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Design Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Design Process

Design Process

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Design Process

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    1. Design Process CardBoard Chair Project

    2. Problem Identification Design and build a model of the chair out of cardboard and masking tape that will hold each person of your team (one at a time) sitting down. Specifications: The chair model must be entirely out of cardboard and masking tape: no glue, wood, plastic, or other materials may be used It must have a back and seat, the seat must be between 16 and 18 from the floor. The top must be less than 30 from the floor. It should use as little material as possible. Bonus points will be awarded to the lightest chair that satisfies the requirements. It should be as attractive as possible. Grading: It will be judged by the following criteria: Following specifications 25 points 6 design process steps documented 50 points Working drawings (top, front, right side, iso views)-50 points Design 50 points Correct model scale and neatness 25 points

    3. Conceptualization

    4. Refinement of Preliminary Ideas

    5. Design Analysis

    6. Development & Implementation Day 1 Journaling: Today we got most of our chair put together. We spent some time trying to make it meet the requirements, but it holds our weight well. We are making good progress on our chair and plan to be done in a couple of days. Today we started to build our cardboard boxes. It was very interesting and we made some modifications to our chairs design. Day 2 Journaling: On day two we finished up our chair. We had to reinforce a few areas, especially the back because it was wanting to collapse. All that is left to do on our chair now is to finish up small details that are mostly aesthetic. On day 2 we did the majority of the work to our chair and almost finished.We successfully built the back to ur chair. We didn't encounter any problems.

    7. Optimization Journaling on Optimization Our design has not changed much from our original plan. The only thing we had to do was add more bracing on some areas such as the back. Our design hasn't changed. It's almost perfect to the design. Other Groups Observations We had to change the support on the inside of the seat because it wasn't able to support the whole seat as it was intended. We had to raise the seat because it didn't reach the goal. We have changed our design from putting it together like a puzzle. The reason we changed our design was because we were sort of pushed for time.

    8. Presentation