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Welcome to International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (Deemed University) ‏

Welcome to International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (Deemed University) ‏. Prof Rajeev Sangal Director. Vision. A research university exclusively devoted to the advancement of information technologies To produce highest quality manpower

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Welcome to International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (Deemed University) ‏

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  1. Welcome to International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (Deemed University)‏ Prof Rajeev Sangal Director

  2. Vision • A research university exclusively devoted to the advancement of information technologies • To produce highest quality manpower • To produce research & technologies that make a difference to industry & society Mission

  3. Framework of IIIT • IIIT core institution • Offer high-quality UG, Masters and PhD programs in Information Technologies • Research Centres • Problem-area centric • Have inter-disciplinary research teams • Industry R&D presence • Oracle, Satyam, Keane, Motorola, CISCO, Kido Software, Prithvi & Imaging PLC

  4. Key Distinguishing Features • Aimed at combining high quality PhD and PG programmes with a vibrant UG programme • Undertaking research that is relevant for industry & society • Fostering technology incubation and nurturing entrepreneurship • Building a repository of digital academic content • Actively facilitated by AP Government – significant contribution, financing and participation of Industry

  5. Academic Programmes • B.Tech. programme in CSE and ECE • Masters Programme • Computer Science & Engineering • VLSI & Embedded Systems • Computer-Aided Structural Engineering • IT in Building Science • Bioinformatics • Computational Linguistics • PhD Programme • Above areas • Humanities

  6. Competitive Admissions • B.Tech. programme • 1998 50 out of 12000 applicants • 2002 100 out of about 250,000 (AIEEE test) • 2007 175 out of about 550,000 (AIEEE test)

  7. UG Programme (started 1998)‏ • Exceptional place for exceptional students • Challenge minds of brightest students • Allow them to explore new ideas • Tap enthusiasm • Allow them to realize dreams to create new technologies

  8. Innovative Curricula Hook them onto research and projects How? • Get them into subjects; breadth can wait • Impart skills early for thrill of creating • Your own curriculum: Flexible choice of courses • B Tech (Honours) program to specialize in a stream • Dual-degree option to sustain research momentum

  9. Student Strength (approx.)‏ • Undergraduate 700 • Postgraduate 500 • Masters 425 • PhD 75

  10. Faculty Profile • Rajeev Sangal, Director (PhD from University of Pennsylvania)‏ • Narendra Ahuja, (University of Maryland)‏ • RK Bagga, Adviser (OU)‏ • PJ Narayanan, Dean (R&D) (University of Maryland)‏ • Kamalakar Karlapalem, Dean (Academics), (Georgia Institute of Tech.) • Ganesh Bagaria (M.Tech - IIT Kanpur)‏ • Bruhadeshwar Bezawada (Michigan State University)‏ • Vineet Chaitanya (IIT Kanpur)‏ • Suryakanth V Gangashetty (IIT Madras)‏ • Vishal Garg (IIT Delhi)‏ • R Govindarajulu (IIT Kanpur)‏ • Prosenjit Gupta (University of Minnesota)‏ • Bipin Indurkhya (University of Massachusetts)‏ • Amit Jain (IIT New Delhi)‏ • CV Jawahar (IIT Kharagpur)‏ • Prasad Jayanthi (Cornell University)‏ • CN Kaul (IIT Kharagpur)‏ • Md Zafar Ali Khan (IISc, Bangalore)‏ • SP Kishore (MS from IIT Madras)‏ • Kishore Kothapalli (John Hopkins University)

  11. Faculty Profile (Contd..)‏ • K Madhava Krishna (IIT Kanpur) • Abhijit Mitra (IIT Kanpur)‏ • Chandrasekher Mukku (Imperial College London)‏ • G Rama Murthy (Purdue University, USA)‏ • Madhu Mutyam (IIT Madras)‏ • Anoop Namboodiri (Michigan State University) • Nita Parekh (Jawaharlal Nehru University)‏ • Soma Paul (University of Hyderabad) • Vikram Pudi (IISc, Bangalore) • K.S. Rajan (University of Tokyo)‏ • Pradeep Kumar Ramancharla (University of Tokyo) • PRK Rao (IIT Kanpur)‏ • Bhaskar Reddy (IIT Kharagpur)‏ • P Krishna Reddy (Jawaharlal Nehru University) • K Prasad Saripalli (University of Florida)‏ • G Savitha (IISc, Bangalore)‏ • Navjyoti Singh (IIT Kanpur)‏ • Dipti Misra Sharma (Delhi University)‏ • Harjinder Singh (Princeton University)‏

