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Online and Into Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Online and Into Work

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Online and Into Work
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Online and Into Work

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  1. Online and Into Work Pete Carr Network Manager Online Centres Foundation (OCF)

  2. Overview of session 1. Context: OCF and UK online centres 2. Why 'online and into work'? 3. Review of online jobs research project 4. Supporting jobseekers online examples from Into Work centres 5. Other tools/projects and further information NB This presentation and links to further info available online

  3. Context: OCF and UK online centres...and a few plugs! OCF is a small not-for-profit staff-owned mutual based in Sheffield that works with and supports the UK online centres network and provides consultancy, research, user-testing, online resources, project management, etc. UK online centres is a network of approx 4,500 community partner organisations helping people to improve their lives through the Internet

  4. Context: Into Work centres • Over 100 in England • Grant-funded by SFA via UK online centres • Work closely with Jobcentre Plus • Some work closely with Work Programme providers...and others would like to • All help jobseekers to get into work using a mixture of on and offline tools/resources •

  5. 4,500 Community Partners

  6. OCF partnership working and marketing campaigns

  7. UK online centres learning website

  8. 14,000 volunteers across network

  9. Online centre search and free phone number search (one database for UK)

  10. Why 'online and into work'? A significant and increasing number of employers are advertising jobs online Increasing numbers of employers only use online job application processes Universal Credit is moving online (pilots with social housing providers and local authorities underway) – need for financial management as well as digital skills

  11. Why 'online and into work'? Contd. DWP and Jobcentre Plus digital champions and other staff are doing some excellent work to support offline customers (and staff) Work Programme primes and subcontractors are incorporating support for jobseekers who are offline into WP provision UK online centres have a network of over 100 Into Work centres across England

  12. The divide between the online and the offline is deepening Percentage population use of the internet Source: ONS 2010

  13. Review of our research project Full report available (free) at 300 employers interviewed by ICM Research Geography: E Yorkshire; N Yorkshire; Merseyside; Tyne & Wear; Nottinghamshire; W Midlands When: January 2012 Aim: uncover attitudes about advertising online and IT skills employers look for

  14. Online Jobs Research key findings - advertising Equal numbers of employers advertising online and offline (69% vs 72%) Belief that posting adverts online makes them accessible to more candidates (58%) 25% of opportunities posted solely online No preference for candidates via online or offline routes

  15. Online Jobs Research key findings – IT skills Essential IT skills = Using email (74%), Word processing (63%), Internet searches (49%) The less experience the candidate has, the more they need to demonstrate they have basic IT skills Expectation that experienced candidates will be confident IT users

  16. Supporting offline jobseekers Who is likely to be offline? Why don't more people get online?

  17. Who is offline? (has NEVER used the internet – UK population)

  18. Half of everyone who is offline lives in social housing

  19. Why don’t more people get online? Freshminds 2007 and 2009

  20. Supporting jobseekers online - Approaches and resources used by Into Work centres

  21. Matching job profiles Job profiles National Careers Service County/regional sites e.g. Matching personal skills and experience with suitable job profiles Skillage – This is an online test/game that helps assess IT skills/knowledge

  22. Developing, updating and storing CVs • Many customers need help with the basic IT skills needed to create, type, save C.V.s, set up email accounts and send C.V.s as attachments – use our learning site • Jobresource CV builder Prospects CV and other resources (offline workbooks, etc.)

  23. Online job sites Main sites: Monster, Jobsite, Reed, Fish 4 Jobs, Direct Gov Be ready for new DWP/JobcentrePlus Transforming Labour Market Service (TLMS)to be run by Monster Remember local/regional sites and sites that jobseekers may find useful for other thingse.g. Gumtree Where possible reduce the number of sites a jobseeker has to look at(see online tools at end of presentation that 'bring it all together') LinkedIn

  24. Tracking job applications Use spreadsheets Use tools built into websites/online resources Also check out the online tools at the end of the presentation

  25. Online resources to help prepare for interviews Interview hints and tips learndirect Film customers using a digital camera during a mock interview and then use this for feedback and coaching You tube interview skills clips – lots of US accents! ttp://

  26. Other online projects to find out more about Helping job seekers with their 'digital footprints' and presenting themselves online Talk About Jobs – managed by Talk About Local, train the trainer project Social Media 4 Employment project (SM4E) – Paul Davies

  27. Other online resources to find out more about – no commission, honest! Tools that help bring all the resources together Jobs4Everyone – Online tool that links jobseekers, employers and those supporting them into work. Contact Richard Downes EW2W – Online tool prepared specifically for the W2W sector esucceed – Online tool that helps assess needs and action plan then links to CV prep, job search agents, etc. Contact Steve Thorpe, Stand 4

  28. Thank you and follow-up contact • 07901 716145  