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Combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels PowerPoint Presentation
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Combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels

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Combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels of ROI available on the market today. What the Press are Saying

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Combines powerful PC remote control with advanced desktop management functionality leading to one of the fastest levels of ROI available on the market today.


What the Press are Saying

Networks continue to evolve, growing in capability and complexity. A diverse range of platforms, protocols and physical assets provides PC Management and Remote Control Software solutions,with the continuous challenge of being able to offer support to a variety of configurations and to ensure that critical IT infrastructure is available when needed most.

Historically, Remote Control and PC Management software focused on removing the need for support staff to physically visit a remote users PC to resolve technical issues. Consequently, users receive a quicker response, resulting in less down time of critical applications.

However, organisations require multi-tasking solutions that offer effective economies of scale, where an "out of the box" application can be relied upon to perform a whole range of functions, which traditionally, were handled by multiple software vendors.

Emphasis is now placed not just on providing more efficient technical support but also in simplifying management tasks and in offering secure remote and mobile working possibilities.

"Exhaustive documentation, many useful integrated features with an advanced gateway feature for PCs located behind a firewall."

"NetSupport Manager wins the SC Magazine - "Recommended" Award in the Remote Management group test against 11 competing products."

Readers of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine have named NetSupport Manager as the best product for “Troubleshooting Problems Remotely."

As a support package, NetSupport Manager looks to have all the angles. It offers a comprehensive range of tools, with the majority neatly integrated into a single, intuitive interface.


NetSupport Manager offers comprehensive multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, Pocket PC and MAC systems, providing complete compatibility to match today's business environment.


NetSupport Manager multi-platform support for Pocket PC and CE systems. Control any desktop PC or server from your PDA or Windows Mobile phone.

key features in version 9 remote control
Key features in version 9 : Remote Control

Watch, Share or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any remote workstation irrespective of colour resolution, network protocol or operating system.

Use the Audio functions on multimedia capable PCs' to talk to your users over any network, dial-up or Internet link.

key features in version 9 internet gateway and firewall support
Key Features in version 9 : Internet Gateway and Firewall Support

Delivering seamless Remote Control between PCs that may be located behind different firewalls. The NetSupport Gateway provides a stable and secure method for NetSupport enabled systems to locate and communicate via http.The Gateway component needs to be installed on a PC allocated with a static IP and accessible to both Control & Client PCs. The Gateway connectivity is provided using HTTP and requires that the Control & Client workstations be configured to use new HTTP transport. By default the NetSupport Gateway will listen for Controls and Clients on the NetSupport registered Port 3085.

The Gateway Licensing Control will work by the Gateway using the same Licence Key to the Control & Client workstations. The Gateway will only allow clients to connect while the number of Clients is less than or equal to the number of Clients in the licence file.

key features in version 9 hardware and software inventory
Key features in version 9 : Hardware and Software Inventory

Obtain a real-time view of the hardware and software installed on the target workstation at the click of a button, without ever needing to leave the NetSupport Control program to gather this information.

In addition, v9 collects over 50 items of information, specifically about the hardware or environment of the Client PC, where you can obtain details of applications in memory, installed hot-fixes, processes running and installed services.As well as real-time reporting, NetSupport Manager also provides the tools, security permitting, to allow you to remotely stop and start services, end active applications and more.

key features in version 9 file transfer
Key features in version 9 : File Transfer

Transfer and manipulate files between workstations using advanced "drag & drop" technology. Synchronise directories on two workstations or edit files and attributes directly.

Version 9 utilizes intelligent "Delta File Transfer" to reduce data transfer times when overwriting files that already exist. NetSupport now checks blocks of data and only transfers changed data within the file being transferred. This feature is turned on by default and applies to all file types. The performance benefits are most noticeable on a slow link.In independent industry tests, NetSupport Manager is consistently recognized as the fastest available solution.

key features in version 9 file distribution
Key features in version 9 : File Distribution
  • To further enhance performance, NetSupport Manager also allows a user to Distribute files and data from a central NetSupport workstation to multiple Client workstations simultaneously and with a minimum of keystrokes and effort.
  • Using this feature, you are able to Distribute files to:
  • All connected Clients;
  • Any Selected Clients;
  • A pre-defined Group of Clients.
key features in version 9 desktop intelligence
Key features in version 9 : Desktop Intelligence

When a NetSupport Manager v9.0 control is installed onto a PC, Manager now integrates directly with explorer, allowing you to launch key functionality direct from your system without needing to first start NetSupport.

A typical example would be within Network places, where on viewing a list of PCs on the network, by selecting the PC icon and using right mouse click, NetSupport Remote Control, Chat and Inventory options are available to launch.

key features in version 9 monitor and show screens
Key features in version 9 : Monitor and Show screens

Use the Scan function to monitor exactly what is happening on your networked workstations and servers and to see what you users' are doing. Cycle through one or multiple workstations' displaying their screens on your control console.

A typical example would be within Network places, where on viewing a list of PCs on the network, by selecting the PC icon and using right mouse click, NetSupport Remote Control, Chat and Inventory options are available to launch.The new Monitor Mode feature allows a Control to display a "Thumbnail" view of all connected Client workstations simultaneously (as shown).

