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Wall-Bruning Associates, Inc.

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Wall-Bruning Associates, Inc. Corporate Overview and Search Methodology. Contents. Corporate Background Why You Can Rely on Us Personal Background Recruiting Industries & Disciplines Our Process Results Customer Comments. Wall-Bruning Background. Organized October 1991

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Wall-Bruning Associates, Inc.

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wall bruning associates inc

Wall-Bruning Associates, Inc.

Corporate Overview


Search Methodology

  • Corporate Background
  • Why You Can Rely on Us
  • Personal Background
  • Recruiting Industries & Disciplines
  • Our Process
  • Results
  • Customer Comments
wall bruning background
Wall-Bruning Background
  • Organized October 1991
    • Small Business & Vertical Markets
    • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Re-Directed to Professional Search 1998
wall bruning background1
Wall-Bruning Background
  • Sub Chapter S Corporation
  • Licensed by State of South Carolina
    • Background Investigation
    • Public Review
  • Bonded
why you can rely on us
Why You Can Rely On Us
  • Industry Knowledge and Experience
    • Lived and worked in the HD Truck Industry
  • Knowledge of Professional Disciplines
    • We understand Job Content as Practitioners
  • Strategic Alliances
    • Provide Depth & Variety
  • Full Service Dedication
    • Not a “Resume Mill”
industry knowledge experience
Industry Knowledge & Experience
  • Ten Years - Heavy-Duty Truck Industry
  • Ten Years - Sales and Marketing
  • Twenty Years - General Management (P&L)
  • Twelve Years - IT Systems
  • Eight Years - Corporate Finance
heavy duty automotive diesel fuel injection systems manufacturer
Heavy-Duty / AutomotiveDiesel Fuel Injection Systems Manufacturer
  • OEM Customers
    • International Truck & Engine, Mack, JI Case
  • Tier One Customers
    • Caterpillar, General Dynamics
  • Independent Aftermarket
    • All Makes Parts, Remanufacturing
    • Worldwide Distribution
information technology burroughs corporation 1964 83
Information TechnologyBurroughs Corporation (1964-83)
  • Disciplines
    • Systems Design; Programming; Installation
    • Sales; Marketing; Product Management
  • Lines of Business
    • Manufacturing; Distribution
    • Government, Education & Medical
    • Commercial Office Systems
corporate finance memorex burroughs unisys finance corps 1983 1991 asset based lender
Corporate FinanceMemorex, Burroughs & Unisys Finance Corps1983-1991Asset Based Lender
  • Operations Similar to GE Capital Credit
    • Due Diligence; Capital Project Options
    • Collaborative Development; Board Presentations
  • Southeast, Southwest and Northeast
  • Spectrum of IT Users
    • Koch Industries; CitiBank; State of New York
    • Bell Atlantic; Nabisco; Roche BioMed
professional disciplines recruited
Professional Disciplines Recruited
  • Sales / Marketing Management
  • Fixed Operations Management
  • General Management
  • Financial Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Engineering
full service dedication value added
Full Service DedicationValue Added
  • Wall-Bruning Front-end Investment
  • Surgical Search / Recruiting
  • Timely Communications
  • Thorough Presentation of Candidate
  • Facilitate Interview / Offer Process
  • Anticipate & Remove Obstacles
  • Maintain Contact Through First 90 Days on Job
our front end investment
Our Front-end Investment
  • Understand Position Fully
    • All the Normal Documentation, plus
    • Interview Hiring Manager & HR
      • Subjective Needs; Organization & Personal Chemistry
      • Important First Year Candidate Objectives
      • Candidate Motivators
      • Deal Killers
  • Document Our Understanding for Approval
  • Solicit and Act Upon Timely Feedback
surgical search recruiting
Surgical Search / Recruiting
  • Proprietary Database (6,000 + Contacts)
  • Industry Research
  • Target Organizations & Individuals
  • Personal Calls
  • Sell the Opportunity to Well-Qualified Candidates
timely communications adjunct to your team
Timely CommunicationsAdjunct to Your Team
  • Early Stage of Search
    • Discuss Potential Candidates
    • “Focus” the Search
  • Mature Search
    • Account Management Process
    • Focus on Candidate Development
    • Bi-Directional Progress Reports
thorough presentation of candidate
Thorough Presentation of Candidate
  • In-Depth Interviews
    • Determine Fit to Spec & Chemistry
    • Resolve Relo Impediments (Home; Family; Education)
    • Determine Compensation History & Set Expectations
    • Sell the Position and Company
    • Secure Agreement to Accept Job if Offered
  • Employer Receives a Summary of Fit; Complete Candidate Profile; Reference Comments and Resume
  • We Solicit & Rely Upon Timely Employer Feedback
facilitate interview offer process
Facilitate Interview / Offer Process
  • Rely upon WBA Interview Insights
  • Sounding Board for Customer
    • Candidate Needs & Expectations
    • Assist in Shaping Offer
  • Sounding Board for Candidate
    • Unofficially Present Offer
    • Gain Acceptance
    • Overcome Objections
anticipate remove obstacles
Anticipate & Remove Obstacles
  • Sale of Home
  • Purchase of Home in New Location
  • Family Issues
  • Counter Offers
  • Foregone Bonus, Stock Options, etc.
  • Advanced Education Completion
maintain contact through first ninety days on the job
Maintain Contact Through First Ninety Days on the Job
  • Job Seekers Equivalent of “Buyers Remorse”
  • Employer Pressures
  • Family Pressures
  • etc.
our unique value
Our Unique Value
  • Industry Knowledge & Experience
  • Knowledge of Professional Disciplines
  • Our Surgical Process
  • Timely Two Way Communications
  • Strategic Alliances Broaden Our Approach
  • Full Service Dedication
roadblocks to success
Roadblocks to Success
  • Limited Access to Hiring Manager
    • Leads to Lost Candidates and Lost Time for Everyone
  • Incomplete Information
    • Creates Less Than Optimal Results
  • Slow or Incomplete Profile Feedback
    • Creates Less Than Optimal Results
  • Slow or Incomplete Candidate Feedback
    • Good candidates Do Not Have a Long Shelf Life
  • Employer Commitment Assures Success
    • Lack of Commitment Virtually Guarantees Failure
  • Our Objective is to become a productive adjunct to your team
  • We believe we bring a unique background, perspective and process to the relationship
  • Our approach, when fully utilized, quickly develops high quality candidates who will be productive family members
  • Our customers agree
what others say results
What Others SayResults

