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Wild At Heart Chapter 10

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Wild At Heart Chapter 10. A strong man coming to rescue a beautiful woman is universal to human nature. It is written in our hearts, one of the core desires of every man and every woman. Jon and Stasi’s story 181

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wild at heart chapter 10
Wild At Heart Chapter 10
  • A strong man coming to rescue a beautiful woman is universal to human nature. It is written in our hearts, one of the core desires of every man and every woman.
  • Jon and Stasi’s story 181
  • Why do most of us get lost somewhere between “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”
Most passionate romances seem to end up with evenings in front of the TV.
  • What went wrong with our fairy tale:
    • None of us really ever thought the enemy was real (sorcerer, dragon,…) we thought we could have her without a fight and that the biggest battle was asking her out.
    • We have also not realized she is in a damsel in distress (wounded)
  • Eve is the crown of creation, she embodies the exquisite beauty and exotic mystery of God. And she is a special target fot the Evil One.
He turns his most vicious malice towards her.
  • If he can destroy her or keep her captive, he can ruin the story.
eve s wound 182
Eve’s Wound 182
  • Some women’s wounds came with violence and others with neglect.
  • She is haunted by the questions:
    • Am I lovely?
    • Will you pursue me?
    • Do you delight in me?
    • Will you fight for me?
  • Every woman needs to know she is exquisite, exotic and chosen
  • She has been wounded and heard, “you are not beautiful and no one will really fight for you”
Like many of the men’s wounds their wounds come at the hand of her father.
  • A little girl looks to her father to know if she is lovely.
  • The power he has to cripple or bless is just as significant to her as it is to his son.
  • Violent fathers Janet’s story183
  • Passive fathers Stasi’s story183
  • John and Stasi’s story revisited 184
  • The number one problem between men and their women is that when we men, when asked to truly fight for her…….hesitate.
We are still seeking to save ourselves.
  • We have forgotten the deep pleasure of spilling our life for another.
offering our strength 184
Offering our strength 184
  • Proverbs 30:18-19
  • A different look at sex:
  • The man comes to offer his strength and the woman invites the man into herself, an act that requires courage and vulnerability and selflessness for both of them.
  • The beauty of a woman arouses and man to play the man; the strength of the man, offered tenderly to his woman, allows her to be beautiful, it brings life to her and to many.
  • The same is true on how we offer her our words
“Life and death in the power of the tongue” Proverbs 18:21
  • John’s words to Stasi 185
  • If a man refuses to offer himself , then his wife will remain empty and barren.
  • A violent man destroys with his words.
  • A passive (silent) man starves his wife.
  • John’s friend’s new bride 186
  • We are called to sacrifice our strength for them,
  • This is what makes Maximus or William Wallace heroic. They are willing to die to set others free.
Joseph’s story 186
  • “they will be called oaks of righteousness” Isaiah 61:3. There under a man’s strength the woman finds rest.
  • The masculine journey takes a man away from the woman so that he might return to her. E goes to find his strength and then returns to offer it.
  • He tears down the walls of the tower that has held her with his words and his actions.
  • He speaks to her heart’s deepest question in a thousand ways, yes you are lovely, yes there is one who will fight for you.
  • Since most men have yet to fight the battle, most women remain in the tower.
using her 187
Using Her 187
  • Most men want the maiden without any cost to themselves.
  • That is what draws men to pornography:
  • He gets to enjoy the woman at her expense
  • When a man insists on being energized by the woman, he uses her to get the feeling he is a man
  • It is a false strength because it comes from outside and not from his deep center
  • Tamar page 187-188
Most men marry for safety, they chose a woman who will make them feel like a man, but never really challenge them to be one.
  • Why don't men offer what they have to their women, because we know down deep in our guts that it won’t be enough.
  • Barrenness of Eve 189
  • What if it does not work?
  • Work for what?
    • Validate you as a man?
    • Resurrect her heart in one day?
You can’t bring your question to Eve. No matter how good of a man you are you can never be enough.
  • If she is the report card on your strength you will ultimately get an F, but that is not why you love her, to get a grade.
  • You love her because that is what you were made to do.
  • That’s what a real man does
eve to adam 190
Eve to Adam 190
  • Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth 190-191
  • There is no possible reading of this passage that is “safe” or “nice”
  • Song of Solomon 192
  • The church has really crippled women when it tells them that their beauty is in vain and they are at their feminine best when they are serving others.
  • A woman is at her best when she is being a woman.
  • Boaz and Ruth revisited 192
  • John’s challenge to women 192
it is a battle 192
It is a Battle 192
  • Will you fight for her? 192
  • Some men are willing to go in once, twice, even three times, but a Warrior is in it for good.
  • Daniels story 193
  • What kind of man do you want to be? Maximus? Wallace? Or Judah?
  • John and Stasi’s friend’s wedding 193-194
close 195
Close 195
  • John’s Christmas present
  • My birthday present
  • Next time An Adventure to Live Chapter 11