Use the Show function to conduct computer-based training without the need for overhead projectors, video splitters or any additional hardware.

key features in version 9 deploy netsupport manager
Key features in version 9 : Deploy NetSupport Manager
  • The NetSupport Deploy utility provides Network Administrators with the facility to install and configure NetSupport Manager on multiple workstations from a central site without the need to visit the machines individually.With Deploy, you can:
  • Remotely Install a NetSupport package on multiple workstations simultaneously.
  • Create and download specific Client Configurations to multiple workstations.
  • Remotely update NetSupport License details on multiple workstations.
  • Remotely Uninstall a NetSupport package from multiple workstations simultaneously.
key features in version 9 other features
Key features in version 9 : Other features

Launch Remote Applications on Multiple PC's.Remote Reboot (and login for NT).SOS Help request from all Client PCs.NetSupport includes a powerful Scripting Language and Scheduler that allows you to automate the tasks you would normally perform repetitively in the NetSupport Control and run them at a time when most convenient to you. Scripting contains a wealth of Desktop Management functions such as the ability to interrogate Clients and retrieve key system information.

You can even use NetSupport Scripting to distribute applications by using a combination of File Transfer, Remotely Execute Applications and edit the Registry.

Full and comprehensive security is built into all modules. Everything from simple password protection through to integration with NT Security and AES encryption up to 256 bit.

Record and Replay remote sessions for audit purposes. You can even profile individual Control users and Client workstations to have different security levels and capabilities.

Remote Power Management.Captures and Redirects Print output.Blank a PC Screen during Remote Control.Cut and Paste between applications on local and remote PCs.

key features in version 9 applications
Key features in version 9 : Applications

Help RequestsUse the Remote Control features to provide instant and cost effective support to end-users. Reduce the cost of support whilst at the same time improving productivity and the speed of problem resolution.System AutomationUse the powerful but easy to use Scripting language to automate regular tasks such as file uploads and downloads. Take advantage of the Scheduler to run these tasks at a time convenient to you such as overnight or when network traffic is low.Desktop ManagementUse a combination of NetSupport Manager features to provide effective Desktop Management. Everything from installing new files and programs to retrieving information on free disk space and installed software.

Mobile ComputingUse the Remote Communications modules to enable staff to work from home with full access to all the functionality of their office workstations and systems. Alternatively use the built in Active X control to provide the ultimate in Internet connectivity.TrainingUse the sophisticated Show functions to set up your own networked based training room. You can even conduct computer training sessions over the Internet for Distance Learning projects.

specific highlights
Specific Highlights
  • Wide range of connection options including the ability to:
  • Dynamically find and list all PCs on the network.
  • Connect by PC name.
  • Connect by Network address.
  • Connect via a database of known PCs.
  • Connect entire groups of PCs in one step.
  • Comprehensive Security Features
  • Password protection at Client and Control PCs.
  • User acknowledgement required at PCs.
  • Connection Audit trail.
  • Disable file transfer, or specific files and directories.
  • Limit functionality depending on which PC is connecting.
  • Dialback to different numbers according to password.
  • Restrict connections to named PCs.
  • Customiseable Control and Client PC profiles.
  • Utilise existing NT profiles.
  • Client PC Initialises Connection.
  • AES encryption up to 256bits.
  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Automatic setup and maintenance of PCs.
  • Configuration utility for Windows.
  • User definable Modem configuration.Protocol Transparent Control: use IPX/SPX, NetBIOS/NetBEUI and TCP/IP simultaneously.

System RequirementsIBM compatible 486 or higher with 4Mb RAM10Mb free disk spaceNetSupport Manager supports:DOS, Win 95/8, Win NT , Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP and Win 2003IPX/SPX, NetBIOS or TCP/IP (under Windows Sockets)LINUX REQUIREMENTS:The NetSupport Manager 9 Linux client supports at the time of release, SuSE, Red Hat / Enterprise, Mandrake and Fedora distributions.MAC REQUIREMENTS:NetSupport Manager client compatible with MAC OSX

POCKET PC:Operating System: Pocket PC 2003 or above ActiveSync / WiFi wireless LAN capabilitiesDevice RAM: 32MbStorage: 5Mb free space required

commercial rationale
Commercial Rationale

Improve the effectiveness of your Helpdesk by providing instant and cost effective support to your end users.

Reduce the TCO and cost of providing support with faster problem resolution whilst simultaneously improving the quality of support offered.

Maximise the efficiency of any home workers by providing them with full access to office workstations and systems whilst away from their desks.

Achieve unbeatable ROI through greater organizational flexibility, improved productivity and increased user satisfaction.

Reduce down-time of critical systems and applications.

Gain economies of scale by using a single box solution to perform a range of tasks traditionally handled by multiple software vendors.

Use the powerful Scripting and Scheduling functionality to improve system automation allowing for regular tasks such as file uploads to be run at a more convenient time, perhaps through the night when network traffic is low.

Increase the quality of training by utilizing the sophisticated Show and Multimedia functions. Conduct computer training sessions over the Internet for Distance Learning projects.

"Built from the ground up as a support tool, NetSupport Manager offers a wide range of features specifically for these functions that competing products can'thope to match. We have always been impressed with NetSupport Manager and this latest version makes a great product even better".


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