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Senior Information Meeting Class of 2015

Senior Information Meeting Class of 2015. Sallie Wiggins, School Counselor 864-938-1854 Salliewiggins@lcsd56.org. Senior Year - Fall. Continue to research/visit colleges Finalize your college list Take college entrance exams (if needed)

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Senior Information Meeting Class of 2015

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  1. Senior Information Meeting Class of 2015 Sallie Wiggins, School Counselor 864-938-1854 Salliewiggins@lcsd56.org

  2. Senior Year - Fall • Continue to research/visit colleges • Finalize your college list • Take college entrance exams (if needed) • Complete college applications online and submit necessary paperwork • Search for/apply for scholarships • Order graduation supplies * Maintain a listing of all usernames and passwords as well as a calendar of deadlines

  3. Senior Year - Spring • Pay for graduation supplies • Follow up with admissions at colleges/universities • Re-take college entrance exams (if necessary) • Continue to research/apply for scholarships • Complete the FAFSA (February) • Compare award letters and decide on college (April) • Send in deposit to chosen college • Send final transcripts to chosen college

  4. SAT • SAT Reasoning Test • Critical Reading, Writing, and Math • Register on-line at www.sat.org/register • Score reports can be sent to 4 colleges without charge- take advantage of this • www.sat.org • SAT Question of the Day • Practice SAT tests • College Search • Amend SAT registration information • Scholarship Search

  5. ACT • One composite score: 1-36 • Most colleges require WRITING section • Register on-line at: www.actstudent.org/start • Score reports can be sent to 4 colleges without charge- take advantage of this! • Web Site includes: Test prep, college planning, and career planning

  6. ASSET/COMPASS • Evaluate incoming students' skill levels in Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, Math, and English as a Second Language • Place students in appropriate courses • Connect students to the resources they need to achieve academic success *For 2-year technical colleges in state

  7. SAT October 11 November 8 December 6 (at CHS) SAT Prep FREE – Online Face-to-Face - Tuesday, December 2 $50 registration with counselor ACT September 13 October 25 (at CHS) December 13 ACT Prep FREE - Online Important Fall Testing Dates *For ASSET/COMPASS (2-year technical colleges) – make testing appointment directly with college - FREE

  8. Applying to College – AT&T • A: Complete an Application • On-Line applications are preferred by colleges • Recommended to apply to three colleges • Don’t let cost keep you from applying • T: Request your Transcript be sent- PARCHMENT or by mail • T: Request Test Scores be sent directly by SAT/ACT to schools applied

  9. Important Information for All Applications • CHS Address: • 18132 Hwy 72 East Clinton, SC 29325 • Counselor Name/Number/E-mail • Sallie A. Wiggins 864-938-1854 • Salliewiggins@lcsd56.org • Principal Name/Number/E-mail • Maureen S. Tiller 864-938-1840 • Maureentiller@lcsd56.org • Rank and GPA from transcript • Test dates and scores • School and Community Activities

  10. Parchment.com  makes  it  easy  to   search  colleges,  see  your   Requesting Transcripts - PARCHMENT chances  of  getting  in,  and  request,  store  and  send   • Search colleges, see your chances of getting in, and request/store/send transcripts when you are ready • Free for all SC universities/colleges • Register and submit requests – track online transcripts  when  you  are  ready  to  

  11. Requesting Transcripts - MAIL • Complete college transcript release form in guidance • First transcript is mailed for free Each additional transcript is $1.00 • Include any recommendation forms and/or fee waivers *Transcripts are processed weekly. Allow 2 weeks and follow up with counselor.

  12. Don’t Panic – CHECK STATUS • After all materials are sent, FOLLOW UP directly with the college/university admissions. • Most colleges/universities will EMAIL the applicant with information. • You can also call the admissions office directly. • Remember – colleges are busy around holiday and exam times. You may experience “lag” time.

  13. College Athletes • If you are planning to participate in college level athletics, you MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. • Registration is on-line at: • eligibilitycenter.org • Register at the end of junior year. • Registration requires submitting your transcript. (PARCHMENT or mail) • Registration also requires official test scores sent directly from the test company. • You ALSO need to request your final transcript to be sent to the Eligibility Center- so that you will be cleared to play. (PARCHMENT or mail) *Our Booster Club pays for membership to Core Course GPA to assist students in determining eligibility. See Mrs. Wiggins about this!

  14. Four Ways to Pay for College • Grants – Money given to you • Scholarships – Money that is given to you because of academic achievement, talent, skill, or financial aid • Work – Money you earn from a job on or off campus • Loans – Money you borrow and must repay

  15. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) • A form of need analysis • Determines the Expected Family Contribution • Use ALL 2014 income (taxed and untaxed) • Provide both student and parent(s) income • Looks at total household size • Looks at how many are in college • Total assets are considered in calculation • Can send to up to 10 colleges/universities • FREE & ANNUAL Process!!

