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WP12: Access for mobile users

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WP12: Access for mobile users - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP12: Access for mobile users. What's new in mobile user support. Piotr Grabowski, Bartek Lewandowski. www.gridlab.org /mobile. P oznan S upercomputing and N etworking C enter. Overview. Mobiles architecture Mobiles features U se cases , scenarios Current status, list of deployments

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Presentation Transcript
wp12 access for mobile users

WP12: Access for mobile users

What's new in mobile user support

Piotr Grabowski, Bartek Lewandowski


Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

5th GridLab Review,8 April 2005, Amsterdam

  • Mobiles architecture
  • Mobiles features
  • Use cases, scenarios
  • Current status, list of deployments
  • What’s new in WP12
  • Deliverables
  • Future research and deployments
  • Integration with GridLab WPs
  • Summary

5th GridLab review

mobiles architecture
Mobiles architecture
  • GridLab Mobile Client (GMC)
    • J2ME/CLDC/MIDP 1.0 midlet – variety of devices available (Mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Notebooks)
    • Internal repository for storing data, used later in off-line state and preparing data, to be sent in on-line state
  • Gateway
    • Mobile Command Center (MCC) acts as a gateway between mobile client and Grid services
    • Developed in Java as a GridSphere portlet with separate „mobile” context.
    • „Pluggable” – open for new grid services
    • Automatically grabs the device profile (device class, screen size, color depth, etc)
  • Services (GSI-enabled Webservices)
    • MessageBox, Visualization Service for Mobiles, GRMS

5th GridLab review

mobile s features
Mobiles features
  • Main features:
    • GRMS v 1.9.6 Job submission and management
    • User notifications as Email and SMS
    • Storing notification messages in Message Box for further retrieval
    • Browsing Message Box for messages
    • Visualization Service for Mobiles usage to show device capability-dependent images to the user
    • Gateway management via portlet interface
    • Off-line work possibility for GridLab Mobile Client
    • No-typing interface of GridLab Mobile Client
    • Wide range of supported devices

5th GridLab review

use case 1 notification scenario
Use-case 1: Notification scenario
  • The user is notified about important events occurring in the Grid (like jobs status changes, application output availability)
  • Mobile grid services
    • Notifications
      • httpg://rage1.man.poznan.pl:8449/axis/services/Notifications
    • Message Box
      • Running on httpg://rage1.man.poznan.pl:8445/axis/services/MessageBox

5th GridLab review

use case 2 mobile visualizations scenario
Use-case 2: Mobile visualizations scenario
  • The user check the application output in form of visualization prepared exactly according to the User’s device capabilities
  • Visualization Service for Mobiles
    • J2ME midlet interacts via Mobile Command Center with Visualization Service for Mobiles (developed by WP8)
    • Background
      • Mobile client constraints
      • Mobile user expectations concerning extra-visualization features
    • Viz service downscales the visualizations into „mobile” format
      • on the basis of dynamic mobile profile: screen size, color depth
    • 2 different modes
      • Display downscaled images,

cropping/zooming images

      • Image sequences

5th GridLab review

use case 3 job steering scenario
Use-case 3: Job steering scenario
  • „Collaborative scenario” – the user can steer the application (even not being an owner) from mobile device.
    • Get jobs list/migrate/resume/suspend/cancel/edit/info/history
    • Submit new job on the basis of edited/modified description of already finished jobs
    • Register for user notifications related to the running job
    • Get project list and job list related to project
    • Register for project notifications related to the running job

5th GridLab review

current status
Current status
  • Mobile client
    • J2ME midlet is running on mobile phones, PDAs and PC laptops
    • OTA repository on http://rage1.man.poznan.pl:8086/mbox
  • Gateway
    • Mobile Command Center acts as a gateway between mobile client and Grid services
    • Running as GridSphere portlet on http://rage1.man.poznan.pl:8089/gridsphere/gridsphere
  • Services
    • Message Box, Notifications, VSfM, GRMS

5th GridLab review

current stat us
Current status
  • Some pictures (Smart phone emulator)

5th GridLab review

current stat us1
Current status
  • Somepictures (IPAQ screenshots)

5th GridLab review

current stat us2
Current status
  • Some pictures (PC laptop)

5th GridLab review

d eployments list
Deployments list
  • Testbed deployments
    • MessageBox GridService


    • Notification GridService


    • Mobile Command Center in GridSphere


    • GridLab Mobile Client


  • Research deployment
    • Poznań University of Technology, MobileGrid project: MessageBox GridService, MCC with GMC deployed

5th GridLab review

what s new in wp12 since previous review
What’s new in WP12 (since previous review)
  • Mobile client
    • Jobs steering features
    • „Collaboration scenario” ready
    • Off-line work possible
  • Gateway
    • MCC management via Portal
  • Notification
    • Compliance with latest GRMS notification schema
  • Message Box
    • Small changes for external users
  • Jobs steering
    • Get jobs list/resume/suspend/cancel/edit/info/history of users group jobs
    • Submitting new job on the basis of edited/modified description of already finished jobs
    • Registering for project and user notifications related to the running jobs
  • Overall
    • Last deliverable and User & Admin guides to provided software

5th GridLab review

deliverables guides manuals
Deliverables, guides, manuals
  • Deliverables
    • D12.1 „Mobile-enabled information exchange” (GridLab Mobile Client, servlet gateway and simple services (Message Box)
    • D12.2 „Mobile-enabled grid middleware and/or grid gateways”(Message Box Webservice, Notification WebService, Mobile Command Center gateway )
    • D12.3 „Small-bandwidth optimized adaptive grid services”(MCC gateway, GMC,Visualization Service for Mobiles-WP8)
    • D12.4 „Minimal Grid Interface (MGI)” (MCC gateway, GMC)
    • D12.5 „Offline-Connectors, synchronization tools” (MCC gateway, GMC)
  • All deliverables available at:


5th GridLab review

user admin guides
User & Admin guides
  • GMC user guide
    • Features installation and usage guides
    • http://gridlab.org/Resources/Deliverables/D12.5.userguide.pdf
  • Mobile services admin guide
    • Features installation and administration guides of all mobile services
    • http://gridlab.org/Resources/Deliverables/D12.5.adminguide.pdf

5th GridLab review

future research and deployments
Future research and deployments
  • Telemedicine (mHealth)
  • InteliGrid
  • MIDP 3.0 migration

5th GridLab review

integration with gridlab wps
Integration with GridLab WPs
  • WP4 (portal)
    • MCC as the GridSphere portlet
  • WP6 (security)
    • GAS (authorization)
  • WP8 (data&vis)
    • Storage Box (metadata for Message Box)
    • Visualization Server for Mobiles
  • WP9 (GRMS)
    • Notification service for GRMS
    • GRMS features from mobile client
  • WP10 (iGrid)
    • Registering services: notification, message box
    • Discovering other services
  • WP11 (monitoring)
    • Logging service

5th GridLab review

  • Mobile services and clients are ready to use in various scenarios and use cases giving access to the grid for mobile users
  • Documentation (User & Admin guides) and all deliverables delivered
  • Mobile users support WP – contacts:



  • Thank you!

5th GridLab review