Grandfather s journey by allen say
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Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say. What can we learn about the United States as we travel?. Genre. Historical Fiction set in the past some details are factual but others are made up or are loosely based on history. This week’s leveled readers:. Grandpa’s Scrapbook

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Genre l.jpg

  • Historical Fiction

    • set in the past

    • some details are factual but others are made up or are loosely based on history

This week s leveled readers l.jpg
This week’s leveled readers:

  • Grandpa’s Scrapbook

  • Childhood in Pre-War Japan

  • Innocent Prisoners

  • use your time wisely

  • READ CAREFULLY before you take an AR test!

Going places l.jpg
Going Places

  • coast- the land along sea

  • lush- having thick growth

  • route- way to go; road

  • If you were traveling east to west across the U.S. what would you see just before the lush valleys of California?

  • How is this story organized?

Sequence l.jpg

  • The order in which things happen.

  • Look for dates, times and clue words to help you.

  • Sometimes two of more events happen at once: meanwhile, during, ...

Graphic organizers l.jpg
Graphic Organizers

  • Using a graphic organizer can help you understand what you read.

  • We also use thinking maps.

Vocabulary words l.jpg
Vocabulary Words

  • Study your words and their definitions each day.

Amazed l.jpg

  • Surprised greatly, struck with sudden wonder, astounded

  • What is the root word of amazed?

  • Have you ever seen something that amazed you?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Bewildered l.jpg

  • Completely confused; puzzled

  • Does a bewildered person understand something clearly?

  • What is the root word?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Homeland l.jpg

  • Country that is your home; your native land

  • Is your homeland a new place to visit?

  • What two words make up this compound word?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Longed l.jpg

  • Wished for very much; desired greatly

  • Is longed past or present tense?

  • Have you ever longed for something?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Sculptures l.jpg

  • Works of art created by carving, modeling, casting, etc.

  • Where are you likely to find sculptures?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Still l.jpg

  • To make or become calm or quiet

  • Are you calm after you still your nerves?

  • Is it easy to still a toddler?

  • Who can make a sentence?

Towering l.jpg

  • Very high

  • What is the root word for towering?

  • What things have you seen that were towering above you?

  • Who can make a sentence?

More words to know l.jpg
More words to know:

  • seacoast- land along the sea; seaboard

  • steamship- ship moved by engines that work by the action of steam under pressure

Multiple meaning words l.jpg
Multiple-Meaning Words

  • A word can have more than one meaning.

  • A dictionary of glossary can help you decide which meaning makes sense.

Multiple meaning words18 l.jpg
Multiple-Meaning Words

  • Try the meaning you know.

  • If it doesn’t make sense, look it up.

  • Read all the meanings. Try each meaning in the sentence.

  • Choose the one that makes the best sense in the sentence.

Main idea l.jpg
Main Idea

  • The MAIN IDEA is an important point about the story’s topic.

  • SUPPORTING DETAILS give more information about a main idea.

A look at two lands l.jpg
A Look at Two Lands

  • Genre: Online Reference Source

  • Sequence: Why does it make sense to begin with an online encyclopedia?

  • Graphic Organizers: Which online source might have many lists &charts?

Fluency tempo rate l.jpg
Fluency: Tempo & Rate

  • When reading facts and details, use a SLOWER TEMPO and RATE to help listeners understand it better.

Sequence22 l.jpg

  • Look for clue words to understand the order of events:

    • then, later, after, ….

1. Ask yourself what happened first? 2. Then what happened? 3. What happened last?

Electronic media l.jpg
Electronic Media

  • Electronic media includes any resources that require electricity to function.

  • Two kinds:

    • computer-- CD-ROMs, DVDs & anything found on the internet

    • non-computer-- tapes, VCR, DVDs, films, TV shows, radio

Web search l.jpg
Web Search

  • To find information on the Internet, use a search engine and type in your key words.

  • Search engines: Yahoo, Google, Ask, ……..

  • What search engines have you used?