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  2. Presently there is no doubts, that many strains of the future person are formed during the intra-uterine period , because the newborn at the moment of the birth has already lived nine months which substantially define directions of its further development. • Ability to goods and empathy, feeling of love or hostility, calmness or aggression, as well as another properties of the person are brought up in the person from moment of its conception.

  3. FIRST UNIVERSE • Mother is the first terrestrial Universe, therefore through what she has passed in her life and passes during pregnancy, fetus feels also. Feelings and to emotion of mother are transmitted to it, exerting either positive, or negative influence on formation of its mentality and character. • The organism of the future child is constructed from materials which are delivered from mothers organism, hence her way of living , culture of a feed, presence or absence of bad habits lays a basis of health .

  4. INFLUENCE OF EMOTIONS • Excessive emotional factors by which our heavy and intense life is sated, serve as the reason of huge number of such postnatal diseases, as neurosis, numerous allergic diseases, developmental lagging. • How presently it is possible to avoid influence of an environment, social and economic shocks, public emotions devouring soul and a body? • It is possible only on condition that future mother realizes, that only she is an absolute protection frame, for which inexhaustible energy gives her love.

  5. In an intra-uterine condition child in studies to define reaction of mom to positive and negative stressful factors and frequently adopts its behavior later. During an emotional discharge is better to put a hand on an abdomen, to caress and to talk to the child. In fact he is already capable to perceive all feelings of mother, therefore, the richer her feelings are, the better develops soul of her child . When we feel pleasures and happiness, our brain develops " hormones of pleasure " (endorphins). They are capable to inform sensation of rest or pleasure to the fetus. If he often feels these fettle in a womb of mother , that feelings are remembered and, possibly, definitely colours the character of the future person.

  6. FATHERS ATTITUDE • Of course there is fathers role of no small importance. Attitude to his wife and her pregnancy and certainly to expected baby is the one of main factors that mould the feeling of happiness and strength, which are passed to a child by calm and self-reliance mother…

  7. FATHERS ATTITUDE • If father talks to a fetus regularly during wife’s pregnancy, child will learn his voice almost at once after a birth . Often parents also mark, that children distinguish music or the songs heard in the prenatal period. And they affect on them as a fine sedative and can be successfully used at removal of a strong emotional pressure.

  8. In spite of employment parents can always find time to communicate to the child. They should tell him how they looks forward to his appearance to this world and how strong and healthy they wants to see him. Frequently asked question: for whom process of education is more important - for mother or for the child? The answer is simple: it is important for both. There is a following regularity : mother’s feelings and even thoughts are transferred to a fetus also. Mother is intermediary between an external world and the child. The human being formed inside of an uterus, does not perceive this world directly. But it uninterruptedly catches sensations and reactions , which cause world around in mother. This human being registers the first data, which are capable to colour the future person, in tissue of cells, in organic memory and at level of inceptive mentality.

  9. This fact anew opened recently by a science, actually it is old as the world. The woman always intuitively felt its importance. And fathers starts to understand it more and more. For ancient civilizations the importance of the period of pregnancy was absolutely and indisputable truth. Egyptians, Indians, Celts, Africans, Slavs and many other people adhered to some strict traditions and rules for mothers, married couples and a society in whole, which provided to the child the best conditions for an intra-uterine life and development.

  10. More thousand years ago in China existed prenatal clinics , where future mothers spent the period of the pregnancy, surrounded by rest and beauty, and in Russian families with approach of pregnancy passed to live from the general room to the light room which are called "svetelki" , where could be engaged in prays and employment by needlework, prepared for labor.

  11. THE ROLE OF SOUNDS AND MUSIC IN PRENATAL EDUCATION • The fetus perceives music , which mother listens during a concert. It selectively reacts to the program. So, Beethoven and Brams affected to a fetus excitingly ,but Mozart and Vivaldi calm it. Rock music - here it is possible to tell only one: it simply forces a fetus to rage . • It has been noticed, that future mothers have to leave a concert hall because of intolerable sufferings felts from rough movements of a fetus. Thus, pregnant women should to listen other, more structured music. Music, poetry, singing, art, the nature helps to the child to feel the beautiful.

  12. EMOTIONS • Emotion and space surrounding the person are characterized by very close interrelation. The misfortune, mental anguish cause sensations of compression of heart, shortage of air. Such negative emotions as fear, jealousy, rage, leads to occurrence of weight sense, bad state of health, enslaving. • The pleasure forces our heart "to sing". It is very useful to cultivate in a similar condition of happiness and internal freedom, transferring its to child who will fix sensation of pleasure in the cells .

  13. Many women mark, that during pregnancy they have a reflex of protection of the child as the being has already born. Therefore they meaningly suppresses all undesirable emotions in themselves. These future mothers talked to the child, explained to it an event, calmed it in necessary cases. At this time the child "noted down" at a cellular level the information that the life is full of ascension and downfalls, which is necessary and possible to overcome always. Thus, the basis of the strong, hardy person has been laid.

  14. CONCLUSION • At the conscious attitude to pregnancy the nature will necessarily show parent's gratitude for their efforts. And the form of gratitude will be the most various……

  15. 1. The feeling of weariness, anxiety and fear will essentially decrease at the pregnant woman. It can disappear completely, having replaced with sensation of confidence, pleasure and pride. 2. Natural end of pregnancy filled of conscious and blessed sensations will be delivery, passing consciously, under own control, and with feeling of a full unity with her child. 3. The child mature in a similar way, will perceive education easily , can possess of all qualities laid in it by the nature. 4. From the conscious attitude to mature and to a birth of the child the woman will be born as mother.

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