objectif a bit about les verbs n.
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Objectif: A bit about…. LES VERBS PowerPoint Presentation
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Objectif: A bit about…. LES VERBS

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Objectif: A bit about…. LES VERBS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectif: A bit about…. LES VERBS
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  1. Objectif: A bit about….LES VERBS

  2. Verbs are DOING words In French, the “TO” part of the verb (the bit you find in the dictionary) is called: The “INFINITIVE”

  3. to run to skateboard Some infinitives: to lift to love

  4. In French verb infinitives end in either: ER IR RE

  5. Some examples: aimer chanter jouer ecrire conduire lire faire dormir courir venir avoir

  6. Verbs can also be: • REGULAR Or • IrEguLaR

  7. In English many verbs only change in the third person…. eg I like I go I run You like You go You run He likes She goes He runs We like We go We run You like You go You run They like They go They run BUT

  8. In French different endings go with different pronouns and you have to learn the rules!! We know the rules for regular ER verb endings Je aimE Tu aimES Il/Elle aimE Nous aimONS Vous aimEZ Ils/Elles aimENT Regular means follows a set pattern

  9. Regular IR verbs and RE verbs follow a set pattern as well. I don’t know about this yet……

  10. Remember: Regular verbs follow set rules – we have already looked at ER verbs. IrEgUlAr verbs are the ODD ones, they have an irregular pattern: Two we have already seen are: FAIRE AVOIR

  11. Use the dictionary to find out the meaning of these infinitives: aimer chanter compter jouer écrire conduire lire faire être dormir courir venir avoir