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Eck-Mundy Associates, Inc Introduction to Datamend PowerPoint Presentation
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Eck-Mundy Associates, Inc Introduction to Datamend

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Eck-Mundy Associates, Inc Introduction to Datamend - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eck-Mundy Associates, Inc Introduction to Datamend. Today’s Topics. Data Loss - The Basics Data Backup – The Options Datamend – The Ideal Solution Buying Recovery vs. Backup Datamend’s Value Proposition. Data Loss – The Basics. What Causes Data Loss?.

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eck mundy associates inc introduction to datamend
Eck-Mundy Associates, Inc

Introduction to Datamend

today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • Data Loss - The Basics
  • Data Backup – The Options
  • Datamend – The Ideal Solution
  • Buying Recovery vs. Backup
  • Datamend’s Value Proposition
what causes data loss
What Causes Data Loss?

-Fire -Data Corruption -Water Spills

-Flood -Lightning -Heat

-Disk Crash -Static -Upset Employees

-Human Error -Rodents -Theft

-Sprinkler -Hurricane -Hackers

-Construction -Tornado -Viruses

-Electrical surge -Storms -Patches

-Bad Hardware -Terrorism -Earthquake

what are the facts about data loss
What Are the Facts About Data Loss?
  • Severe outages occur without warning
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Disaster recovery plans inherently are incomplete
  • Disaster recovery plans are rarely kept up to date
  • Most people think “It won’t happen to me!”
the financial impact of data loss
The Financial Impact of Data Loss
  • Lost revenue $$
  • Productivity losses
  • Other expenses
    • Re-creation of data if at all possible
    • Overtime costs to reestablish the business
    • Lost opportunities
    • Lost receivables
  • Damaged reputation
    • Marketing costs to rebuild your image
    • Lost clients
reliable backup recovery is essential it s not if it s when
Reliable Backup/Recovery is EssentialIt’s Not If it’s When

93% of companies experience data storage problems

51% of those with problems aren’t fixing them

54% of companies experience information loss

Following an “event” 43% of companies never reopen … 20% close within 3 years

86% of business executives feel their data isn’t vulnerable but over half of their IT executives disagree!

(According to assorted studies by:

AT&T, DRJ, SunGard, BTI Computer Systems and Ernst & Young)

what should a recovery plan offer
What Should A Recovery Plan Offer?
  • Portability – It can follow to your new location
  • Reliability – Data is positively there and accessible
  • Timely- Data availability meets the business objective (RTO)
  • Practicality – It is built with reasonable expectations
  • Manageability – It is designed with proven, readily available technologies
  • Responsibility – It provides well-documented procedures and activities for the entire organization
  • Compliance- Does my recovery solution address regulatory needs.
backup options
Backup Options
  • Tape Backup
  • Other Local Storage Methodologies
  • Online Data Backup via a Service Provider … Datamend!
tape backup
Tape Backup
  • Tape approaches are under the gun because of:
    • Demand for long term retention and archiving
    • Trend toward scanning and digitizing documents
    • Human involvement and possible error
    • Data recovery success rates go down over time
  • Users are thinking “Disk-to-Disk”
    • 1 in 4 companies polled by ESG Reports said tape-based backups failed 20% of the time
    • 29% believed they couldn’t meet availability and RTO with tape
    • 53% expected to implement disk backup at some point in near future
tape backup12
Tape Backup
  • Disk-to-Disk
  • Faster backup and restore
  • More accurate restores
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Can be fully automated
  • Supports remote locations well
  • Data is encrypted!
  • Supports compliance regulations!
  • Disk-to-Tape
  • Tape has known deficiencies
  • Tape relies heavily on manual intervention
  • Tape lags behind regulatory standards
  • Increasing data size renders tape inefficient
other local storage methodologies
Other Local Storage Methodologies
  • Disk-to-disk storage devices
    • Eliminate tape drive failures, but …
    • No off-site storage security
    • Risk of technological obsolescence
    • Low end software doesn’t address all requirements
    • High end software is expensive
  • USB, NAS devices, Local Workstations
    • All are used to eliminate tape, but none provide off-site storage security
datamend the ideal solution15
Datamend – the Ideal Solution
  • Unique appliance approach is a “Best of Both Worlds” solution
  • State of the art technology
  • Certified engineers with “wide-spectrum” experience
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Provides key business benefits to the end user
  • Minimal risk in implementing the solution
datamend s unique appliance approach
Datamend’s Unique Appliance Approach
  • Datamend appliance is added to the local network
  • Easy installation process
  • Combines the speed of local file restoration with the security of offsite storage
    • Up to 30 generations of local backups
    • Datamend software decides if it is easier to restore locally or via the internet
  • Reduces backup software installation and support
  • Fewer points of failure
how datamend works
How Datamend Works


eTegrity Data Center

Appliance Is Installed




Existing Network

state of the art technology
State of the Art Technology

Only the changed blocks of a file are transmitted to complete the backup – Capitalizes on the small percentage change in data between backups

state of the art technology19
State of the Art Technology

Backup software:

Exceptional compression algorithms

“Agentless” end user expansion

Wide support of hardware, database and operating systems

Local availability of data (in addition to offsite)

Continuous data protection (CDP)

Laptop Support with auto backup

Data Deduplication

Data Center:

Multi-layered points of security

Battery backup and diesel generator power

Redundant bandwidth paths

  • Our technology approach
  • Local appliance with up to 30 generations of backup
  • LAN discovery and other statistical analysis tools
  • We are NOT selling backup (commodity)
  • We ARE selling recovery (value)
  • Our 20+ years of experience coming out of the MSP industry
are rto and rpo objectives being met
Are RTO and RPO Objectives Being Met?
  • RTO = Recovery Time Objective
    • What data is critical to your recovery from a disaster?
    • What data isn’t needed until later in the recovery efforts?
    • What data can simply be archived?
  • RPO = Recovery Point Objective
    • Is it critical that you store data “real time” (transactional)
    • Is it okay to restore from last night’s data (informational)
    • What data can you afford to “do without”

It’s not about the backup … it’s about the Recovery!!!

aligning backup and rto rpo objectives
Aligning Backup and RTO/RPO Objectives
  • Lan Discovery Tool
    • Understanding what data is essential and what data can wait
    • Cleaning up client data saves time and money
    • Data Management is key in any DR plan
  • Statistical Backup
    • A tool that analyzes the entire foot print
    • Gives complete understanding and overview
    • Size your system properly with live information


  • “Data Loss” happens
  • Tape and other onsite methodologies are not the answer
  • Datamend offers an ideal solution
  • Buying recovery is better than buying backup