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Project Tomorrow 2002-2003 Annual Board Meeting Friday, September 19, 2003 Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP About Us Mission Project Tomorrow is a business and education non-profit collaborative dedicated to enhancing K-12 science education in Orange county schools. Why we do it

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Project Tomorrow

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project tomorrow
Project Tomorrow

2002-2003 Annual Board Meeting

Friday, September 19, 2003

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP

about us
About Us
  • Mission
    • Project Tomorrow is a business and education non-profit collaborative dedicated to enhancing K-12 science education in Orange county schools.
why we do it
Why we do it
  • Project Tomorrow focuses on the critical need for science education, preparing students with the necessary skills to strengthen the work force.
why science
Why Science?
  • Project Tomorrow promotes inquiry-based science as the ideal vehicle for achieving education excellence. Evidence demonstrates that science:
    • engages students in learning.
    • improves the mastery of reading, writing and math.
    • develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • enhances teamwork and communication skills.
how we accomplish this
How we accomplish this
  • Project Tomorrow connects people, ideas and resources.As a catalyst, we bring together like-minded individuals and organizations to create strategic connections to support science education.Project Tomorrow invests in:
    • Programs for students
    • Professional Development for educators
    • Community Involvement for business and community
a year in review
A year in review
  • $600,000 invested in Orange County schools ($3.6 million year to date)
  • During 2002 - 2003 impacted
    • 35,112 students, 1,327 teachers, and 40,000 parents
  • Worked with community organizations to sustain programs started by Project Tomorrow
  • Participated in coordination of county-wide Science Education Summit - Sept 26, 2003
  • Recipient of Community Building Award - City of Santa Ana

Supports innovative, replicable demonstration projects that stimulate excellence in education.

  • Academic Excellence through Science(Pio Pico Elementary School)
  • Saddleback Renaissance Project
  • ScienceWorks
  • TK12/IMMEX
  • Committee Co-chairs:

Judy Cunningham and Vivian Goldschmidt

  • 64,805 students, 2,260 teachers - since 1997
  • 2002 - 2003
    • Supported TK-12 team in their efforts to secure $795,000 multi-year grant
    • Collaborated with OC Community Foundation to expand our ScienceWorks investment to support all school districts
    • Established partnership with ROP to sustain docent program
    • Introduced nationally recognized NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge project to:
      • Pio Pico Elementary, Monte Vista and El Sol Science and Arts Academy
  • Investment 2002-03: $ 203,177
professional development
Professional Development

Identifies, promotes and partially subsidizes formal and informal professional development opportunities for Orange County educators.

  • Educator Prep
  • National Board Certification
  • UCI Science Project
  • Vision for Excellence
  • Committee Co-chairs:

Dr. George Miller and Mary Townsend

  • 14,610 students, 487 teachers - since 1997
  • 2002 - 2003
    • 89% increase - National Board Certified Teachers
      • 34 teachers achieved certification in 2002
      • 95 teachers countywide
    • 30% growth in the number of teachers and districts participating in opportunities
      • 2 teachers - Ed Prep Initiative
      • 15 teachers - UCI Science Project scholarships
      • 31 teachers - National Board funding
      • 25 teachers and 8 principals Vision for Excellence Nominees
    • Expanding professional development programs through UCI NSF FOCUS grant.
  • Investment 2002-03: $ 101,054
community involvement
Community Involvement

Builds public awareness and generates involvement to create support and demand for Orange County education excellence.

  • Community Science Nights
  • Community Report/Marketing Materials
  • Vision for Excellence
  • Committee Co-chairs:

Pat Dever and Katie Fliegler

  • 107,000 community members - since 2000
  • 2002 - 2003
    • 42% increase in attendance – Community Science Nights
      • 207 volunteers (students and teachers)
      • 14 businesses provided materials and brochures for classrooms
      • Materials available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese
    • 39% growth in attendance – Vision for Excellence
      • 28 new sponsors funded this event
    • 40% growth in membership -
      • 20% growth of the online Resource Directory offerings
      • Community Report is consistently downloaded 175 times/month
  • Investment 2002-03: $133,956
  • Raised $ 642,103
  • Committee Co-chairs:

