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OMB Status 4/11//03 PowerPoint Presentation
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OMB Status 4/11//03

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OMB Status 4/11//03 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tom Luedtke. Vicki Novak. Gwen Brown. Pat Dunnington. Steve Isakowitz. OMB Status 4/11//03 . OMB Progress 4/11/03. Steps to Green. Steps to Yellow. Steps to Yellow. Steps to Yellow. Steps to Green.

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Presentation Transcript

Tom Luedtke

Vicki Novak

Gwen Brown

Pat Dunnington

Steve Isakowitz

OMB Status 4/11//03

OMB Progress 4/11/03

Steps to Green

Steps to Yellow

Steps to Yellow

Steps to Yellow

Steps to Green

  • Assess and report on success and future actions that will be taken as a result of the implementation of the strategic human capital plan.
  • Provide information as to how NASA makes meaningful performance distinctions in its 2-level performance system.
  • Primary Challenge
  • OPM and OMB evaluation of
  • two actions are subjective; there
  • are no clear,established
  • success guidelines.
  • Last week
  • 1. Developed initial list of HC successes and future actions to be incorporated into the SHC Implementation Plan, Rev.2.
  • This week
  • 1. Request feedback from small senior management group on activities recommended for 2004 SHCIP.
  • Improve the manner in which Agency makes performance distinctions among non-SES employees.
  • Demonstrate marginal cost of achieving performance goals.
  • Primary Challenge
  • No clear criteria for successfully
  • demonstrating that marginal cost
  • of changing performance goals
  • can be estimated.
  • Last week
  • Continued coordination of PAR with Enterprises
  • This week
  • 1. Distribute final review copy of PAR.
  • 2. Finalize examples of marginal cost trades performed for OMB.
  • Bring business cases for major systems to an acceptable level.
  • Cost/schedule/performance overruns/shortfalls on projects cannot exceed 30%.
  • Primary Challenge
  • Meeting IT security challenges
  • given implementation of new NIST
  • standards.
  • Last week
  • Working with Enterprise CIOs to facilitate delivery to OMB (by 11/3) of revised business cases for eleven mission-specific investments.
  • This week
  • OMB concurred on Agency action plan to meet 11/03 due date, and 11/10 extension, for revised mission business cases.
  • 2. EOSDIS, and NCCS submitted on 11/03, as requested by OMB. 9 due on 11/10; 10 due on 12/01.
  • Publicly announce a standard A-76 competition.
  • Primary Challenge
  • Finalizing the site selection to
  • prevent schedule impact to the
  • NSSC competition.
  • Last week
  • The ACST and the ATO met with potential consultants to assist the ATO in developing the NSSC’s MEO.
  • LaRC submitted nominations for Center competition source selection officials to the Agency Competitive Sourcing Official. A telecon was held with the LaRC contracting officer and deputy procurement officer to discuss the nominees, as well as thestatus of the LaRC public/private competition.
  • This week
  • The ACST is continuing the development of the Agency plan for getting to green. We plan to discuss it with OMB soon.
  • Resolve remaining material weaknesses, and bring systems into compliance with FFMIA.
  • Issue unqualified assurance statement under FFMIA.
  • Primary Challenge
  • Given that PWC cannot meet any accelerated dated for the FY 2003 audit opinion/PAR, primary issue is to maintain unqualified audit opinion during transition to new accounting system.
  • Last week
  • PWC IT audit has identified one reportable condition on overall security and organizational structure of IFMP. NASA Management will have opportunity to discuss draft finding with PWC.
  • PwC has yet to finalized process for the May to September population issue. PWC not yet clear on required selection criteria, NASA management continues to work with PWC.
  • This week
  • May-Sep sample analysis
  • Finalize DCAA reports on property issues
  • Work w/PWC on Draft F/S

Monday, November 10, 2003