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Concurrent enrollment

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Concurrent enrollment
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Concurrent enrollment

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  1. Concurrent enrollment

  2. What is concurrent enrollment? • “Concurrent enrollment” means a student is simultaneously enrolled in a local education provider and in an institute of higher education or career and technical courses. • “Concurrent enrollment” means FREE college classes to qualifying students! • With “concurrent enrollment” the student will receive both college level credit as well as high school credit for each college class successfully passed.

  3. Who Is Eligible? • Any student who is “college ready” and recommended by his/her professional school counselor and school principal may take up to two College classes a semester through Concurrent Enrollment. • College Ready is determined by the student’s ability to place at appropriate Accuplacer levels or recommendation by counselor for courses. • (CU Succeeds or Career and Technical course work, may not require Accuplacer)

  4. Grade level requirements • 9th graders are not eligible for college classes.* • 10th graders are limited to 6 college credit hours during the year.* • 11th and 12th graders are limited to 12 college credit hours per year.* *A waiver form must be completed for students wishing to take college course work above the course limit.

  5. What’s the catch? • The class a student enrolls in must relate to their Post Secondary Plan (PEP). • Students who fail to complete the course or fail the course must reimburse their school. • Grades of “D”s may not be put on a transcript. • Students who withdraw past the deadline must reimburse their school. • A student who fails two college courses will not be allowed to take a third. • Students may only enroll in Guarantee Transfer credit courses unless parent and student sign a form indicating “credits may not transfer.” • The student must be “college ready” with the accuplacer.

  6. What is the accuplacer? • ACCUPLACER is an adaptive test made by CollegeBoard (the makers of the SAT). This means that the questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions. This technique selects just the right questions for your ability level. Test includes: • Multiple choice questions covering reading, mathematics, writing and language use skills • Writing an essay on a familiar topic

  7. Upcoming Accuplacer locations October: • 23rd-DCIS • 24th-DC21 • 25th-PREP • 30th-KCAA November: • 1st- George Washington • 6th- West • 8th- CEC The ACCUPLACER is also available in any community college testing center. At CCD there is a $10 fee that can be waived with the completion of a workbook.

  8. Guaranteed transfer courses ART 110 Art Appreciation ART 111 Art History I ART 112 Art History II MUS 120 Music Appreciation THE 105 Intro/Theatre Arts GEO 105 World Geography HIS 201 US History I HIS 202 US History II ANT 101 Cult. Anthropology AST 101 Astronomy I AST 102 Astronomy II BIO 105 Sci. of Biology BIO 111 Gen. College Bio I BIO 111 Gen. College Bio II BIO 201 Anatomy/Phy I BIO 204 Microbiology BIO 208 Microbiology BIO 220 Gen. Zoology CHE 101 Intro to Chem I CHE 102 Intro to Chem II CHE 111 College Chem I CHE 112 College Chem II ECO 201 Prin. of Macroecon ECO 202 Prin. of Macroecon GEY 111 Physical Geology ETH 200 Intro to Ethnic St. HIS 101 His/Western Civ I HIS 102 His/Western Civ II POS 105 Intro/Political Sci POS 111 Amer/Gov. HUM 121 Surv/Humanities LIT 115 Intro to Lit LIT 201 Masterpieces of Lit LIT 212 Sur/Amer Lit II MAT 120 Math for Lib/Arts MAT 121 College Algebra MAT 125 Survey of Calculus MAT 135 Intro to Statistics MAT 120 Math for Liberal Arts MAT 122 Trigonometry MAT 155 Int. Math 1 MAT 201 Calculus 1 MAT 202 Calculus 2 MAT 203 Calculus 3 PHI 111 Intro/Philosophy PHI 112 Ethics PHY 105 Conceptual Phy PHY 111 Phy/Algebra 1 PHY 112 Phy/Algebra 2 PHY 211 Phy/Calculus 1 PHY 212 Phy/Calculus 2 SPA 211 Spanish Lang 3 SPA 212 Spanish Lang 4 CU Succeed 1011 Fund/Comm. CU Succeed 1020 Core Comp CU Succeed 1042 Environ/Sci CU Succeed 2000 Ethnic Stud. CU Succeed 2155 Afr/Am. His CU Succeed 1070 Alg for Bus. CU Succeed 1110 College Alg. CU Succeed 1012 Intro/Philo. CU Succeed 1000 Intro/Psych 1 CU Succeed 1005 Intro/Psych 2 CU Succeed 1001 Intro/Socio. CU Succeed 2463 Intro/Social Psy YOU CAN DECIDE TO TAKE A COURSE NOT ON THIS LIST, HOWEVER WE RECOMMEND TO CHOSE A GUARANTEED TRANSFER COURSE SO YOU CAN GET COLLEGE CREDIT!

  9. Colleges we work with • Arapahoe Community College • Community College of Aurora • Community College of Denver • Emily Griffith Opportunity School • Metropolitan State College • Red Rocks Community College • University of Colorado at Denver

  10. How this all works…

  11. Upcoming deadlines (for spring) • Accuplacer deadline: November 2nd *This date is not a “hard” deadline, if you are unable to take the accuplacer by this date let us know when you can take it. • Paperwork deadline: November 16th

  12. Questions??? • Thank you for coming! • If you have any additional questions, need help choosing a college/course, or need help signing up for the ACCUPLACER please let us know!