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«My grandfather is a hero» PowerPoint Presentation
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«My grandfather is a hero»

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«My grandfather is a hero» - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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«My grandfather is a hero». The project is prepared by the student of the 8b form MBOU Sosnovskaya SOSh №2 Platitsina Irina.

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«My grandfather is a hero»

The project is prepared by the student of the 8b form MBOU Sosnovskaya SOSh №2 Platitsina Irina


The fireworks of the national holiday are over. This year the Russian Federation and the whole world celebrated the 68th anniversary of the Soviet Union‘s Victory in the Great Patriotic War. On the 9th of May we recall those who died on battlefields and are happy for those who came back home safe and sound. Every family in Russia was affected by the War and our family wasn’t an exception.


I’m interested in history of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, I read books, watch films, meet veterans at school, listen to stories about the War attentively, and regard my family photos with love. I listen to the stories of my grandmothers and grandfathers with excitement. My grandfather Strokov Leonid Fedorovich is a war veteran and the rest relatives are children born during the War. My great grandfathers – Chanov Grigory Alexeevich, Strokov Fedor Egorovich, Kazarcev Vasiliy Nikitivich, Platitcin Vasily Vasil’evich were war veterans too.

Unfortunately, they aren’t alive, as for Strokov Fedor Egorovich he died during the first months of the War near town Efremov, Tulskaya region. My great grandmothers, who served on the home front, aren’t alive too, but in our family we are still very proud of them and hold them in remembrance.


I’m looking forward to the 9th of May. Every year on the 9th of May we lay flowers on the memorial of the dead soldiers and take part in memory Watch, celebrate and congratulate veterans. I feel pride when I see my grandfather Strokov Leonid Fedorovich passing by in the column of veterans. I think he’s a hero.


I’m very happy, it is my fortune than nowadays my grandfather is alive. He was an eyewitness of events that took place more than half a century ago. He has a good memory; he is a very competent man and knows the history of 7 generations of his ancestors. But the main thing is that he can share his invaluable knowledge about the Great Patriotic War. As for me, my grandfather is a so-called «stepping encyclopedia» when he’s talking about the War.


My grandfather was an eyewitness of those events. At that time he was 12, he was the eldest in his family. His father went to the front. On the 1st of August 1941 his mother with 5 children (the youngest was born 1 month ago) were evacuated because of bombing from Krasnogorsk, Moscow region. It was very dangerous and scary. They were carried in goods wagons. All passenger trains were adapted for the needs of war.


My grandfather Leonid Fjodorowich has been working in the collective farm since 12 years old . During the holidays he was a shepherd, he was watching over the sheep. It was terrible, there were a lot of wolves. In 1994 my grandfather ploughed the land. He performed this task. On the meeting of the ploughman the first secretary of CPSU gave him a present: a loaf of bread, a cake of soap and socks. The lad was very happy and all family had an occasion: they ate bread with milk. He said, that there were a lot of children like him.


My grandfather said, that schoolchildren helped also in the front. Children sent to the front-line soldier warm letters, gifts: tobacco pouches, kerchiefs, gloves. During the war there was a military airfield in Sosnowka, several hospitals for the wounded soldiers, from there thousands of soldiers returned to a system after the treatment. Thousands of people found a shelter and a roof in Sosnowka. Children visited the wounded soldiers, presented them flowers, presents, gave concerts. My grandmother recalls with tears how children with their teacher Alexandra Wasiljewa gathered ears in the field. The kolkhoz gave them two loaves of bread, the teacher cut it into sections and gave them according to a lot. She gathered some crumb of bread and put them in her mouth. Still my grandmother feels sorry for Alexandra Wasiljewa, that she didnt share a crust of bread with her.



In 1949 my grandfather was called up for military service in the Red army. He was 20 years old. The military unit was found in the city Madona. Here he took two-month courses of the young fighter, took the oath and took part in fighting.



When he came back, military service, my grandfather works as electrician in native collective farm. From 1959 to 1964 he works in the Tambows factory" Himmash". At this time he studied, then he left the secondary school of young workers, the automobile technical school and the Tambov university of Marxism-Leninism. The common experience of labor activities of my grandfather is 54 years. In addition he has 5 medals.



There are not so many veterans of war in our settlement. I bow down before my grandfather and other veterans of war because they are alive and tell us about everything they saw and heard about the Great Patriotic War. In our turn we will treat with respect, attentively our veterans, follow their examples and pass their recollection on from one generation to another about the Great Patriotic War.




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