senior class meeting august 2007 l.
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Senior Class Meeting August 2007

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Senior Class Meeting August 2007. Match Checklist. Which match - early, special, main? CONTACT PROGRAMS TO FIND OUT!!! Register with appropriate matching program(s) NRMP ERAS Military Match San Francisco Match Urology Match. Remember!!!!.

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match checklist
Match Checklist
  • Which match - early, special, main? CONTACT PROGRAMS TO FIND OUT!!!
  • Register with appropriate matching program(s)
    • NRMP
    • ERAS
    • Military Match
    • San Francisco Match
    • Urology Match
  • Registering with ERAS does not register applicants with the NRMP nor does registering with the NRMP register applicants for ERAS!!!

ERAS = Application

NRMP = Match

nrmp main match
NRMP Main Match
  • Participating Specialties and Programs:

early match programs
Early Match Programs
  • The San Francisco Match provides matching services for:
    • Child Neurology / Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
    • Neurological Surgery
    • Neurotology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Plastic Surgery

early match programs6
Early Match Programs
  • The American Urological Association (AUA)
    • Provides a matching service for Urology Residency Programs
    • An Early Match

early match programs7
Early Match Programs
  • Military Match
    • The Army participates in the NRMP Main Match
    • Other Armed Services:
      • Many more applicants than spots available
      • Programs select applicants rather than using a computer algorithm.
the couples match
The Couples Match
  • Let programs know if you intend to participate in the Couples Match.
  • Let programs know early if you have other special issues!!!
nrmp applicant user guide
NRMP Applicant User Guide

nrmp application process
NRMP Application Process
  • Registration
    • Couples
  • Verification of credentials
  • Ranking
eras application process guideline
ERAS Application Process Guideline

Online Guide:

Applicant Manual:

components of eras
Components of ERAS
  • MyERAS Web site
    • Where you complete your application and personal statement, select programs to apply to, and assign documents to be received by each program
  • Dean's Office Workstation
    • Generate ERAS Token that you use to access MyERAS.
    • Scan and attach supporting documents to the application (photograph, transcript, MSPE, and LOR’s)
  • Program Director's Workstation
    • Used by programs to receive, sort, review, evaluate, and rank applications
  • The ERAS PostOffice
    • Central database that transfers applications
    • You can monitor the activity of your files on the Applicant Data Tracking System (ADTS).
components of myeras
Components of MyERAS
  • There are four components to MyERAS:
    • Account
    • Application
    • Documents
    • Programs
components of myeras16
Components of MyERAS
  • Account
    • The gateway to the entire application service.
    • You can review the Checklist for the progress made on your application; update your profile with new contact information; or check messages sent to you from programs.
components of myeras17
Components of MyERAS
  • Application
    • This is where the majority of your application is completed.
    • You can complete the application in multiple sessions.
    • The information in the application can be updated until it is certified, paid and submitted.
    • You can only submit your application once.
    • Once your application is completed, certified, and submitted to ERAS, you cannot make any changes.
components of myeras18
Components of MyERAS
  • Documents
    • This area is where you can create personal statement(s); identify the people who will write your letters of recommendation; and release your USMLE transcripts.
components of myeras19
Components of MyERAS
  • Programs
    • This area is where you can search for and select programs to receive your application materials. You can assign your USMLE scores, transcript, personal statement(s), and letters of recommendation to individual programs in the Programs work area.
application process guideline http www aamc org students eras guideline start htm
Application Process Guideline
  • Research/Contact programs of interest to find out their requirements and deadlines
  • Request your token from the Office of Student Affairs and download your applicant manual
  • Register on MyERAS
  • Register for your Match
  • Obtain documents and send them to the designated Dean's Office to be scanned and uploaded
  • Create your Profile and MyERAS Application
application process guideline http www aamc org students eras guideline start htm22
Application Process Guideline
  • Create personal statements, create a list of recommendation writers, and authorize transmission of your USMLE transcripts
  • Search / select programs of interest
  • Assign documents to programs
  • Certify and submit your MyERAS application then apply and pay for programs
  • Check the status of your applications
  • Add programs / update assignments and keep your Profile current
program application deadlines
Program Application Deadlines
  • ERAS does not set program application deadlines. Each program sets its own deadlines.
  • You should contact programs directly for their deadlines and requirements.
nrmp registration fees
NRMP Registration Fees
  • Registration = $40 ($50 after Nov. 30th)
  • Couples = $15 per partner
  • Rank Order List
    • Primary List
      • 1 – 20 programs No Charge
      • Each program above 20 $30 / program
    • Supplemental List
      • 1 – 20 programs No Charge
      • Each program above 20 $30 / program
    • Couples List
      • 1 – 30 programs No Charge
      • Each program above 30 $30 / program
eras fees
  • Number of Programs Per Specialty
    • Up to 10 $60
    • 11-20 $8 each
    • 21-30 $15 each
    • 31 or more $25 each


Student applies to 30 EM programs

$60 + (10 x $8) + (10 x $15) = $290

nbme fee
  • The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) charges a flat $50 fee to US applicants who request transmission of USMLE and/or NBME to programs, regardless of the number of transcripts requested.
  • The NBME fee is included on your invoice and collected by the AAMC.
  • If payment is not received in a timely manner, ERAS may withdraw your application from each program to which you applied.
  • If your account remains unpaid prior to Scramble, you will be locked out of the ERAS system and denied access to the system to apply to programs during the Scramble period.
eras resources to download
ERAS Resources to Download

  • Working Together to Streamline the Application Process Brochure
  • ERAS 2008 Enhancement Flyer
  • ERAS 2008 Applicant Manual
  • MyERAS 2008 Application Worksheet (CAF)
  • LoR Cover Sheet / Instructions for US Graduates Writing a letter of recommendation for a US Graduate/ ERAS applicant
  • A Guide to the Preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Careers in Medicine
  • Strolling Through the Match
  • Financing your Medical Education
  • NRMP Help Desk
    • Toll-Free: 866-617-5838
    • Fax: 202-828-4797
    • E-mail:
  • ERAS Help
    • Non Technical: Talk to us
    • Technical: