vocab list 10 catcher in the rye n.
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Vocab List 10 : Catcher in the Rye PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocab List 10 : Catcher in the Rye

Vocab List 10 : Catcher in the Rye

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Vocab List 10 : Catcher in the Rye

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  1. Vocab List 10: Catcher in the Rye 1.Hemorrhage (n)- a widespread or uncontrolled loss of something (usually blood) 2.Ostracized (v/adj) – excluded from a group; embarrassed 3.Pacifist (n) – person opposed to war or violence 4. Exhibitionist (n) – person who tries to attract attention to him or herself in excessive ways 5. Unscrupulous (adj) – immoral; unprincipled; without a conscience 6. Crude (adj) – lacking taste or tact; impolite 7. Qualms (n) – feelings of uneasiness; misgivings; doubts 8. Sadistic (adj) – taking pleasure in the pain of others 9. Incognito (adj) – having one’s identity concealed; disguised 10.Immaterial (adj) – unimportant; irrelevant 11.Spendthrift (n) – person who is wasteful with possessions and money 12.Bourgeois (adj) – conventional and middle-class; concerned with material items 13. Nonchalant (adj) – unconcerned; relaxed; indifferent 14. Putrid (adj) – foul (referring to smell); rotten OR corrupt; depraved 15. Inane (adj) – pointless; insignificant (usually refers to comments people make; small talk)

  2. Vocab Activity 10.1 • Using all the words on List 10, write sentences that relate to literature from 9th-11th grade. • Suggestions: Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo & Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Antigone, 12 Angry Men, short stories, anything else you can think of. • Or you can use anything we have read this year, such as The Crucible, Into the Wild, The Great Gatsby, poems, speeches, etc.

  3. Vocab List 10: Parts of Speech 1. Hemorrhage (n)  hemorrhages (v) 2. Ostracized (v/adj) 3. Pacifist (n)  pacifism (n); pacifistic (adj); pacify (v) 4. Exhibitionist (n)  exhibitionism (n); exhibitionistic (adj) 5. Unscrupulous (adj)  unscrupulously (adv); unscrupulousness (n); scrupulous (adj); scrupulously (adv) 6. Crude (adj)  crudely (adv); crudeness (n) 7. Qualms (n) 8. Sadistic (adj)  sadist (n); sadism (n) 9. Incognito (adj) 10. Immaterial (adj)  immaterially (adv) 11. Spendthrift (n) 12. Bourgeois (adj) 13. Nonchalant (adj)  nonchalantly (adv); nonchalance (n) 14. Putrid (adj)  putridness (n) 15. Inane (adj)  inanely (adv); inanity (n)

  4. Vocab Activity 10.2/Creative Writing Assignment • Do on a separate sheet of paper, to be collected. • Using all the words on List 10, choose one of the following options: • Journal entry from Holden’s POV • Letter from Holden to his parents explaining why he got kicked out of Pencey • Letter from Holden to Jane Gallagher, convincing her not to go out with Stradlater again *Whichever option you choose, make sure to write in Holden-style, using catchphrases of his such as “phony”, “goddam”, etc.

  5. Letter to Jane I’m trying to be nonchalant, but if you want to know the truth Jane, I’m trying not to hemorrhage here. I know Stradlater is taking you a date and seems like a sexy bastard, but he’s really crude. He shaves with a goddam dirty razor for chrissakes. He’s also unscrupulous and has given girls “the time” left and right in Ed Banky’s car. Don’t be the next one. I had a lot of qualms about writing you because I don’t want to be ostracized by him, but I’ll take the risk to save you from that exhibitionistic phony. Usually I’m a pacifist you see, but I can be quite sadistic when it comes to people like Stradlater. I really can. Enough of this inane, immaterial small talk. Listen to me – you need to get away from that putrid phony! I know you well enough to know you deserve more than some bourgeoisspendthrift who stares at himself in the mirror for hours. If I have to go incognito and spy on your date to save you, I will. I really will.

  6. Vocab Activity 10.3 • Using all the words on List 10, write sentences describing events in The Catcher in the Rye.