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Leadville By James Pelletier

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Leadville By James Pelletier
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Leadville By James Pelletier

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  1. Leadville By James Pelletier

  2. Location • Denver to Leadville would take 2 hour drive and The town of Leadville would be 104 miles away from Denver.

  3. Location

  4. History • The Leadville, Colorado area could be said to be the center of Colorado's history. Fortunes were made from the rich mineral deposits of the area, and legends were built from the colorful people who made Leadville their home.

  5. History

  6. 1860 History

  7. 1877 History

  8. 1878 History

  9. 1879 History

  10. 1879 History

  11. 1880 History

  12. 1893 History

  13. 1896 History

  14. 1942 History

  15. 1993 History

  16. Interesting Places • The Central City (Colorado) Opera House, designed by prominent Denver architect Robert S. Roeschlaub, was the pride of the west when it opened in early March of 1878 at the height of Central City's mining heyday. It was a building befitting "the richest square mile on earth." As one of the town's most visible women, Elizabeth McCourt was likely in the audience on one of the two opening night performances, with her husband Harvey, her friend Jacob Sandelowsky (a.k.a. Jake Sands) or both. She would only recently have been dubbed "Baby Doe," by the town's miners (a nickname that would follow her to her grave and beyond), who admired both her youthful beauty and her willingness to do hard-rock mining in order to have food to eat.

  17. Recreation • Ski Cooper Is what Laedvillians do for fun

  18. Recreation • Ski cooper is a small ski resort but Laedvillians have another way of fun. Opera in the Tabor Opera House.

  19. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • The Tabor Opera House was built in 1879 by Horace Austin Warner Tabor, one of Colorado's most well known mining magnates. It was one of the most costly and most substantially-built structures in Colorado history. The construction materials used to build the Tabor Opera House were not available in Leadville, so HAW Tabor ordered that they be brought up by wagons... a tedious task. Nevertheless, the Tabor was completed in only 100 days from the date of ground-breaking which was a record time. • The massive 3-story opera house was constructed of stone, brick and iron, and trimmed with Portland cement. It's solid brick walls stand 16 inches thick! The color scheme used was red, gold, white and sky-blue, with the blending beauty of everything fully revealed by 72 jets of brightly burning gas lights. This substantial construction has weathered the test of time, and stands today as a proud monument to Colorado history

  20. Food!!!!!!!! • Leadville's premier Irish bar established in 1879 and featuring great pub style dishes complimented by a full bar service daily for lunch and dinner

  21. Food!!!!!!!!!!!! The Leprechaun is the symbol of the Silver Dollar

  22. Food!!!!!!!!!! • The Silver Dollar Solon menu is Biscuits and Gravy, Three Egg Omelet, Two Buttermilk Pancakes with Ham, Bacon or Sausage, Hamburger and Cheese Burger. Doesn't it sound tasty.

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