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Ways of Knowing: Emotion PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways of Knowing: Emotion

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Ways of Knowing: Emotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ways of Knowing: Emotion. Theory of Knowledge Year One. At the core. Motivation Emotion Moveo, Moti, Motum Movere (Latin) = to move, arouse, affect, influence. Emotions shape the landscape our our mental and social lives.

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Ways of Knowing: Emotion

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    1. Ways of Knowing:Emotion Theory of Knowledge Year One

    2. At the core Motivation Emotion Moveo, Moti, Motum Movere (Latin) = to move, arouse, affect, influence

    3. Emotions shape the landscape our our mental and social lives. Martha Nussbaum, author of Upheavals of Thought: the intelligence of emotion

    4. The Scope and Range of Emotion(s)

    5. What Causes It? External Triggers

    6. Differences: A Question of Culture • Tahitians, Germans & You • Priorities • Evoked… or not • The non-verbals So what’s the deal? Who decides what “works” and what doesn’t?

    7. Knowing Our Emotions • How are you feeling right now, at this moment? How do you know? • Why do you think you’re feeling this way? • Share it… (but try to guess what your partner is feeling BEFORE he/she says it. • To what extent do you think knowing your own feelings depends on knowing the feelings of others and others depend on knowing yours?

    8. Can you be wrong?

    9. Emotional Intelligence • 45,900,000 • Howard Gardner

    10. Knowing through Perception Senses Gather: but can they be wrong?

    11. How is someone feeling?

    12. Knowing Emotion • Through Language • External Clues • Invisible Emotion

    13. How do you fix not knowing? Dr. Paul Ekman Anger Amusement Disgust Contempt Fear Embarrassment Happiness Excitement Sadness Guilt Surprise Pride Relief Sensory Pleasure Pain

    14. Knowing Emotion • Through Reason • Relationship • Application

    15. Emotion & Reason Oppositionor Balance ?

    16. Recent Research (classical—Phineas Gage) Our Decision Making Capabilities Its Complementary

    17. Would you agree with the assertion that reasoning can guide emotion?

    18. What about the converse? The belief that emotion can guide reason

    19. Emotion & Belief Justify your beliefs… Can you? What do you use? rational argument (define rational) self-evident

    20. Emotional Education • What shapes us? • What is acceptable? • The “right” attitudes and actions *we’ll talk about “right” in the Ethics section  • What are we trying to educate?

    21. For Example Apathy Sympathy Empathy

    22. Where is Emotion Important Which subject upholds emotion as the most important way of knowing? Where do you know other things by knowing your own emotions and the emotions of others?

    23. Emotion & our AoK • The Arts • Natural [hard] Science • Human [soft] Science • History • Mathematics • Ethics