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What Can You Get from Quality Assurance Tests?

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What Can You Get from Quality Assurance Tests? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on What are the benefits of having quality assurance tests for both producer and consumer?

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What Can You Get From Quality Assurance Tests?

Quality…a word we have heard over period of time; for several times, from different people during

various situations. As basically defined, it refers to the distinctive and standard characteristics of a

certain thing like software. Quality assurance, more so, is a level of maintained quality needed to have a

product or service pass through a given series of tests or processes.

While these two terms are defined accordingly, their benefits are still on the side of being questioned as

many of us are thinking that for as long as products are being, they are of good quality. Well, reality is,

quality assurance must be performed by a QA tester and QA engineer to ensure optimum level and

usability of an offered product and service.

More than these, we have outlined here other benefits performing QA tests could deliver to us.

Benefits Of QA On The Side Of Product Or Service Provider

Of all the advantages, QA performance can give to an organization, the satisfaction of its target client

and customers is at its utmost level. As there is always a possibility of repeat action in buying in terms of

software, satisfaction and good customer service experience is essential.

QA tests gives the organization or the producer and manufacturer the guarantee of being able to deliver

its customers the level of excellence and class the latter deserve. In turn, loyalty among customers could

be built.

Another benefit that we can consider is the fact that QA tests can actually save the organization,

producer or manufacturer from spending more amount in case product failed to perform when sold and

needed to be pulled out from the market. This is the situation where reputation and image of the

company is at risk. Thus, must be avoided and prevented.

Some of us might think that paying or hiring a QA tester and QA engineer would cost our company much

more. But we never realized that losing clients due to dissatisfaction and discontentment could lead to

worse company and business state.

Quality assurance tests also promotes development and improvement within the company and business

as they reveal the strength of a product as it shows the weak side of it that needs to be changed or

modified. With this, the developer would be able to identify whether the production process is enough

or innovation needs to be implemented.

Benefits Of QA On The Side Of Consumer

QA testing gives both the producer and the consumer number of benefits. For the part of the

consumers, probably the best benefit is the assurance that they would be able to use the software,

system or machine bought in the way it is supposed to function.

This is the reason why it would be an additional selling point for a product claimed to undergo series of

quality tests such as functional testing and usability testing. As consumers nowadays become more

conscious with the quality of product being offered, it will always be an advantage to pass QA tests.

Further, when service or product happens to undergo comprehensive series of tests, safety of

consumers and users are given priority and emphasis.

Benefits on the side of the producer and consumer can only be obtained with the practice of high quality

tests which you can get from the industry experts. QAUBER assists both startups who want to have QA

at a considerable budget and mature businesses who are having a hard time finding a qualified QA


With QAUBER, your search for perfect QA partner is finally over. Contact us at (408) 220-9912 or send

queries to [email protected] Our website is also up and running in case you want to see more of what

we can offer you.