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2017 18 concurrent enrollment student registration n.
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2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Student Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Student Registration

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2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Student Registration
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2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Student Registration

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  1. 2017-18 Concurrent Enrollment Student Registration Boisestate.app.DualEnroll.com On-line Application and Registration Process Fast Forward Updates Academic Advising

  2. Account Creation Boise State University’s DualEnroll.com website: boisestate.app.dualenroll.com Select “Go to New Student Registration” to create an account. Students can reset DualEnroll.com password or retrieve username. Select “Forgot username or password?”. Concurrent Enrollment staff can reset a student’s password if they need additional help.

  3. Account Creation Students enter basic information, password of at least 6 characters, and click “Register”. Email address and cell phone can only be used for one account. Cell phone is optional. Students validate account via email or text. Student Email/Text: Activate Account Student Email/Text: Account Activated

  4. Application: Step 1 Student enters personal information. Required fields are highlighted with “*”.

  5. Application: Step 2 Release of Information / FERPA Student can enter two people in the application. Release optional, but recommended.

  6. Application: Step 3 Student Terms and Consent Students must check the acknowledgement box at the bottom of the form.

  7. Application: Step 4 Parent/Guardian Consent All students complete the top portion with parent/guardian contact information. Only students under 18 see options to “Tell us how to contact your parent/guardian” for email consent or scanned or mailed consent form.

  8. Course Selection Students must register for each course they plan to take. Courses are listed alphabetically by subject. Courses can be search by Keyword, Course Type, or Location. On-Campus Course Registration Button is only for students who have already been approved to take a course on Boise State’s campus.

  9. Course Registration After selecting a class, sections listed by high school instructor and location. Students click “Register”. Student Email/Text: Consent Requested (email consent only) Parent Email: Consent Required (email consent only)

  10. Student Status Page This page shows the student the status of their course registration. Steps waiting for completion by the student are highlighted in orange. Some steps must be completed by Boise State. Abandon option is available before registration is complete. This used when the student selects an incorrect course.

  11. Provide GPA Students must provide their cumulative GPA for each course. Click “Student: Provide GPA”. GPA above 2.7 – student will continue to enrollment. GPA below 2.7 – Boise State reviews and approves or declines the course registration. Student Email/Text: Registration Not Processed Parent Email: Registration Not Processed Emails received if course registration declined for low GPA.

  12. Parent/Guardian Consent Parent/Guardian consent must be completed for all students under 18 for each course registration. Consent methods: Email Scan and upload Mail Students can change the consent method.

  13. Registration Complete Student Email/Text: Registration Complete Parent Email: Registration Complete Student Email: Student ID and Username Admissions Letter – new students

  14. Resources Instructions for course registration can be found on the Concurrent Enrollment Website – How to Apply Page. Concurrent Enrollment staff will also be available for support, 208-426-2281. Website: Concurrentenrollment.boisestate.edu

  15. CE Staff to Contact with Questions &Visit website- ConcurrentEnrollment.boisestate.edu • Extended Studies Customer Services • Customer Services supports Concurrent Enrollment students during registration periods. • Available Monday – Thursday, 7:30 am – 6:00 pm; Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. • (208) 426-1709 • Nichole Snyder, Advanced Opportunities Coordinator • nicholesnyder@boisestate.edu • Rebecca Mattucci, Advanced Opportunities Coordinator- Contact starting 2/5/18 • rebeccamatucci@boisestate.edu • 208-426-3802 • Andrea Vanoni, AdminAssistant II • andreavanoni@boisestate.edu • (208) 426-3750 • Kristi Lakatos, Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator • klakatos@boisestate.edu • (208) 426-3294

  16. Fast Forward Overview 2017-18 • $4,125 in state funding • Must attend a public school • Available from grades 7 – 12 • Dual credits • Overload courses • Exams (AP, IB, CLEP, Profession Certifications)

  17. Advanced Opportunities Web Portal www.sde.idaho.gov/student-engagement/advanced-ops

  18. Fast Forward Process January/February 2018 Students apply for funding. March 2018 Add missing students to portal. Verify class rosters. April 2018 Deny funding for students that did not enroll or dropped the course. May/June 2018 Districts submit data to SDE. SDE approves funding. Boise State starts adding funds to student accounts. SDE sends funding to Boise State and other institutions July 2018 Boise State continues adding funds to student accounts.

  19. How to help your students access Fast Forward? • Take time during class to apply for Fast Forward. • Have a school counselor or college and career advisor come to your classroom to talk about Fast Forward and instructions for your school district. • Review the class roster verification email sent in October to verify all students that should be enrolled are in your class. • Remind students about registration and funding deadlines. • Refer students to their college and career counselor. • Contact Concurrent Enrollment staff at 208-426-2281 or Nichole Snyder with questions about Fast Forward at Nicholesnyder@boisestate.edu. Email is the best way to reach Nichole.

  20. Academic Advising Helpful Websites To help students know how their credits will transfer and apply to a degree path visit these web sites: • CourseTransfer.idaho.govhelps students navigate transfer of credit across Idaho institutions. • NextSteps.idaho.gov helps students identify steps between high school and college from grades 8 to 12. • ConcurrentEnrollment.boisestate.edu • Encourage students to contact Concurrent Enrollment staff or our colleagues at other institutions to ask questions and help them make strategic choices about the college credits they earn in high school.