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Couch potato?. Do you like to be active in your free time? Or maybe you are a couch potato?. Physical and mental health. Sports are an important part of every society. They give us not only physical health but also contribute to our mental health. Sports.

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Couch potato
Couch potato?

Do you like to be activein your free time?

Or maybe you are a couch potato?

Physical and mental health
Physical and mental health

Sports are an

important partof

every society. They give

us not only physical health

but also contribute to our

mental health.


Sports come indifferent sizes.

You can eitherplay in a team

or individually.

Whichdo you prefer?

Team sports
Team sports


Documented evidence

of the game that resembled

football can be found in a Chinese

military manual written during

about 2nd century BC.

Team sports1
Team sports


Basketball was invented

by James Naismith in 1891.

Women started playing

basketball less than

a year later.

Team sports2


Volleyball was

primarily invented in

1895 in the USA.

The first country to adopt

the game was Canada.

Individual sports
Individual sports


Golf is an old sport

discipline. It is the kind

of game for the entire life.

Golf originated in Scotland

about 17th century.

Individual sports1
Individual sports


The first recorded

tennis tournaments

were held in 1884.

Individual sports2
Individual sports


To play badminton

you need a racket

and a shuttlecock,

which may reach the

speed up to 332

km/h during thematch.

The importance of sport
The importance of sport

Do you know that…?

  • children who practise sports know how to cope with failure

  • sports prevent obesity

  • practising sport helps children develop self-confidence