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TCS-Maitree s Mission PowerPoint Presentation
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TCS-Maitree s Mission

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TCS-Maitree s Mission
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TCS-Maitree s Mission

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    3. Fact File

    5. Data for school initiatives in Mumbai

    6. How are activities designed? A Focus is directed each quarter on a country for e.g Focus-Japan Activities are suggested by the TCS ers and different depending on the needs of the location and group. An effort is also made to intermingle various age groups and interests through activities such as yoga and the MusiClub There is a conscious effort to give inputs and broaden the horizons of the women by sharing and showcasing their expertise and talents Community involvement- Volunteers are supported and training is a systematic, continuing process.

    7. Maitree Activities

    8. Maitree Activities -2


    10. Rationale behind TCS-Maitree

    11. Rationale for Maitree

    12. Special focus on women Women employees encouraged-Couple of Qs, Sports A lot of TCS spouses do not take up formal employment due to frequent relocation. They should be given a platform for realizing their potential Most of them have talents that can be very useful for the corporate Spouses,parents,children need to understand the work environment in the corporate It is also important that TCS recognizes the familys contribution and support

    13. Maitree CSR Activities in India

    14. Maitree CSR Activities in India

    15. Maitree CSR Activities Overseas

    16. The obvious benefits Employee satisfaction is relatively high Through its various activities, social and communication skills, team spirit of employees are enhanced Families benefit Community involvement

    17. TCS-Maitree: Vision In keeping with the guiding principles of the TATA group TCS -Maitree hopes to provide its members opportunities to work for the betterment of themselves, the environment they live in and for the benefit of the underprivileged.

    18. A Peep into the future Any suggestions??