how to make a six figure income l.
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How to make a six figure income

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How to make a six figure income - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation by Des Vadgama shows how to build a long-term business with a high income.

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Presentation Transcript
  • How to start your own home-based business and make a six-figure income
  • How to choose a profitable, enjoyable niche
  • Which type of business model will make you the highest income
  • Why it’s important to focus on high-margin products
  • How to get started on a part-time basis
  • How to leverage your current experience and skills
  • FREE download copy of Massive Income Growth – sold at £97
  • And more…
about des vadgama
About Des Vadgama
  • Specialised in the marketing of high-margin concepts over 17 years, including seminars, and related knowledge-based services
  • Worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, including start-ups
  • Experienced 6-figure and 7-figure increases
  • Focus on direct response strategies, including on-line
key steps
Key steps
  • Choose a commercial niche or sector
  • Understand how the money flows
  • Focus on high margin areas
  • Launch a simple website
  • Use 2 or 3 marketing channels
  • Buy or attract traffic
  • Test and refine conversion process
key points
Key points
  • Keep it simple
  • Stay focused on important tasks – the 5%
  • Use freelancers or outsource many tasks
  • Plenty of margin to pay for marketing, etc
  • Repeat and scale up
  • Be consistent, even if part-time
important questions for you
Important questions for you
  • Do you enjoy the industry or sector?
  • Like the people you deal with?
  • Comfortable with the whole process?
  • Would you do it long-term?
  • For most, passive income is a myth
my early example
My early example
  • Met Dan Pena in 1995, Guthrie Castle
  • Handshake deal
  • Promoted business seminars, £2k and £10k
  • Own small list of 600
  • Mailshot and follow-up by phone
  • No internet, no meetings, no tools, nothing!
  • 1996: six figure income, first time
biggest problems
Biggest problems
  • Jumping from one opportunity to another
  • Rarely check for a good ‘match’
  • Trying to learn too many marketing methods
  • Too little action taken
  • Being too passive, at start-up stage
  • Almost no direct focus on conversion process or getting revenues
too many business choices
Too many business choices
  • Over 1,000 franchise companies
  • Over 2,500 business opportunities
  • At least 100 marketing methods
  • Investment from £200 to £200,000
  • What do you do?
too many methods and tactics
Too many methods and tactics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO, PPC, Adwords
  • List building, sending out offers
  • Banner advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging, article writing, ebooks
  • Direct mail, postcard marketing
  • Sales copy, landing pages, videos
  • …Most people are overwhelmed!
which niche for you
Which niche for you?
  • An industry you know about
  • Or enjoy investing time and energy
  • Have some related skills, abilities or strengths
  • Worth tens of millions
  • Competing companies and websites
  • Wide range of pricing – 50 to 2ok
  • Decent volume of transactions
  • Possible agent, broker, affiliate or other?
  • Focus on high margin, higher pricing
julie s new business
Julie’s new business
  • 25 years in education sector
  • Her future: headmaster role
  • Also passed law exams
  • Limited interest in being a lawyer
  • Wants internet-based business
  • Launched an enquiry generation service
  • All on-line, targeting law firms
  • Will focus on larger cases
  • Receives 10% to 15% of case value
mike s new business
Mike’s new business
  • Spent all his life in the family construction business
  • Up to 10 million euros in the property boom
  • Now about 1.5 million
  • Wants internet-based, no staff
  • Launched commercial finance on-line
  • Targeting projects over 500k
  • Now attracting enquiries across Europe, some over 10m
  • Receives 1% of finance raised
  • Enjoys the industry, understands it very well
  • Short learning curve
  • Play to your strengths and abilities
  • You get paid well
  • Low volume, high margin
  • Flexible hours, time freedom
  • Enjoy a good lifestyle
  • No more chasing opportunities
  • Long term, strategic approach
key essentials in any business
Key essentials in any business
  • Attract incoming enquiries
  • Convert these profitably
  • Product orders or for a service
  • With low margins, your options are limited – and often very time-intensive
  • With high margin – wide choice of marketing channels. And customers are far nicer!
about vfactor
About VFactor
  • Focus on bespoke and customised solutions
  • Identify a profitable, high-value niche
  • Develop and refine concept
  • Complete system and process for monetising
  • A business built around you
  • Well-matched, build for long term
  • Low maintenance, lifestyle business
first step free
First step FREE
  • Identify a high-income niche for you
  • Complete brief form at:

  • A few details about yourself
  • Consultation by phone and email
massive income growth
Massive Income Growth
  • Download your FREE copy of this 110-page manual, sold at £97 – just go here:

thank you
Thank you

Thank you for attending this webinar today