightly homework for accuracy, effort, and neatness. All homework is to be done on lined paper unless it is a worksheet.
    • To sign the daily agenda
    • To read any communications from the school or teacher.
    • To communicate any concerns and compliments to the teacher.
    • To register & check Schoolwise
classroom rules
Classroom Rules

Rewards:T.R.G. (Truly Responsible Gators) and school wide Atta Gators

  • The school has adopted a school wide program: The 5B’s.
    • Be Safe
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respect
    • Be on Task
    • Be Kind
  • Consequences: If the students forget or break a rule, then the following will take place:
    • Verbal Warning – several given
    • Flip Card – check behavior
    • Flip Card - Lost of partial recess/think sheet to be sent home and signed
    • Call/email parents – possible conference.
important reminders
Important Reminders

Friday Folders

On Friday of each week, please look for a folder to come home. I will use it to send home important notices from the office, graded work, and any class news. Please take out everything and return all necessary forms on Monday. Please do not send messages through the folder, please use email or attach it to the agenda. Students will return behavior contract to my teacher box.



Please pre-pay for lunches in the office or online. Go to the district website: www.fcusd.org

Snacks: Please pack a small nutritious snack for your child at recess.


Agendas are used school wide (3-5) to build responsibility and organizational skills. PTA provided the agendas for the school – thank you! The PTA needs help at this time with many events, please contact KrissyArd at krissyard@yahoo.com


Birthdays:Students will be specially acknowledged on the day of their birthday or at the end of the month at the celebrate month for summer birthdays.

Treats:We will be having a ‘Breakfast Brunch’ on the last Friday of each month. The room parents will coordinate with birthday parents as to what to bring to the brunch. Please do not bring sugary treats during the birthday week. The district is trying to have a climate of healthy nutrition.

Invitations:Please do not pass out invitations during school hours unless the entire class is invited. There are many hurt feelings when someone is left out.

third grade california common core standards
Third Grade California Common Core Standards

Available online at:


Per District, third grade will be implementing the Common Core Standards in full this year. Even though this year, the STAR test is reflective of the past standards. I will be front loading some of the skipped concepts throughout the year. If you have any questions, please call the District Office, Curtis Wilson at 916-294-9003 or CMWilson@fcusd.org.

language arts
Language Arts
  • Reading – Language Arts Series:
    • Expository (Informational) Reading: Scholastic News
      • See neon green flyer for needed help
    • Houghton Mifflin
    • the novel: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
  • Writing:
    • Students will learn:
      • Cursive
      • Summary, Persuasive, Personal Narrative, & Expository Writing
Expository reports
        • California Native Americans
        • Pilgrim Passage Interact Activity
        • Historical Field Trip
        • Space Race Interact Journal
  • Grammar–
      • Students will receive instruction of the basic grammatical rules with practice in their workbook and other worksheets.
      • Students will have Daily Oral Language (DOL)
  • Spelling
      • Spelling will be assigned on non-testing weeks and full weeks.
      • See
Accelerated Reading Program
    • At home
      • 1st: 20 minutes, 2nd: 25 minutes, 3rd: 30 minutes
    • Goals
      • Every trimester, students will be required to read five books in their ZPD range with 80% accuracy. See their ZPD range located in the folder. To keep current with progress, sign up for Renaissance Home Connect (see flyer).
    • Point Clubs:
      • There are four clubs that I offer for the year. Each club has a special reward attached to them.
  • Students will learn several new concepts within:place value, measurement, multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry.
  • Goals
    • Students are required to pass a 100 facts in five minutes or less:
      • Now: addition & subtraction (see tests in folder)
      • 1st trimester: 1 – 7multiplication tables
      • 2nd trimester: 1 - 9 multiplication tables & 1 – 5 division facts
      • 3rd trimester: all facts, multiplication & division (1- 9)

For Root Beer Float Party all the

above plus mixed review.

Help with Concepts
    • Online information: see pink sheet for information & codes.
    • Per research, the best time for memorizing basic math facts is right before bedtime.
science social studies
Science/Social Studies
  • Social Studies Units
    • State Adopted Curriculum
    • Publisher: Scott Foresman
    • Native American project
    • Interact Game: Pilgrims
    • Local History through personal field trip

Science Units

  • State Adopted Curriculum
    • Publisher: Scott Foresman
  • Physical Science
  • Life Sciences
    • Biome Books
  • Earth Sciences
    • Interact Game: Space Race
physical education computers library
Physical Education, Computers & Library
  • P.E. is on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
    • Please have your students wear appropriate shoes and clothes on these days.
  • Computers and Library: TBA
  • As of right now, AR books must be checked out at our class library or the public library. The AR list can be accessed at our district website: www.fcusd.org.
  • Students should expect about 40 minutes a night plus their reading time.
  • Homework assignments are to be written in the student’s agenda. This is your student’s responsibility.
  • Homework is due the following day unless specified in their agendas.
homework area other
Homework Area & Other

Please provide a designated area for your child to do their homework. Please have the following items available.

  • Learning Kit
  • Pencils
  • Notebook paper
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Reference Materials
  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Atlas

Typing Skills

If you have a computer for your child, it would also be helpful if you had them practice their typing skills. Purchase or go online for free typing programs for them to practice. It is part of the CCS for third grade, but we are only allowed once a week in the lab.


Ideas for your participation:

Volunteer in the classroom – Assembling Friday Folders, making copies, assisting with a math (1 – 2 people daily needed), helping with a reading group, and several other jobs (see clipboard).

All in-class volunteers must be cleared with a TB test, fingerprints, and an application (directions will be sent home in this week’s Friday Folders).

Due to safety/insurance concerns, younger siblings are not allowed during volunteer times.

field trips
Field Trips

Educational:Beale’s Point, Maidu Center, & City Hall/Folsom Police

Other activities: Skating & Play

Per District Policy, there are no siblings allowed on any field trip for safety and insurance reasons. Chaperones need to have a TB test, fingerprints, and a volunteer packet completed two weeks before the event.

Additional Opportunities:
  • At home special projects
  • Grading papers for me at home
  • Facilitate with homework, but have the student do it!!
  • Providing class wish list items (see door)
  • Make sure your child has at least nine hours of sleep and a good breakfast (Mel Levine, 2007).
    • Helpful hints: allkindsofminds.org
other information
Other Information
  • School Calendar: see our website or yellow page in packet
  • Open House: Thursday, May 8 @ 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Class Play: Wednesday, May 21 @ 6:00 pm
  • STAR Testing:Review starts: March 24th. STAR Testing window opens March 24th and ends May 2nd. Spring break is within these dates, as dates firm up, I will communicate those exact dates.
independent study
Independent Study
  • Please notify the school and myself at least two weeks prior to leaving date.
  • If the independent study is longer than two weeks: please make an appointment for us to meet.
  • Students will be responsible for all in-class work and homework during the time missed.
  • If there are tests during the absences, the student will take all tests on the first week back in class.
Thank You for Coming!

I look forward to getting to know you and your student this exciting year!