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Technology Tips to Enrich Your Enterprise PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Tips to Enrich Your Enterprise

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Technology Tips to Enrich Your Enterprise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Tips to Enrich Your Enterprise. Courier Magazine, September 21, 2011. How Does Your Courier Business Compare?. 2010 Survey of Couriers in the U.S. and Canada. According to 2010 MCAA Survey. What Industries Respondents Support. Do you do work for 3PLs?. Courier Communications Use.

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Technology Tips to Enrich Your Enterprise

Courier Magazine, September 21, 2011


How Does Your Courier Business Compare?

2010 Survey of Couriers in the U.S. and Canada

According to 2010 MCAA Survey


Mobile Computers

  • Built for daily use in a variety of conditions:
  • Provides real time proof of delivery and tracking for sensitive cargo items
  • Integrates field workers with dispatch and back office team
  • Provides real time information to all operations
  • Eliminates paper records
  • Makes information readily available for retrieval, reporting and processing

Mobile Computers: Solid Investment

  • Save money by buying a single device with multi-functionality:
  • Cell phone
  • GPS
  • Barcode scanner/reader
  • Camera
  • PDA
  • Computer

Mobile Computers: Affordable Options

Combined functionality reduces cost of investment,

maintenance and support making it affordable for couriers

New devices are portable, easy to use and rugged


GPS (Global positioning satellite)

  • What makes GPS especially useful for couriers:
  • Provides turn-by-turn directions to improve delivery efficiency
  • Provides real-time maps
  • Enables real time information to enable change of directions when heading to & from deliveries to reduce travel time
  • Is able to track GPS-enabled devices and packages to provide chain of custody information

Courier software

  • Specialized software to meet courier industry needs:
  • Automates front office
  • Communicates with dispatch and delivery operations
  • Handles online orders, real time delivery tracking and other functions
  • Track claims and accidents
  • Record driver compliance

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

What is it?

A well designed warehouse management system helps 3PL and warehouse operations

streamline operations, operate more efficiently, improves productivity and information visibility

What does it do?

Controls the movement and storage of inventory; tracks inventory at detailed level, handles inventory counts automatically; improves warehouse space efficiency


TMS (Transportation management system)

What is it?

Computer software specifically designed to manage transportation operations

What does it do?

Can define the most efficient transport schemes, handle transportation mode & carrier selection, real time vehicle tracking, dispatch, cost controls, monitor fuel prices, assigns driver routes, maintains information about routes and shipments


What part of your operation does this technology impact?

Customer service



Accounting Department


Improve business efficiency

  • Real time information=ability to make immediate changes for pickups & deliveries
  • Improved communications between dispatch & drivers=more deliveries per day
  • Service technicians save time by using mobile computers to order parts electronically
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance and maintain vehicle records digitally
  • Reduces asset downtime
  • Provides centralized digital access to user manuals, activity records & schedules

Enhance profitability

  • GPS tracking =speedier pickups and reduced fuel costs
  • Optimized delivery routes reduces wasted time, allowing for more deliveries per day
  • Deliveries do not need to be cut short to allow time to process signature documentation
  • No more duplicate document entering of signature POD, done automatically saving labor
  • Greater communication =improved asset utilization
  • Faster invoicing leads to faster revenue generation

How much do errors cost your business?

Lost productivity= less deliveries for your business

Reduced customer satisfaction

Loss of competitive advantage

Loss of referrals for new business


Eliminate paper-based records

  • Makes record-keeping faster and more accurate
  • Reduces errors due to illegible handwriting
  • Eliminates duplicate effort, transcribing records, etc.
  • Reduce the time processing delivery records, speeding up invoicing

Proof of Delivery Record Created

Info Ready for Invoice Processing

Delivery: Signature Capture

Signature Digitized


Improves delivery and billing accuracy

  • Clear, legible barcodes and labels are easy to read
  • Reduces errors caused by illegible handwriting
  • Less errors = more deliveries
  • Less errors in deliveries=greater customer satisfaction

Better Communication, Less Labor

  • Mobile computers bridge the gap between dispatch and drivers as well as between drivers and the front office
  • Web portal provides 24/7/365 access for customers to track deliveries and receive real time information
  • More accurate information about deliveries lessens the need for administrative staff

Real Time Information Visibility-the Web Portal

When barcodes are used on packages, real time information becomes available

GPS tracks packages & provides tracking

Customers can access information via a secure access web portal, track delivery, pick up & more


Enhance customer satisfaction

  • 24/7/365 real time information on demand = customer independence
  • GPS= less delivery errors
  • Digital POD= less errors + more accurate info available on demand
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Package tracking through chain of custody
  • Validation of POD

Remote Device Management

  • Access and manage devices remotely
  • Load software
  • Handle security issues
  • Disable lost or stolen devices
  • Update devices
  • Keeps devices in the field, reducing downtime

Success Story: Courier Advisory Group

  • 265 devices
  • Carrier SIM Activation & Installation
  • Barcode Symbology Testing
  • Install, Test & Deploy Courier Software
  • Spare Swap Program
  • Remote Management

Coverage map

Established in 1999

34 locations

Eastern U.S. & Midwest

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

“With Datex, we have new tools to improve our

client satisfaction even further & generate new


- CEO Phil DeSilva, Courier Advisory Group


About Datex

  • 33+ years as a successful hardware provider
  • Developer of supply chain software solutions for 3PL, warehouse, distribution & manufacturing
  • Provides specialized IT Services for Courier businesses
  • Provides Managed Services, including mobile device management
  • Single point of contact for customers who need hardware, software, service & support