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New Models of International Partnerships : A global perspective A vision from a public Argentine institution PowerPoint Presentation
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New Models of International Partnerships : A global perspective A vision from a public Argentine institution

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New Models of International Partnerships : A global perspective A vision from a public Argentine institution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Models of International Partnerships : A global perspective A vision from a public Argentine institution Daniel E. Gomez Chancellor . Quilmes National University Argentina

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Presentation Transcript

New Models of International Partnerships:

A global perspective

A vision from a public Argentine institution

Daniel E. GomezChancellor. Quilmes National

  • Argentina is home to a vast and diverse education system, offering courses and programs, in almost every field.
  • A modern system born from a long history of high-quality and innovative teaching methods, education continues to figure amongst Argentina’s core values and traditions.
  • The Argentine University System is composed by 44 National Universities and 56 Private Universities. Over 1,2 million students
  • Until the beginning of the 90’s, international dimension was not a priority in the University system. Isolated actions.
  • Since the promotion of the Iberoamerican space of university cooperation by the Spanish government, many Argentine universities started to include international activities in their institutional action plan.
  • In the last ten years, many activities related to internationalization have been developed, either on bilateral, multilateral and regional basis.
  • Argentina has become increasingly attractive in the last five years, following the recovery from its economic crisis.
  • According to UNESCO statistics from 2004, 3500 international students seek their degrees in Argentina. Currently, it is estimated that 8500 students are pursuing education in the country. This figure might not reflect reality.
  • Argentina has a great potential to increase its involvement in international mobility.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Internationalization as an opportunity to strengthen the Argentine University System
  • Both quality and equality as key elements
  • A common agenda for the University system
  • Internationalization as a “two-way path”. From Argentina to the world and from the world to Argentina
  • Promote South-South as well as North-South cooperation
promotion program for the argentine university
Promotion Program for the Argentine University
  • In response to this tendency, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has launched the Promotion Program of Argentine University in 2006.
promotion program for the argentine university7
Promotion Program for the Argentine University
  • Provide updated information about Argentine University system and offer
  • Promote international strategic partnerships
  • Promote the teaching of Spanish language and its accreditation
  • Strengthen International Relations Offices in the Argentine Public University System
  • Promote missions to foreign countries
  • Finance education and research about internationalization
the strategy of quilmes national university
The strategy of Quilmes National University
  • Virtual University Program
  • Universia

Quilmes Virtual

University Program

  • ICTs incorporation in education is transforming the ways of teaching and learning
  • Quilmes National University created in 1999 the non-presential Program “Quilmes Virtual University” (UVQ Program) in a partnership with Universita Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
  • UVQ Program is an educative proposal totally in a virtual environment of learning, first one in Argentina.
  • Founding member in 2006 of the Association of Global Universities in Distance Education (Guide) based in Rome.

Quilmes Virtual University Program: characteristics and principles

  • Strong insertion in the entire Argentine geography
  • More than 4000 students are matriculated
  • More than 1500 graduated
  • 8 graduate programs 5 postgraduate programs,
  • 200 students in foreign countries
  • CINDA (Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo) is an academic international network, based in Chile.
  • 27 Universities from Latin America and 6 from Europe members.
  • CINDA aims at improving the quality of university education, ensure an adequate relation between universities and its social and political environment and foster south-south and north-south cooperation.

CINDA develops its activities through four institutional programs:

  • Academic Program:
    • curricular innovation and adaptation
    • delay and desertion in higher education
    • quality assurance
    • Strategic Management
    • Public policies in higher education
  • Student Mobility Program
  • Consultancy Program
  • Publications
universia www universia net
  • Universia network is the largest network of university cooperation in the world.The network consists of 985 participating universities, which represent 9,320,000 students (approximately 87% are university level).51% of the participating universities are public while the remaining 49% are private.
  • The network represents Spain, Portugal and Latin America through the participation of 9 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.
universia argentina www universia com ar
  • Universia Argentina is constituted by 71 Universities partners, representing 1.237.000 students (93%).
  • Has developed a very active local network of 600 executives and officials from its 71 partners.
  • The major case of cooperation between private and public institutions.
  • Developed a 3 year long-term leading program along with private and public universities and the Ministry of Education that promotes:
      • High-tech navigation rooms in 25 Universities
      • Research fellowships
      • Professor’s fellowships
universia argentina www universia com ar15
  • 32 % of visitors to the career-search-site came from different foreign countries.
  • Focused on facilitate professional opportunities to recent graduates through a job-site and through a network of 50.000 small companies from Grupo Santander.
  • Launched an entrepreneur program with a cluster of 15 Universities that support new and young projects
  • Projects
  • Total Received 385; Under Analysis 22; Under Funding 11

Ending remarks

It will be imperative for all of us: to educate, invent, create, distribute and give to this unfinished history, with criteria that articulate globalization with justice, allowing all humanity to transit more noble, higher, better roads, in the benefit of a world community that is every time closer and every time becomes more unknown.


Thank you very much

Daniel E. GomezChancellorQuilmes National