“ We had given up hope of hiring a truly qualified General Manager, and were prepared to hire and train a candidate from outside the truck industry. I am very happy we worked with Wall-Bruning because you did the impossible: you located, recruited and assisted us in hiring the ‘perfect’ General Manager for our dealerships.”

  • HD Truck Dealership
what others say results1
What Others SayResults

“ We had to change our sales approach and needed a New Truck Sales Manager who understood our needs and could establish a higher level of penetration and momentum. Not only did you recruit a top flight candidate, he was from our market area. We approached him a year ago and couldn’t get his interest - You did and he is now on-board.”

  • Heavy Duty Truck Dealer
what others say results2
What Others SayResults

“ We came back to Wall-Bruning because the Service Manager you recruited is still with us after three years and continues to excel in the job. Now we need to make the changes in Sales Management and have the confidence in your company.”

  • Heavy Duty Truck Dealer
what others say on understanding your needs
What Others SayOn Understanding Your Needs

"We like the strategy of getting the specifications agreed upon up front and confirming the understanding in writing”

  • Leading Heavy Duty Truck OEM
what others say industry experience
What Others SayIndustry Experience

" We like working with Wall-Bruning because you already understand our industry, whereas other recruiters we’ve worked with had no background in how we make our living”

  • Heavy Duty Truck Tier One Supplier
what others say industry experience1
What Others SayIndustry Experience

"You understood our industry well enough to find an outstanding candidate, and understood our company well enough to sell the new sales manager on coming to work for us”

  • Top Tier Truck OEM
what others say on understanding your needs1
What Others SayOn Understanding Your Needs

"When we created the need for a new Manager, you really went the extra mile by helping us develop a comprehensive job description"

  • HD Trailer Manufacturer
what others say on quality of candidates
What Others SayOn Quality of Candidates

"Your competitors flood us with resumes, most of which are not qualified. You set yourself apart by presenting only well qualified candidates"

  • HD Parts Manufacturer
what others say on completing the search
What Others SayOn Completing the Search

"The work you do behind the scenes to help us complete the search by landing the candidate sets you apart from your competitors"

  • F500 Tier One Supplier (HD Truck)
what others say on completing the search1
What Others SayOn Completing the Search

"You made it much simpler for us to iron out the details of the job offer and bring a high quality candidate on board”

  • Top Tier HD Supplier
contact information


Lewis Browning

Wall-Bruning Associates, Inc.

P O Box 50710

Columbia, South Carolina 29250

803-254-9194 heavyduty1@bellsouth.net