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Are these your long term Business Objectives? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are these your long term Business Objectives?

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Are these your long term Business Objectives? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are these your long term Business Objectives?. Design a business strategy that is simple and can be applied consistently to your target clients Differentiate yourself from your peers

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Are these your long term Business Objectives?

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Presentation Transcript
are these your long term business objectives
Are these your long term Business Objectives?
  • Design a business strategy that is simple and can be applied consistently to your target clients
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers
  • Attract more Segment #1 clients to your business and filter out unprofitable relationships (less clients more assets)
  • Provide a WOW type of client experience to increase client retention and increase referral to client ratio
  • Keep the cost of servicing clients low and build on your scalability
  • Develop a steady cash flow to minimize uncertainty
  • Build a business system (franchise) that is easily transferable and maximize enterprise value
  • Make more money and have more freedom
are these challenges in your business
Are these challenges in your Business?
  • Revenue is declining while the cost to attract and service clients is increasing
  • Administration is a challenge and adds overhead to your business
  • Specific client communication becomes more difficult as your business grows (lose client intimacy)
  • Client reviews become time consuming and at times inconsistent, often focused only on investment performance and not the “soft issues” of wealth management
  • As competition increases, it has become harder to retain key client relationships
  • Most target clients already have an Advisor – how are your services different and compelling?
  • Compliance and supervision of investing activities are becoming a greater burden
why join investment planning counsel
Why Join Investment Planning Counsel?
  • The independent wealth management industry has changed and as result, Advisors need to change how they operate their business
  • The best way to protect and aggressively grow your business into the future is to differentiate your value proposition
  • Advisors have to re-vamp their businesses to overcome their current challenges and achieve their long term goals
  • That’s why IPC has come up with a truly distinctive business model: the award-winning Total Client Experience and the Advisor Portfolio Management Service
who is investment planning counsel
Who is Investment Planning Counsel?
  • Leading independent wealth management company founded in 1994 by Chris Reynolds and Steve Meehan (both Advisors themselves)
  • Offers a complete range of professional financial products and services including: MFDA & IIROC platforms, insurance and estate planning, unique money management solutions, and private banking services
  • Majority owned by IGM Financial Inc., a TSX listed company and a member of the Power Financial Group of companies
  • Equity ownership participation by advisors and management
  • Licensed in every province in Canada
  • Business plan focuses on developing the tools, products and culture to become the company of choice for experienced wealth management professionals
our core values
Our Core Values
  • We continually strive to provide our advisors with a WOW-like Customer Service experience
  • We hold ourselves and each other Accountable to high standards and agreed-upon results
  • We value Trust and endeavour to build a high level of it in all interactions
  • We believe that success is only achieved through Collaboration among our team members
  • We take the time for the Celebration of our successes and the differences we make to our clients, in our communities and in our industry
what is the total client experience
What is the Total Client Experience?
  • A wealth management business system
  • Sets out a clear and easy to follow strategy for turning prospects into clients and clients into a reliable source of steady referrals
  • Uses a sophisticated series of compelling and fully customizable communication and presentation templates
  • Guide your clients from information gathering and planning to implementation and progress review, covering all areas of financial planning
the benefits of implementing the tce
1. Generate more referrals

2. Increase loyalty – decrease attrition

3. Get the most from each client contact

4. Decrease meeting prep. time

5. Get IPC advisor best practices

6. Advisor peace of mind

7. Reduced staff turnover

The Benefits of implementing the TCE

More time to focus on client relationships

Grow Revenueand Profitability

simplifying portfolio management
“Simplifying Portfolio Management”

Advisor Portfolio Management Service

portfolio management services
Portfolio Management Services

To help our Advisors simplify their offering, we have created a

platform which will:

  • Design portfolios to your specifications based on your client’s objectives
  • Select, monitor and replace investment specialists for each component of your selected portfolios
  • Automate all portfolio rebalancing based around your parameters
  • Automate the process of moving DSC to front end (MFDA) – to give your clients more flexibility
  • Simplify client and performance reporting delivery – provide supporting portfolio performance information
due diligence
Due Diligence

If you are interested in exploring how IPC can help you to build a

better business, we would recommend that you take a day to

attend one of our TCE Demonstrations. In this demonstration, you

will learn:

  • How your business can benefit from implementing the TCE business system
  • How our Advisor Portfolio Management Service can simplify your offering and help you focus on your client’s financial plan
  • The culture of IPC – our focus on helping you and your team build a better business

To book your own TCE Demonstration, please click here