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JAMIE’S ACTIVITIES JOURNAL What I did at Kamp Kidlit A note from me Hi,

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jamie s activities journal


What I did at Kamp Kidlit

a note from me
A note from me
  • Hi,

I’m Jamie Readlots and this is my journal about nature and stuff and what we did. Camp was fun. I saw lots of animals and we learned about books and stuff too. Director Eaton was really nice and camp went by really fast. I learned a lot of things and I thought it was a good way to spend part of my summer. In this notebook I told you what we did and on which day or days we did it. This might help you know what to do. We had to do some really hard crafts (not like gluing sticks together that’s for sure) so they took up a lot of our time. My dad says that while I’m really smart my writing is hard to read so he typed my journal for me. You all have fun at KAMP KIDLIT and I hope you like my stuff.

Your Friend,


day 1 tuesday may 14
Day 1(Tuesday,May 14)
  • “We got to camp and got our manual and were allowed to go exploring. We read about the rules (just like school – yuck) and then began reading our manuals. Director Eaton gave us a little speech (he does that…) and then we started reading our manual, chaps. 1 & 3. our first craft was due in nine days so we figured we’d get started early. The other kids were cool so it wasn’t so bad.”
day 2
Day 2
  • We had breakfast and got to go for a hike since we’d been reading so much. That day I saw an eagle, a frog, some pretty yellow flowers and a caterpillar. We had to answer questions about them (more reading too) but we had about eight days to do it in and then we turned our answers in. At the bottom of the page of my photo-journal you’ll see the “crafts assignment.” (I would have rather made a wallet but – oh well, I learned lots of stuff.)
days 3 5
Days 3-5
  • “My Dad’s computer is cool – it does different colors so I asked him to use something different - - moms and dads only like black ink for some reason – Bo-rring. Anyway We had our first campfire chat. It went on for, like three nights. It was dark and scary outside but fun by the fire just talking. We didn’t have to go but we got merit points if we did so we all went. Director Eaton asked us a question and we could answer his or respond to other campers. We had marshmallows so it was hard for me to talk with my mouth full but I did anyway. During the day we worked on our chapter readings and explored some more. Director Eaton said we could go to the bushes on the left of the flower park and we wouldn’t get stung with bees anymore.”
day 6 monday may 21
Day 6- (Monday, May 21)
  • “I’ve been reading until I thought my eyes were gonna pop. I feel like going home but I’m having fun too. I’ve been working on the reading assignments and going on nature hikes, going back to visit my eagle, frog, caterpillar and the hill with yellow flowers. We’ve been here almost a week. Director Eaton says he wants our first crafts by Friday, May 25, at 10 P.M. in something he calls a dropbox – if we find it, we’re gonna put a bunch of bugs in it You just wait –n- see. We gotta write answers to all of those questions about the animals and flowers I was telling you about. A lot of reading too.”
  • - Chapter 9, realistic fiction vs. fiction (Caterpillar)
  • - Piaget and the growing child (frog)
  • -105-109, chap 3 – multiculturalism (yeah, like I can spell that)
  • - Chapter 3 - history (eagle)
  • P.S. – when my mom read this entry she said I had a bad attitude. I told her all I wanted was some Oreos and cartoons. She understood. Some Moms are great that way…
day 7 11 may 21 may 25
Day 7-11 (May 21-May 25)
  • This week wasn’t bad - - I spent most of it preparing for submitting my first craft. I got done and guess what? – we never put bugs in director Eaton’s drop box but they were there anyway – something he called ‘noledgy (hehe). Anyway, I’ve got this done but I’ve got a new problem. Two new ones in fact. Elmer Tuff and Billy Scayrd, two campers that are making life harder for me. Of course, Director Eaton thinks we all need to know how to get along at Kamp Kidlit so he’s decided our next craft activity. So he’s putting us with counselors Deering and Bannerjee – how come I just can’t make a pine cone Christmas tree or something – jeez…
day 12 craft 2 and attitudes
Day 12 – Craft 2 and Attitudes
  • A good and bad day. Elmer Tuff tripped me in the lunchroom and Billy Scaryd hid behind a comic book at last night’s sing-a-long which made all of us feel weird. The good news was that I saw an owl, late that evening, and got a picture of him too. I also saw a turtle and took his picture. Each of the animals reminded me of Elmer and Billy. Of course, after counselors Deering and Bannerjee talked to us I understood better – then Director Eaton says we ought to write a paper about Aggression and shyness and children’s books – (couldn’t he get poison ivy or something?) So much for my pine cone Christmas tree. So I got started. You gotta see my owl and turtle though. They look cool! Click on them and you can see what the counselors told me about people like that.
day 13 sunday may 27
Day 13, Sunday, May 27
  • “I learned something today. Fantasy books are one way that people like Elmer and Billy can be different people. Of course, director Eaton picked up on it and told us, on top of everything else, that we need to read chapter 7 in our Huck handbook. So, I get a lecture from Deering and Bannerjee, then I’ve got to read my manual and craft a paper about it, all because Elmer and Billy are weird. I like stories about weird people so I guess it’ll be all right. I’ve only got until Sunday, June 3 to do this so I suppose I should get started… I wonder how Director Eaton feels about frogs in his bed?…”
  • P.S) If you look at the very bottom right picture in my photo journal and click on it, you’ll get to see how to turn in your Craft about people like Elmer and Billy.
day 14 21 mon may 28 sun june 3
Day 14- 21 (Mon-May 28- Sun. June 3)
  • “One more campfire chat –I hope they have hotdogs this time. This week I’m working on my Craft 2. am also reading Chapter 8 in my Huck Handbook on poetry for our chat. Besides that, I just have to revisit my owl and my turtle and prepare my project. Once that’s done I’ll be nearly finished – not quite though. Director Eaton said something about our camp test – it’s like a merit badge or something. I say we feed him to the bears… (No – not really.:) I’ll turn my craft in on June 3 – honest!
days 22 26 june 4 8
Days 22-26 – June 4-8
  • We are on the last week of camp and the test is available. It’s an open book so it can’t be that bad. We have to look all over the handbook to answer them only most of the questions are over what we already read. We were given some free time so I took a walk in the woods. There, I found counselor Mallen – she told me about space. I also found counselor Ewers and he told me what was beautiful. Click on my trees to see more. I also saw a woodpecker and took a picture of him. There was two sample projects that I had to look at and answer some questions on. He’s a busy little woodpecker. Anyway, I finished this test on Friday, June 8 at 10 P.M. and then it was time for me to go home so I got on the bus. “
saying goodbye
Saying Goodbye…
  • It’s back to my writing now – so there!  I have completed four questions on June 3 as my first craft. I have written a paper on shyness and aggression for my second craft, and I completed the KAMP KIDLIT exam for my third craft. I have read about what children like in books, the history of children’s books, the role of realistic fiction, the job of poetry and fantasy, and multiculturalism (see, I can so spell it!)
  • Goodbye cont…
goobye cont
Goobye cont…

I took lots of neat pictures of animals and the forest and now you, as teachers, can understand the things that make me joyful and sad. I’m joyful today because I’m going home and I’m going to read every one of my books again.

--I wonder if Director Eaton ever found out who put powdered Jell-o in his shower head?

P.S. (I hope Mom has Oreos,) Your friend,