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Today’s Lecture - State Farm Car Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Lecture - State Farm Car Policy

Today’s Lecture - State Farm Car Policy

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Today’s Lecture - State Farm Car Policy

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  1. Today’s Lecture -State Farm Car Policy Comprehensive Collision Emergency Road Service

  2. Pays for loss to your car except by collision Includes breakage of glass and loss caused by: Missiles Falling objects Fire Theft or larceny Explosion Earthquake Windstorm Hail Water Flood Malicious mischief or vandalism Riot or civil commotion Hitting or being hit by bird or animal Comprehensive

  3. Comprehensive - Example Someone scratches the paint on your car with a tool. It costs $2500 to sand and paint your car to repair the damage.

  4. Comprehensive - Example A 0 B 2400 C 2500 D None of the above

  5. Comprehensive -Transportation Costs Provides up to $25 per day in transportation costs if your car is stolen starting when you report the loss and ending when they offer to pay the loss

  6. Comprehensive -Transportation Costs - Example Your car is stolen. You immediately report the loss and rent a replacement for $20 per day. Six days later State Farm settles your claim.

  7. Comprehensive -Transportation Costs - Example A 0 B 20 C 120 D 150 E None of the above

  8. Collision Pays for loss to your car caused by collision but only for the amount of each such loss in excess of the deductible.

  9. Definition Collision - means your car upset or hit or was hit by a vehicle or other object.

  10. Collision - Example Your car is parked at Marketplace Mall while you are shopping. When you return to your car, the rear fender is smashed. You can’t find out who ran into your car. It costs $700 to repair the damage.

  11. Collision - Example A 0 B 600 C 700 D None of the above

  12. Clothes and Luggage - Comprehensive and Collision Pays up to $200 in excess of the deductible for loss to your clothes and luggage if they were in the car at the time of the loss.

  13. Clothes and Luggage - Comprehensive Loss must be caused by: • Fire • Lightning • Flood • Falling objects • Explosion • Earthquake • Theft of the entire car

  14. Clothes and Luggage - Example You decide to drive to Indianapolis for the weekend. While your car is parked at the Speedway, someone breaks into your car and steals your luggage, which contained your clothes. The luggage was worth $100 and the clothes were worth $200.

  15. Clothes and Luggage - Example A 0 B 100 C 200 D 300 E None of the above

  16. Limits of Liability - Comprehensive and Collision The limit of liability is the lower of: • actual cash value • the cost of repair or replacement

  17. Emergency Road Service Pays the cost you incur for: • up to 1 hour of labor costs at site of breakdown • towing to nearest repair location • towing out if stuck on or next to public highway • delivery of gas, oil, loaned battery or change of tire - does not pay for the cost of these items

  18. Emergency Road Service - Example While driving you get a flat tire. When you discover you don’t have a spare, you call a service station for help. They bring you a new tire and put it on your car. They charge $100 for the new tire and $25 for changing your tire.

  19. Emergency Road Service - Example A 0 B 25 C 100 D 125 E None of the above