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Biometrics. By: Monika Achury and Shuchita Singh. Sound like the movies? . Retinal scan granting access to a security vault Unlocking a door by facial recognition Car door unlocking when the owner touches the handle Computer access by fingerprint recognition. Definition: .

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By: Monika Achury and Shuchita Singh

sound like the movies
Sound like the movies?
  • Retinal scan granting access to a security vault
  • Unlocking a door by facial recognition
  • Car door unlocking when the owner touches the handle
  • Computer access by fingerprint recognition
  • Biometrics is the study of automated methods for uniquely recognizing people based on physical and/or behavioral traits.
physical characteristics
Physical Characteristics :
  • A physical attribute unique to a person
    • Fingerprints
    • Eye Retinas
    • Facial patterns
    • Voice *
behavioral characteristics
Behavioral Characteristics:
  • Traits that are learned or acquired from a person
    • Hand signature
    • Typing pattern
    • Voice *
identification methods

biometric system identifies a person from the entire enrolled population by searching a database for a match based solely on the biometric

“one to many search”


biometric system authenticates a person’s claimed identity from their previously enrolled pattern

“one to one search”

Identification Methods:
what makes a biometric work
What makes a biometric work?
  • Characteristics of a biometric that must be present in order to use the system for authentication purposes
    • Uniqueness: The same trait will not appear in two people
    • Universality: The trait has to occur in many people as possible
    • Permanence: The trait does not change over time
    • Measurability: The trait can be measured with simple technical instruments
    • User friendliness: The trait is easily measured with minimal discomfort
uses for biometrics
Uses for Biometrics:
  • Biometric-based authentication applications include workstation and network access, single sign-on, application logon, data protection, remote access to resources, transaction security, and Web security and more.
biometric needs model
Biometric Needs Model:
  • Physical Security: Access to a physical location such as a building or room.
  • Cyber Security: Access to an organization’s network through a biometrically authenticated login schema.
  • Transactional Security: Any monetary transaction which biometrically authenticates, accesses, and atomically debits or credits the user’s account.
active vs passive
Active vs. Passive:
  • Biometrics can also be defined as either Passive, or Active.
    • Passive biometrics do not require a users active participation and can be successful without a person even knowing that they have been analyzed.
    • Active biometrics however, do require a person cooperation and will not work if they deny their participation in the process.
active vs passive12


Hand geometry

Retina scanning

Signature recognition


Voice recognition

Iris recognition

Facial recognition

Active vs. Passive:
multi modal
  • Multimodal biometric systems are those that utilize more than one physiological or behavioral characteristic for enrollment, verification, or authentication.
  • Multi-modal biometric systems are looked to as means of
    • reducing false non-match and false match rates
    • providing a secondary means of enrollment, verification, and identification if sufficient data can’t be acquired from a given biometric sample
    • combating attempts to spoof biometric systems
    • through non-live data sources such as fake fingers
why use biometrics
Why use biometrics?
  • Control for businesses
  • Inexpensive implementation
  • Less administration
  • Saves Money
  • Convenience for users
business applications
Business Applications:
  • Schools
  • U.S. Visitation
  • Secured Safes
  • Door entry
  • Time cards
  • User logon
school applications
School Applications:
  • Student tracking
  • Library circulation
  • Attendance
  • Food service
  • Student logon
  • Staff tracking
  • Bus loading
issues and concerns
Issues and Concerns :
  • Once a biometric source is stolen the victim can be posed with this problem for a while.
sociological concerns
Sociological concerns :
  • Physical : Some think the technology can cause physical harm because instruments are unsanitary
  • i.e. retina scanners are not always clean
sociological concerns19
Sociological concerns :
  • Personal info : Information taken by biometric methods can be abused, meaning that data taken can be used in unauthorized ways without the person’s consent.
cracking the system
Cracking the System:
  • Mythbusters attempted to break into a security door and laptop equipped with biometric authentication.
  • Easily defeated methods with a photocopy of a fingerprint
uses and initiatives
Uses and initiatives :
  • Japan : Banks have palm vein authentication on their ATMs
  • Developed by Fujitsu
  • False rejection rate of 0.01%
  • False acceptance rate of 0.00008%
uses and initiatives22
Uses and initiatives :
  • Iraq : Biometrics being used to provide Iraqis with verifiable ID card
  • If one has lost their ID card, system can verify them using their biometric info.
  • Helps American forces to determine if someone has been causing trouble
uses and initiatives23
Uses and initiatives :
  • Australia : Visitors must submit to biometric authentication linking them to their visas and passports.
future of biometrics
Future of Biometrics :
  • DNA matching
  • National Biometric Database
    • Nat’l database of citizens
  • Auto Security
    • No more keys!
  • Active Advertisement
    • Advertisements based on who you are