Gretchen Valentine and Joel Slutzky

Individual donors $ 38,062

Corporate donors $163,750

Corporate grants $ 49,500

Foundations grants $ 27,500

Other $ 5,091

Pledges $ 358,201

  • Number of donors increased by 62% in 2002-03
  • New funding sources/grants include:
    • Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
    • Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
    • Disney Worldwide Services
    • Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
    • International Rectifier Corporation
    • KPMG LLP
    • Orange County Community Foundation
    • Orange County’s United Way
    • Pacific Care Foundation
    • State Farm Company Foundation
  • Investment 2002-03: $ 51,025
emeritus board recognition
Jill Bolton 

Caryl Collins 

Judy Cunningham

Katie Fliegler 

Vivian Goldschmidt

Bill Habermehl 

George Miller 

Peter Villegas

Joel Slutzky 

Emeritus Board Recognition

Founding Board Members - 1996

jill bolton disneyland resort
Jill BoltonDisneyland Resort

“...Disneyland Resort felt Project Tomorrow provided a wonderful opportunity to bring educators and business leaders together to work on some common goals.”

  • Member: Board Development and Community Involvement committees
caryl collins ncs pearson data management
Caryl CollinsNCS Pearson Data Management

“.. I got involved with Project Tomorrow because I wanted to make sure that every student was engaged in learning…” “..participating in the Vision for Excellence process reinforces the importance of providing inquiry-based science. “

  • Co-chair: Community Involvement committee
  • Member: Executive, Programs, and Vision for Excellence Selection committees
judy cunningham retired principal
Judy CunninghamRetired Principal

“…It has been extremely rewarding to work with business leaders who understand the value of developing professional learning leaders in public schools.”

  • Co-chair: Executive and Programs committees
  • Member: Governance, Hiring, Professional Development, Programs and Vision for Excellence committees
katie fliegler trabuco hills high school
Katie Fliegler Trabuco Hills High School

“ I have witnessed Project Tomorrow evolve from a vision of some creative, motivated business and educational leaders to being the core of the science education in Orange County.”

  • Co-chair: Community Involvement Committee
  • Member: Executive and Professional Development committees
  • Project Manager for SVUSD Renaissance Project
vivian goldschmidt distance learning consultant
Vivian GoldschmidtDistance Learning Consultant

“.. I keep working with schools even in the face of budget cuts and all the other obstacles that seem to face us, because I have visited schools, talked to students and seen them learn. I have the feeling that because of our involvement, they have benefited.”

  • Co-chair: Executive and Programs Committees
  • Member: Community Involvement, Governance, Hiring, Professional Development, and Technology committees
bill habermehl orange county department of education
Bill HabermehlOrange County Department of Education

“…over the years I have witnessed the strong passion that the members of Project Tomorrow have in their cause to develop rich resources to support the needs of Orange County students and educators.”

  • Co-chair: Business Development/Fundraising
  • Member: Executive, Hiring, Governance and Professional Development committees
dr john leonard retired educator
Dr. John LeonardRetired Educator

“…one of the most exciting moments, was our first Vision for Excellence Event when one of the teachers from my school district was honored…”

  • Member: Professional Development and executive director search committees
dr george miller professor university of california irvine
Dr. George MillerProfessor, University of California, Irvine

“One key memory was the transition of Project Tomorrow, as a group devoting attention to the use of technology in the classroom, to a group with a strong focus on teacher education and teacher re-education. That was when the "three legs of the stool" were created…”

  • Co-chair: Professional Development committee
  • Member: Executive, Hiring and Vision for Excellence committees
peter villegas washington mutual inc
Peter Villegas Washington Mutual, Inc.

Peter is the king of business network and brings an awesome rolodex of resources to Project Tomorrow.

  • Member: Board Development committee
joel slutzky chairman of the board
Joel SlutzkyChairman of the Board

“ The best gift anyone can give a child is a good education. EVERY child deserves to receive that gift.”

  • Founder
  • Co-chair Fundraising committee
  • Member: every committee at one time or another