  12. Faculty Profile (Contd..)‏ • Jayanthi Sivaswamy (Syracuse University)‏ • Kannan Srinathan IIT Madras) • MB Srinivas (IISc, Bangalore) • Vasudeva Varma (University of Hyderabad)‏ • V Ch Venkaiah (IISc, Bangalore)‏ • M Venkateswarlu (University of Waterloo)‏ • B Yegnanarayana (IISc, Bangalore)‏ • Satyam Mandavilli (IISc, Bangalore)‏ • U V Reddy (University of Missouri)‏ • Navjyothi Singh, (IIT Kanpur)‏ Adjunct Faculty (Affiliation)‏ • Mark S Nixon (University of Reading)‏ • B Gopalakrishnan (TCS)‏ • Ramesh Loganathan (Pranathi) • Lakshmi Bai (Osmania earlier)‏ • Ram Prakash Gupta (Crompton & Greaves)‏ • Shatrunjay Rawat (CMC)‏ • A Rameshwar (Osmania-Motorola)‏ • Lin Chase (Accenture)‏

  13. Research Centres/Labs • Language Technologies Research • Visual Information Technology • Data Engineering • Security, Theory and Algorithmic Research • Communication Research VLSI & Embedded System Technologies • Robotics Research • Building Science Research • Earthquake Engineering Research • Computational Natural Sciences & Bioinformatics • IT in Education • Agriculture and Rural Development (eSagu)‏ • Software Engineering Research • Exact Humanities • Spatial Informatics • Compilers

  14. Research Achievements • DUC • Auto Summarization Contest, NIST, USA • Best in the world two years running (2006, 2007) • RoboCup • IIIT-H won 3rd prize at Osaka, 2005 • Only team from India to qualify • Microsoft Faculty Summit 2006 • Project on “MS SQL Learning Suit” selected for demonstration • e-Governance Award • e-sagu (IT for agriculture) listed among top three projects in India NISG (2005)‏ • e-Nihilent award, CSI 2006 • Manthan award

  15. Other achievements by IIIT-H • Won shared task contest on Shallow Parsing at IJCAI-07 • Best student research paper award in IEEE Lake city. • Interface Independent Network-on-chip for set-top Box/VoIP Applications • Two MS/Phd Students have been selected out of 500 proposals for finals in Intel India • International services computing conference, Salt First prize at Intel India Research Challenge 2006-07 • Design of a high speed 32-bit ALU

  16. Human Values: A Unique Experiment • Introduced Human Values in 1st year as compulsary part of academic curriculum • Week-long shivir on Jeevan Vidya • Examining life goals – place of physical facilities • Attention to relationships • Joy of knowing • Self-exploration • Weekly discussions after shivir • Faculty interacts with small groups of 20 students

  17. Some Results • Students become more relaxed in themselves • Self-confidence from inside • More aware of their relationships • with their friends in hostel • with their family • More aware of place of money in life • More connected with their self

  18. Selected Research Centres A Summary of their Research Objectives

  19. Language Technologies (LTRC)‏ • Machine Translation (MT)/NLP • MT among Indian languages • Translation from English to Hindi - Shakti system • Parsers and treebanks • Speech Generation and Recognition • Text to speech system in Hindi & Telugu • Speech recognition (Telugu, Tamil, Marathi)‏ • Search and Information Extraction • Domain specific search engines, personalization • Summarization, Cross lingual and Indian language search

  20. Visual Information Technologies • Focus Areas: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality. • Content-based Access of Image Databases • Virtual Reality and its Applications • Training tool for Laparoscopic Surgeons (with CAIR)‏ • Efficient Representations for Large Virtual Environments • Modelling and Analysis using Multiple Views • Document Image Processing

  21. Centre for Data Engineering • Database Systems • Query Processing, Optimization & Browsing • Speculative Locking • Data Warehousing & Data Mining • OLAP (data cube) support for mySQL • Multiple Clusterings & Top-k clusters • Essence Mining + Information Extraction • Workflow Management & e-Contracts • Agent Technologies