  16. FAFSA Electronic Applications • Apply online in Spring of Senior Year • www.fafsa.gov • Apply for a PIN • www.pin.ed.gov • Student and at least one parent • Tips and Hints • www.finaid.org/fafsa/maximize.phtml

  17. Help is Available FREE • CHS Financial Aid Help Sessions • TBA: Late February/Early March • College Goal South Carolina • Late February • Various locations across the state FOR MORE INFO... http://sccango.org/college-goal-sc/

  18. FAFSA Results • Student Aid Report (SAR) • 3-5 days after processing via e-mail or 2 weeks after processing via mail • To you and all the schools you listed on the FAFSA Cost of Attendance (COA) – Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) = NEED • Award Letter from schools you listed on the FAFSA

  19. Unusual Circumstances • Financial Aid Offices will use professional judgment • Notify college financial aid office of special circumstances: • Change in parent’s marital status • Loss of income or significant reduction • Death of a parent

  20. Federal Programs • Pell Grant • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) • TEACH Grant • College Work Study • Perkins Loan • Direct Stafford Loan Programs • Direct Parent PLUS Loan

  21. Federal Pell Grant • Must file FAFSA • Based on Need • Up to $5, 550 (proposed for 2015-16) • Award based on enrollment status (Full time, part time, or less than half time)

  22. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) • Up to $4,000 a year (depending on cost of selected college/university) • Must file FAFSA • Based on need • Limited funds

  23. TEACH Grant • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program • MAXIMUM AWARD: • Up to $4,000 per year • Eligibility Criteria • Enrolled in an eligible program, and • Agree to teach • In a critical subject • In a critical geographical area • For at least four years within eight years of completing the program for which the TEACH Grant was awarded

  24. TEACH Grant (cont.) • Failure to teach requires repayment under terms of an unsubsidized Direct Loan • How to apply: • Check with the financial aid office at your institution for availability and application procedures • May not show on award letter unless you ask

  25. SC Need-Based Grant • Maximum Award • Up to $2,500 annually if enrolled in full-time and $1,250 if enrolled part-time for a maximum of eight full-time equivalent terms • College determines the exact award amount • Eligibility Criteria • Must file the FAFSA • Must be needy based on the results of the FAFSA (consistent with Pell Grant eligibility)

  26. SC Tuition Grant • Need-Based Grant Program available to Eligible SC Residents attending SC Independent Colleges on a Full-Time basis • Freshman Academic Eligibility Criteria • Top 75% of senior class, or • SAT score of 900 (CR+M) or higher, or • ACT score of 19 or higher, or • Final high school GPA of 2.0 or higher on SC Uniform Grading Scale

  27. SC Tuition Grants (cont.) • Students must file FAFSA annually • Annual Application Deadline – June 30 • Maximum award - $2,800 • Tentative Award notifications via e-mail • www.sctuitiongrants.com for more information

  28. Federal College Work Study • Must file FAFSA • Based on need • Limited funds • Students work up to 20 hours/week – earn a paycheck • Usually on campus

  29. Federal Perkins and Stafford Loans • Federal Perkins and Stafford Loan • Must file FAFSA • Subsidized = no interest accrues while in school • Unsubsidized = interest accrues • Payments are deferred until out of school • Low interest rates

  30. Other Loans • Federal Direct PLUS Loan • College/University will provide instructions on how to apply in the award letter • Palmetto Assistance Loan and SC Teachers Loan Program • Apply online at www.scstudentloan.org

  31. Scholarships • College Board Scholarship Search • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search • Fast Web Scholarship Search • www.fastweb.com • College Net Scholarship Search • www.collegenet.com

  32. State Programs in SC* • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship • Life Scholarship • Hope Scholarship • Lottery Tuition Assistance *Administered by SC Commission on Higher Education • www.che.sc.gov

  33. General Eligibility Criteria for All State Programs • Be a SC resident; • Be a US citizen or permanent resident (green card); • Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at an eligible SC public or private institution • Certify that he/she has never been convicted of any felonies and has not been convicted of any alcohol or other drug-related misdemeanor convictions within the past academic year

  34. General Eligibility (cont.) • Verify that he/she does not owe a refund or repayment on any Federal or State financial aid and not be in default on any Federal loans • Award Amounts: • Cannot exceed the cost-of-attendance • Half awarded during the fall and half during the spring

  35. LIFE Scholarship – 2-Year Colleges

  36. S.C. Scholarships – 4-Year Colleges

  37. Palmetto Fellows and Life Scholarships Enhancements • Maximum Enhancement • $2,500 per year beginning in the Sophomore year • Eligibility Criteria • Declare a major in Mathematics or Science* • Have earned at least 14 credit hours of math or science courses* during the Freshman year *A complete list of eligible majors and courses can be found on the SC Commission on Higher Education’s website, www.che.sc.gov

  38. Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTAP) • Available for students attending SC Technical Colleges, USC Regional Campuses and Spartanburg Methodist College • Maximum Award: • $75 per credit hour, up to $900 per semester for full-time attendance • Eligibility Criteria: • Must file the FAFSA • Must be degree seeking and enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits • Cannot receive LIFE Scholarship

  39. Local Scholarships • Cummins-Wham (due ~April 15) • In memory of late Mae Wham and Charles Cummins…last year awarded $36,000 to 12 students ($3,000 each) • M.S. Bailey (due ~April 15) • In memory of late Mercer Silas Bailey • $40,000 to 2 students ($20,000 each) • McAlister (due ~April 15) • Full tuition, room, board, books for one student **Check your monthly newsletters for other scholarships!!

  40. CHAMPS Scholarship*due mid-March • Awarded each year to a graduating CHAMPS high school senior who has applied for and has been granted admission to Presbyterian College • Worth the equivalent of PC’s annual direct cost to attend (room, board, tuition, select fees) • Renewable for three consecutive years, contingent upon the recipient demonstrating satisfactory academic progress • Requirements: • Be recognized as an outstanding student representative in CHAMPS • Apply for and be granted admission to PC • Cumulative HS GPA of “B” or better • Above average SAT Scores • Include a letter in application requesting consideration and a letter of recommendation from a CHAMPS administrator • Submit a resume

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