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Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills

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Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills. Tammy Gau TT&E Consulting Presented to Soochow University 06/08/2006. Table of Contents. Importance of Resume English vs. Chinese Resume Writing Must Haves in Your Resume Tips on Resume Writing Sample Resume About Cover Letters

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Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills

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tips on english resume writing interview skills

Tips on English Resume Writing & Interview Skills

Tammy Gau

TT&E Consulting

Presented to Soochow University


table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Importance of Resume
  • English vs. Chinese Resume Writing
  • Must Haves in Your Resume
  • Tips on Resume Writing
  • Sample Resume
  • About Cover Letters
  • Interview Methods
  • Interview Tips
  • Reference Websites
  • Summary

TT&E Consulting

importance of resume
Importance of Resume
  • A good resume will be a requirement for a serious job search.
  • Your resume is your initial marketing brochure. Market yourself.
  • Your resume is a professional reflection of you as the potential product.
  • Take time to develop and update your resume as the very best reflection of you.

TT&E Consulting

english vs chinese resume writing
English vs. Chinese Resume Writing
  • No separate “resume” and “autobiography”
  • No need for family information
  • Only basic personal information needed: name, address, contact number and e-mail address
  • Not legal to ask for age and sex
  • Prefers simple and clear presentation
  • Focus on key points and neatness
  • Will not tolerant any dishonest statements

TT&E Consulting

must haves in your resume
Must Haves in Your Resume
  • Personal contact information
  • Objective – specific and simple

(Job title/type, industry and/or locations)

  • Summary – the “10-second self”
  • Education (major, minor and key courses taken, especially courses relevant to the position)
  • Experience (position, company, duration, responsibility and specialization)
  • Activities/credentials (certificates, extracurricular activities, social or professional engagements, etc.)

TT&E Consulting

tips of resume writing 1
Tips of Resume Writing - 1
  • Create your resume online
  • Be honest – not even “a little white lie”
  • Not your life history – make it simple and relevant
  • Descriptive (not actual) job titles
  • List your most recent items first
  • List only the most notable items
  • Use buzzwords (key words, acronyms)
  • Degree first, college/university second
  • GPA listed only if over 3.0
  • List graduation date
  • Do your homework – study the company
  • Tailor resume to individual companies

TT&E Consulting

tips of resume writing 2
Tips of Resume Writing - 2
  • One page only with high quality paper
  • Use soft, light color paper and print it out
  • Limit to 2 fonts or two sizes
  • Times New Roman or other 10- or 12-point font
  • Computer generated with spell check
  • Best unfolded for personally delivered ones
  • Leave working contact information
  • No need for family information
  • No need for extra personal information
  • Have others double check for you
  • Follow up by phone or notes (especially small companies)
  • Role play – review it as if you were the boss
  • Remember – garbage in, garbage out!

TT&E Consulting

sample resume
Sample Resume

Jane Doe

123 North Street

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Cell: 0912345678

Objective: Human Resources director position of a global company in high tech industry in Taipei area

Summary: • Master of Social Work at UT Arlington, Texas, USA

• TSMC Human Resource and Employee Relations Director

• Extensive executive coaching, business management and global engagement experience

• Executive consultant, graduate of Corporate Coach U, NY, USA

Education:Master of Social Work, MSSW, May 1979

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, USA

Graduated with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale

Bachelor of Sociology, May 1977

National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Courses taken included: Social Work Theory and Practice, Communication Skills, Counseling Skills

Experience:HR Director and Employee Relations Director

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp, Taipei, Taiwan Dec. 1999 to Aug. 2004

• Supported executives as their strategic partners on HR and ER related issues

• Responsible for HR/ER related policy making, program design and execution

Asia Pacific HR Regional Director

Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, CA, USA May 1985 to Aug. 1999

• Supported Asia-Pacific General Manager on HR and operational issues

• Responsible for Pan-Asia HR strategies and daily HR operations

• Specialized in executive consulting and organizational development

Credentials: • Graduate of Corporate Coach U, NY, USA 2002-2003

• Member, SHRM, 1999-2003

• Chairperson of Hsinchu Science Park HR Association, 1992-1994

TT&E Consulting

about cover letters
About Cover Letters
  • Normally read after resume selection
  • Suggested for middle to high level positions
  • Critical for limited, targeted campaign
  • Should be specific, personal and neat
  • Address to a specific person at a specific company (especially if you take initiative for a job)
  • It’s about your understanding of the company and how you would fit
  • State what you can do for the company and why the company can benefit from you
  • Relevant personal information should go here

TT&E Consulting

interview methods
Interview Methods
  • Personal and/or group interviews – can last a day
  • Phone interviews or paper pre-screens
  • Language tests
  • Aptitude tests
  • Professional subject tests
  • IQ tests
  • BEI style – Behavior Event Interview
  • Onion-peeling style – get deeper with high pressure
  • Funnel style – filter out & zoom in
  • Chatting style – no focus but they will be listening
  • Targeting style – open questions on key issues
  • Observation on characteristics and interpersonal skills

TT&E Consulting

interview tips
Interview Tips
  • Do homework first, rehearse and role play – gain control
  • Take paper and pen with you and take notes
  • Take resume and other related documents/portfolio if any
  • Proper dressing – neat and professional (turn off cell phone)
  • Act like a professional – first 10 second impression is critical
  • Watch out for sweat and ensure you smell fresh
  • Light makeup for females
  • Go to restroom beforehand and take a final look
  • Arrive a little ahead of time and be patient while waiting
  • Be open, honest, direct, polite and sincere
  • Be confident, not arrogant – you are interviewing the company, too!
  • Listen attentively and articulate with sharp response
  • Clarify and confirm if not clear, do not assume anything
  • Two way communication – feel free to raise proper questions
  • Focus on how your past fits company’s current and future needs
  • Watch body language (both sides) – be aware of little things

TT&E Consulting

reference websites
Reference Websites
  • 104心理網--
  • Cheer Magazine -認識自我工具箱--

(Quickstart Resume Templates)


TT&E Consulting

  • Do your homework – no pain, no gain
  • Buzzwords (core competencies)
  • Clear, neat and precise
  • Honesty
  • As concrete and specific as possible
  • Your competitive advantages
  • Your differentiations
  • Tailor your resume each time as needed
  • Adjust resume style by industry

TT&E Consulting


There is no such thing as a free lunch

God helps those who help themselves

Your bright future is in your hands

Do your best first, and the results will come

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Do not waste your youth

Study hard, play hard and enjoy life

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