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James elgar the tale of a young man with unparallel commitment

James Elgar – The Tale of a Young Man with

Unparallel Commitment

James Elgar’s life motto is very simple; he truly used to believe that there is no substitute for hard work.

Right from his childhood days, Elgar was very sincere as regards to his studies and later on he continued

with an ethical approach to both his professional and personal life. Elgar’s dedication towards his work is

second to none and that’s precisely why his progression rate is so rapid. The mind boggles when you

look at his achievement with respect to his age, which is just 20 years. Thriving on challenges seems to

be his favorite pastime. Elgar’s biggest strength is his passion and the way he managed to maintain his

enthusiasm all the way through. James Elgar well and truly personifies all the traits to be considered as

an ideal role model for all the budding entrepreneurs.

When it comes to his academic credentials, Elgar has always been a brilliant student during his school

and college days. He has two A-level degrees in business. Elgar’s professional stint start with his first

ever job at MOTO service area in Cobham. He wholeheartedly accepted the challenge of working there

in different shifts. It was a perfect exposure for Elgar to taste the medicine of professional life. He used

to cover shifts at short notice in order to meet the deadlines. Believing in his skill-set, the company also

provided him with the opportunity to lead a team. In a very short span of time the management got to

know his worth and promoted him to the post of supervisor.

Following his father’s footsteps, James Elgar decided to enter in the world of aviation. In June 2014, he

was chosen for the role of customer support executive at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS). He is

still very young and it’s scary to think about his achievements a decade from now on.

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