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Boom Town Day 1

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Boom Town Day 1. Written by Sonia Levitin Illustrated by John Sandford Skill: Realism and Fantasy Genre: Historical Fiction. Question of the Week. When would hard work be the way to strike it rich?. Read Aloud – “Prairie Town”.

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boom town day 1

Boom TownDay 1

Written by Sonia Levitin

Illustrated by John Sandford

Skill: Realism and Fantasy

Genre: Historical Fiction

question of the week
Question of the Week
  • When would hard work be the way to strike it rich?
read aloud prairie town
Read Aloud – “Prairie Town”
  • Do you think this story shows something that could have really happened?
  • How would you describe this story—as a realistic story or as a fantasy? Why?
community concept web
Community Concept Web
  • The towns prospered amid the bounty of wheat fields, and grain elevators dominated the skyline.
  • What is the red word? What do you think it means?
  • Bounty is a large supply.
community concept web1
Community Concept Web
  • The town and its farm neighbors are economic and social partners.
  • Read the red word. What do you think it means?
  • Economic- having to do with the business affairs of a country or area
community concept web2
Community Concept Web
  • School is back in session, and farm children swell the population during the day.
  • Read the red word. What do you think it means?
  • Population- the number of people living in a place
comprehension skill strategy
Comprehension Skill/Strategy
  • I jumped into my time machine and went back to the day Columbus first landed in America.
  • Do you think this is realistic or fantasy?
realism v fantasy
Realism v. Fantasy
  • A realistic story tells about something that could happen.
  • A fantasy is a story about something that could never happen.
  • As you read, ask yourself, “Could this happen?”

Strategy: Prior Knowledge

  • Good readers connect what they are reading with what they already know.
  • Using what you know can help you better understand what you read.
  • You can also use what you know to help you judge whether a story is realistic or a fantasy.
Let’s make a chart like this:
  • We’ll fill it out as we read

Words to Know

  • boom
  • business
  • coins
  • fetched
  • laundry
  • mending
  • pick
  • skillet
  • spell

Amazing Words

  • bustle
  • nuggets
  • prospector


  • having fast growth

a tool with a heavy metal bat pointed at one or both ends, having a long, wooden handle



a type of frying pan


The miner used his pick

While digging for gold.


Ma uses a skillet to fry

bacon for breakfast.

small group
Small Group
  • Leveled Readers
  • Listen as I reread “Prairie Town.”
  • I will read with accuracy—I will read without omitting or substituting any words, and Iwill identify words correctly as I read the selection.
grammar day 1

GrammarDay 1


Define and identify sentences.

Distinguish between sentences and


Use sentences in writing.

The apple pies was for super.

The apple pies were for supper.

  • Can you're sister bake pies.

Can your sister bake pies?

reading grammar connection
Reading-Grammar Connection

Gooseberries grew on the bushes near town.

This group of words is a sentence.

  • It tells a complete thought.
  • It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.
spelling day 1

SpellingDay 1


Spell VCCV words, which usually

have short vowel sounds.