  22. Centre for VLSI and Embedded Systems • High Speed Logic Design • New Logic Styles for nano-CMOS Circuit Design • Computer and VLSI Arithmetic • Modelling of VLSI Interconnects • Low-Power VLSI Design (Coding Techniques for Energy and Delay Minimization in Interconnects)‏ • Algorithms for VLSI CAD • High Performance Architectures for Signal Processing, Communications and Cryptography • Multi-Core Architectures (Intel Lab)‏ Applications • Application Development on Mobile Platforms (Localization, Navigation and Telemedicine) (Supported by Microsoft and Nokia)‏

  23. Robotics Research Centre • Major Research Areas • Mobile robotics: localization, exploration, concurrent mapping & localization • Multi robotics: coverage and surveillance, cooperative robotics, swarmbotics • Control: Force feedback control for hybrid legged wheeled vehicles • Systems development • Integrated mobile robot navigation system : CAIR-DRDO • Development of a micro robotic test-bed for swarm applications • Infrastructure: • AMIGOBOT: Multi robotic testbed. 8 sonar, encoders, API + GUI + Wireless • MAX: Double ackerman steering, sonar and vision, API + GUI + Wireless

  24. Communications Research Centre • Space-Time Signal Processing in Broad-Band Wireless Access Systems • Joint Optimization of transmitter and receiver in MIMO • Channel estimation in MIMO systems • Adaptive modulation and adaptive bit loading • Space-Time Codes • Constacyclic and quasi-Cyclic Codes • Error Detection Methods for Characters • Optimization Algorithms, Cryptography & Data Compression

  25. IT in Building Science & Earthquake Engg • Building automation • Energy efficient buildings • Fuzzy logic controllers for task environment • Smart occupancy sensors • Earthquake resistant buildings • Signal processing application for structural response due to earthquake and periodic loading

  26. Bioinformatics • Vision:Hub for Collaborative R&D Involving Computational and Natural Sciences • Activities:Development of Analysis Algorithms, Tools and Databases Genomic Sequence Analysis • Identification of Repeats and Functionally Important Regions • Development of Specialized Databases Structural Bioinformatics • RNA – Backbone Conformation and Base Pairings – Geometry and Energetics • Proteins – Modeling, Docking and MD Simulations • Development of Comprehensive Structure – Energy Analysis and Visualization Tools Modeling of Dynamical Systems • Cellular Networks • Chemical Dynamics and Noise Enhanced Responses • Excitation Energy Transfer in Nano – Bio Systems

  27. Research Area: Power Systems • Monitoring & Control of electrical power distribution system: • To be deployed in actual running power distribution in AP • IT tools for efficient power utilities management.

  28. IT in Education & Rural Application • IT in agriculture – Expert advice using IT (digital pictures)‏ • IT in School Education • Tools for Content Creation • Virtual Physics Lab • Linux Based Solutions • Thin and Free OS for Low End PCs

  29. eSagu: IT for Agriculture • Expert advice for crops • uses digital picture with soil, plantation data • Village level coordinator • Agri-experts at IIIT-H • Benefit: Rs.3,820/- per acre to farmer • Tested with 5000 farms, 6 crops, 30 villages

  30. Research Exchange Programme Goal: • Produce High Quality PhDs in Cutting Edge Areas • IIIT-H Students Spend Time at Participating Universities • IIIT-H has Collaborations with Top Research Groups in the World

  31. Partner Research Groups at • Carnegie Mellon University • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign • University of Pennsylvania • Microsoft Research

  32. Entrepreneurship Incubation • IIIT-H has strategic collaboration with IIM, Ahmedabad and Indian School of business (ISB) to nurture entrepreneurship • Already incubated two companies and third one is in the pipeline • Working closely with Angel Investors, Venture Funds and many Successful Entrepreneurs

  33. MS (IT) Programme • Multi-university interdisciplinary post graduate programme in IT -IIIT-H a participating University with OU, JNTU • Self-paced IT education using sophisticated learning methodologies - Digital Content – recorded lectures, collaboration • Specialized tracks for various knowledge domains • Plan to have learning centres in large number of participating institutions • Goal : to generate large number of high quality post-graduates in IT every year

  34. Corporate Schools • Satyam School of Applied Information Sys. • Keane School of Software Dev. Methodology • Kido Software Pvt. Ltd., • Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.,

  35. Emerging Knowledge Hub • IIIT-Hyderabad • Indian School of Business • University of Hyderabad • CMC’s National R&D Centre • Infosys, Microsoft, Wipro, UBS

  36. Contributing to the transformation of India into an IT Powerhouse www.iiit.ac.in International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad

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