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Trout Stocking in Delaware

Trout Stocking in Delaware. by Roy Miller Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife 9/28/02. PA. NJ. NJ. MD. MD. Delaware trout streams – New Castle County. Delaware Trout Stamp Art. White Clay Creek fly fishing. Christina Creek. Upper Christina Creek. Mill Creek. Pike Creek.

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Trout Stocking in Delaware

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  1. Trout Stocking in Delaware by Roy Miller Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife 9/28/02

  2. PA NJ NJ MD MD Delaware trout streams – New Castle County

  3. Delaware Trout Stamp Art

  4. White Clay Creek fly fishing

  5. Christina Creek

  6. Upper Christina Creek

  7. Mill Creek

  8. Pike Creek

  9. Beaver Run

  10. Wilson Run

  11. Private trout hauler at Delaware stocking site

  12. Trophy trout stocking

  13. Float box stocking

  14. Stream Stocking Rates & Costs • White Clay Creek in 2002 • 4.03 miles of fishable water in designated trout stretch • Avg. width 65 ft. • 31.75 acres • Rate = 600 trout/acre, or 4,729/mile • 9,550 lbs 11” rainbow, $1.70/lb • 700 lbs trophy rainbow, $2.30/lb • 1,000 lbs 11” brown, $2.40/lb • Total = $20, 245

  15. Pond Stocking Rates • Kent County & Sussex Counties • Stocked only in March • 2-2 acre ponds • 903 trout (includes 8 trophy size)/pond = 451/acre

  16. Pond trout fishing

  17. Opening day on White Clay Creek

  18. Desired result of stocking

  19. Results of 1993 Creel Survey

  20. Red Clay Creek

  21. Holdover trout from Red Clay Creek

  22. Handicapped youth fishing day

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