progression through he into work n.
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Progression through HE into work

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Progression through HE into work. Emma Symes Careers Adviser. Content. Value of University Current State of graduate labour market What are employers looking for? Employability / Transferable Skills Employability at UCF & Exeter. Why go to University?. To get a degree

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progression through he into work

Progression through HE into work

Emma Symes

Careers Adviser

A service provided by University College Falmouth on behalf of University of Exeter & University College Falmouth.

  • Value of University
  • Current State of graduate labour market
  • What are employers looking for?
  • Employability / Transferable Skills
  • Employability at UCF & Exeter
why go to university
Why go to University?
  • To get a degree
  • To have a good time
  • To get a good job
the value of university what your students should know
The value of University: What your students should know
  • Some jobs are only open to graduates
  • Having a degree may give you faster promotion
  • Jobs for graduates may be more interesting or demanding
  • Salaries will usually be higher for graduates
  • Jobs may be more international
  • Having a degree will automatically get you a good job.
  • All graduates work in big companies.
  • Employers are only interested in vocational degree subjects.
  • Employers only look at the degree, not A-Levels.
careers open to all graduates
Careers Open to all Graduates

70% of graduate vacancies in the UK do not ask for specific degree


Employers look for:

  • A degree
  • Transferable skills
  • Work Experience

Armed Forces Retail Management Accountancy

Marketing Public Relations Personnel

Journalism Banking Civil Service


Researching the effect

of deer invasion on New Zealand



Wildlife Guide on island of Mull,

Outer Hebrides

current state of the graduate labour market
Current state of the graduate labour market

What information can you rely on?

  • High Flyers Survey 2010
  • Association of Graduate Recruiters
change in recruitment hf
Change in recruitment (HF)
  • 2010 +11.8
  • 2009 - 17.8
  • 2008 - 6.7
  • 2007 +10.1
  • 2006 +10.8
  • 2005 + 10.9
graduate targets rising for 2010
Graduate targets rising for 2010
  • Competition is tough with undergraduates competing for posts with graduates from the past two years
  • More than a quarter of all 2010’s vacancies have already been filled by 2009 graduates who received deferred job offers or by graduates will previous work experience with employers
  • Half of employers are increasing graduate recruitment targets for 2010 and there are additional roles in most industries. Most buoyant in the City where vacancies in investment banking have increased by a third
improving sectors
Improving Sectors
  • Investment Banking – third increase
  • High Street Banks – (up 30.2%)
  • Accountancy & Management Consultancy - (up 13.9%)
  • Retail – (up 21.3%)
vulnerable sectors
Vulnerable Sectors?
  • Consumer Goods Companies – (down 3.9%)
  • Engineering & Industrial Employers – (down 2.1%)
  • Public Sector – (down 4.3%)
largest recruiters in 2010
Largest Recruiters in 2010
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers (1,039 vacancies)
  • Deloitte (1000 vacancies)
  • Army (735 vacancies)
  • RAF (600 vacancies)
  • Teach First (650 vacancies)
  • KPMG ( 650 vacancies)
  • Starting salaries unchanged for the first time
  • Salaries rose by 5.9% in 2009 & by 4.1% in 2008
  • Average salary remains at £27,000.
  • A fifth of top graduate schemes will pay more than £30,000
  • Average top salaries from: investment banks (£38,000), law firms (37,400) and management consulting firms (£31,000).
  • Highest published graduate starting salary in 2010 is retail firm Aldi which pay trainee area managers £40,000
student views
Student Views
  • 35% think there will be fewer entry-level vacancies than in 2009
  • Less than half of finalists are confident of finding a graduate job before they leave this summer
  • A third are planning to give up their search and enrol on a post graduate course instead
  • A quarter of job hunters admit they have been applying to employers they are not really interested in in order to secure a graduate position
what are employers looking for how does an employer choose the right person
What are employers looking for?How does an employer choose the right person?
  • A degree alone is not enough
  • According to a survey from the AGR employability skills were more important to an organisation when recruiting than the specific occupational, technical or academic skills associated with the graduate’s degree.
  • The AGR review reinforces the importance of completing an internship, industrial placement and or work experience to improve graduates “soft skills”
success depends on
Success depends on:
  • Choice of subject
  • Type of course (vocational vs non vocational)
  • Choice of university
  • Work Experience
  • Class of degree
  • A level grades
  • Skills and qualities
employability at exeter
Employability at Exeter
  • Six careers fairs including “Meet Your Future”
  • Employer presentations
  • Graduate vacancies
  • Employer led training.
  • Exeter Award

employability at ucf
Employability at UCF
  • Careers Fair “Meet Your Future”
  • Professional practice
  • Employer presentations
  • Graduate vacancies
  • Employer led training.
  • Opportunities for volunteering FXU
  • Part Time / Term time jobs
  • Graduate Vacancies
  • Work experience


Placement opportunities in the UK

  • Unlocking Cornish Potential
  • Shell STEP (Agency of the Year 2008)
  • Student Associate Scheme
  • Graduate Business Partnership

Placement opportunities abroad

  • Erasmus